May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss! PDF ✓ May I eBook

May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss! PDF ✓ May I eBook

  • Paperback
  • 237 pages
  • May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss!
  • Arnab Ray
  • English
  • 12 October 2014
  • 9788172239374

10 thoughts on “May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss!

  1. Santhosh Santhosh says:

    Yawn Skip the book Read the blog

  2. A Man Called Ove A Man Called Ove says:

    Like many others I picked up d book bcoz I m a fan of d author greatbong's blogs But suprisingly this book is barely passable The blogs were way sharper and the book is a clumsy high school kid's attempt The chapter on marriage is perhaps d worst comic or otherwise piece I ve ever read Wonder if it has been ghost written Avoid even if u r a fan

  3. Karthik Karthik says:

    Hilarious This book will only appeal to Indians who spent their childhood in the glorious 90s

  4. Swamy Atul Swamy Atul says:

    Blogger extraordinaire GreatBong's long awaited book is the stuff that LOLs and ROTFLs are made of Some parts are a drawl especially his take on his marriage GB comes into his own when he writes about the raison d'etre of his blog Prabhuji and 90's Bollywood The story about the moral police is your chance to flex those muscles the ones surrounding your teeth A caveat if you're a regular follower of GB this book may not bring much fresh material GB is unmatched at the brand of humor that thrives on hypertext In print he's good but we've read better

  5. Priyanka Vavilikolanu Priyanka Vavilikolanu says:

    Skip the book Read the blog

  6. Manan Mehta Manan Mehta says:

    Starts well Becomes a bit predictable in the end

  7. Sundarraj Kaushik Sundarraj Kaushik says:

    A book for the Indian children of the 60s and 70s The author rambles on about different topics and most of the children born during this period will be able to relate to what the author has to sayFrom politics to to sex to BollywoodIn a chapter on moral policing by certain groups in the various cities of India the author gives the compilation of euphemistic words in the modern worldSome of these are as followsBarber HairdresserTailor Fashion DesignerBank Robber Investment BankerPickpocket Economic OffenderMujra Item NumberIncorrigible gossip BloggerSpousal Abuse S MTerrorist Misguided youthWifeHusband PartnerCasting couch Talent showand the bestCode Coolie Software EngineerAbout setting up one's own B SchoolIn one of the chapters he sarcastically about how anyone can setup their own B School In one place he asks a pertinent uestion about the existing MBA awarding institutes Should we measure these institutes measure by the package of its graduates? Or should we be asking instead Have the graduates of these prestigious institutes changed the world? Well have they? The answer is a resounding 'no' While a few may have brought in a revolution or half most of them have done little except prepare reports made presentations attend meetings shout at subordinates and pocket a fat bonus Most MBA graduates will tend to disagree with the above statement and many of these institutes would be glad to continue to be judged by the salaries their graduates get as they get out of their institutes than what happens to them after 5 10 years or what meaningful changes they bring about in the worldHe also observes that the students are not taught to dream So that when they graduate they know how to valuate complex derivatives but know absolutely nothing about imagining and dreaming He then goes on to say how he will market his institute as being an institute whose USP will be to teach the students to DreamHe says how having management Gurus to speak for his institute will help but he goes on to say that if a rival institute pays then the Guru will change parties and start speaking elouent about the rival As an alternate he suggests that the owner herself should create an image of a Management Guru How? To uote the author himself The most important criterion for a management guru is that all his statements have to sound very deep and be delightfully vague Deep and vague statements have an instinctive aura of profoundness about them that instantaneously impressesThis is what I call the 'Emperor's new clothes' syndrome This derives it name from the famous fairy tale where even though the citizens see that the emperor is naked they applaud his clothes because they have been told the clothes are such that only the wise can be see them This is no doubt a very powerful socio psychological instrument which any management guru worth his name has to take advantage of The entire avant garde art industry owes its profits to it If peple did not go 'waah waah' over a blank canvas with a dab of red paint on it or over a soiled toilet seat in an exhibition just because they have been told that this is high art where would modern artists be?One whole chapter is about the tribulations that he went through during the marriage ceremony In this chapter he states My first realization was that an Indian marriage ceremony is intentionally kept lengthy and torturous so that no one in their right mind would ever want to get married twice That is the problem with the western marriages they are too short and painlessOne chapter is dedicated to how Bollywood has changed over the years Some his observations which I enjoyed Kareena Kapoor's name in Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham is Pooja but being oh so la la modern she prefers people call her Poo trying to be with it but perhaps unware that poo typically means excreta ejected through the anal orficeIn Love Story 2050 the hero tells the heroine hep ly and ultra coolly Tumhari life hai na its like hotdog without a sausage the sexual imagery being unintentionally Freudian I confess I just do not get the new internationalized wannabe Bollywood a world of burgers fries Coke tank tops and faux accented American English Just like I do not get SMS English and why people spell come as cum and then use cum in sentences like 'Why don't you and our misses cum together?'Maybe I am too old fashioned Maybe I am too uncool Maybe I yearn for those days in which tickets could be bought for Rs 20 when the pickpockets would jostle you at the entrance and not clear your pocket legally at the soda popcorn standDefinitely a good read for the Indians born and brought up India during the same era as the author

  8. Sandeep Raturi Sandeep Raturi says:

    If you are a regular reader of Arnab’s Blog you will obviously like it but if you have never read his blog earlier you will be hooked to it from now on Thoroughly witty and humorous especially for the generation that grew up in 80s Senseless yet funny; the professor in a class in the 24th century explaining his pupils about the concept of Bait Switch in the memorable songs like “Hum to Tambu mein Bambu lagaye baithe” or like “Padosan apni murgi to rakha sambhal mera murga hua hai deewana” the amazing experience of Poltu when he went to watch a movie the Grand Indian Bengali Wedding of Arnab and you think only you suffered in your wedding The best chapters as expected were the ones based on Bollywood You will know about Gunda the best creation in the celluloid history of Indian Cinema or rather World cinema about the avant garde film like Aatish which explored the concept of “you now what” long before Brokeback mountain was released Your child doesn’t listen to you and care a damn to your warning when you tell him that he will become a good for nothing clerk if he doesn’t mend his ways well either show him the Manoj Kumar’s chef d'oeuvre ‘Clerk’ but if it is too difficult to find a VCD for that then make him read this book in which Arnab has explained his own metamorphosis from a careless student to a diligent one after watching this GemHow to start your own business school how to write Hindi TV serials NRI Auntiesthese are also interesting satires but I would desist using adjectives like Superb extraordinary for these as I am not a paid reviewer of Great BongAnd ofcourse you don’t want me to tell you about the chapters of this book after all as Kulbhusan Kharbanda has uttered in a super duper hit movie and which arnab has also used in the book “kuch baatein pause Gupt rahnee chahiye”Posted 12th July 2011

  9. Bijith MB Bijith MB says:

    Just started this book today Though his style better suits blog in book I felt it rather loud shouting for attentionRead it only if you are in a flight with no movie no other good book to read and you can not sleep either Partially witty mostly boring Make sure you will NEVER pay for itA hilarious look at India of '90's and the frustration of middle class in general that is what the book promised The author's note say the only one who is going to get entertained or profited is him He respectfully pities his readers ; I respect him for his frankness here In fact he was true to it the book was totally waste of time Pay for the book don't even think about itThe book did evoke a laugh or two But the pattern was so repetitive Very predictable After two chapter into the book he got nothing new to provide He was crying for our attention Forcing a laugh and fails This book was an extension of his blog And sadly the style fits only blog We can not compile the movie reviews or television guide and claim it a bookWhen I told my friend that the book is boring she told me it is a ‘must read and throw’ type of book The one which should not be kept in our collection That could be true It is so hideos But wondering how the guys at Harper Collins were convinced about this book I mean the guys who publish Paulo Coelhohttpreadbetweenbooksblogspotin2

  10. Shekhar Ruparelia Shekhar Ruparelia says:

    Readers of the blog need no introduction to the writing style of it’s author ArnabArnab’s book is just like his blog direct dripping with sarcasm intelligent remarks and a remarkably and sometimes unsettlingly honest way of looking at IndiaThe book brought back memories of growing up in the India of 90s The book isn’t about one particular subject it is about sharing the ideas turmoil and experiences that one accepted as part of life then Right from the manner in which the Internet changed the way Indians ‘entertained’ themselves to the manner in how scripts for daily television soaps are written today He discusses with much humour pointed at himself the great Indian wedding in his case the great Bengali weddingThe reason why you may like this book as Arnab himself explains in the prologue is because he hasn’t tried to be un authentic He hasn’t tried to gloss over the shortcomings neither has he discounted the pride that we feel in being IndiansThis is a book which while sitting on the book shelf cries out in a very uniuely Indian voice “May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss”

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