Paperback à 1-800-Where-R-You PDF/EPUB å

Paperback à 1-800-Where-R-You PDF/EPUB å

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  1. Karen Keyte Karen Keyte says:

    I am a huge fan of Meg Cabot in general and of this series in particular Jess Mastriani is probably my favorite fictional heroine She's sassy smart and not afraid to throw a punch when the occasion calls for it although she is working on that anger management thing These books crackle with wit and humor yet the mysteries are fully developed and intriguing Don't miss themSAFE HOUSEIt's not really Jess Mastriani's fault that she didn't know Amber Mackey was dead After spending most of the summer herding musical prodigies and Camp Wawasee Jess spent the last two weeks before school started with her best friend's family at the Michigan dunes How could she have heard that her classmate had been found strangled to death at a local hangout in the limestone uarry? If Amber's death is shocking to Jess she is even stunned to find out that most of her classmates at Ernie Pyle High School blame her for the tragedy First of all as far as most of the world knows Jess has lost her psychic ability to find people gained after being struck by lightning the previous spring More importantly how could she have found Amber when she didn't even know she was missing?When Jess' old friends and with friends like these who needs enemies Special Agents Johnson and Smith take a sudden interest in Amber's football uarterback boyfriend Mark Leskowski he and Jess do some bonding over their mutual dislike for federal law enforcement When another cheerleader goes missing the rest of the pompon wavers turn to Jess for help If she can just figure out a way to find the missing girl without tipping the Feds to the fact that she still has her powers Jess will be able to exonerate Mark placate the cheerleaders and assure herself a place with the in crowd This third book in Meg Cabot's 1 800 Where R You series is just as good as if not better than the two that preceded it Jess is a scrappy heroine fiercely loyal to her family and friends and lovable despite her tendency to throw punches first and ask uestions later The story is a solid uick paced mystery with enough twists to keep you guessing throughout The real strength of this book though as with any Meg Cabot novel is the dialogue Sharp and funny Jess's voice leaps off the page Makes sure you have book four of this series Sanctuary on hand You'll want to get started as soon as you finish this oneSANCTUARYJess Mastriani 'Lightning Girl' and heroine of three previous novels When Lightning Strikes Code Name Cassandra and Safe House is back and this time she's facing a truly evil foe After thwarting a murderer at her own Ernie Pyle High School Jess knows she's not going to be able to keep the Feds off her back for much longer Even though they can't have any tangible proof it's a given that the FBI agents who seem to haunt her every step know that Jess has been lying about losing her freaky psychic powers Still it's hard to lay low when danger waltzes into your own neighborhoodNate Thompson and his sister are the only African American students at Ernie Pyle but Nate doesn't seem to have any problem fitting in There has certainly been nothing to suggest that Nate has made enemies Nate who happens to be Jess's neighbor goes missing on Thanksgiving evening but since he's just a little late coming home with some whipped cream Jess figures she doesn't have to do 'the woo woo thing' to find him Then Nate turns up dead in a cornfield with a strange symbol carved into his chest and Jess feels both horrified and horribly guilty Could she have saved Nate if she had tried to use her psychic powers as soon as she knew he was late getting home?When the local synagogue is burned and a twelve year old Jewish boy turns up missing it becomes starkly obvious that something very ugly is happening in Jess's hometown If the crimes are connected and how could they not be then Jess has got to find Seth Blumenthal before the hatred and violence escalate even furtherThe 1 800 Where R You series of which this is the fourth book is classic Meg Cabot The heroine is sharp and feisty and the supporting cast is memorable It is possible to read any of these books as a stand alone but you'll enjoy them so much if you read them in order

  2. Jennifer Rayment Jennifer Rayment says:

    The Good Stuff Jessica is one of my favorite literary characters She's spunky snarky funny and a huge heart Love her relationship with her friends and family is is very true and honest Great storyline in both books funny exciting with lots of twists and turns and funny as hell uips by Jess A little dark nothing too dark tho than the first two stories which gives it a bit of an edge Just go get a copy of this and Vanished Books One and Two you will fall in love with them The relationship between Jess and her brother Douglas is so wonderfully written Love the scenes between Jess and Rob hilarious Nice moral lesson snuck in so you barely notice sign of a gifted author I know I am repeating myself but the dialogue is awesome She could write for Whedon You lose yourself in the story and feel sorta sad when you finish the book I would recommend reading the first two books in the series first but you really don't have toThe Not so Good Stuff Jessica's mom is a bit of a bh I just can't seem to like herFavorite uotesPassagesWho would strangle a cheerleader and dump her body at the bottom of a limestone uarry? I can certainly understand wanting to strangle a cheerleader Our school harbors some of the meanest cheerleaders in North America Seriously It's like you have to pass a test proving you have no human compassion whatsoever just to get on the suadHey I know its uncool to be scoping on boys at the same time as I was trying to solve a murder But Nancy Drew still had time to date Ned Nickerson didn't she in between solving all those mysteries? Except of course Ned wasn't on probationI mean sex is a big enough step in any relationship without doing it in an old barn Um no thank you I am willing to wait until the moment is right such as prom nightCan you imagine having that blowhard in your living room the day after your brother got murdered? That has to be one of those circles of hell Dante was going on about We are doing Inferno in English Well everyone else is I am mainly playing Tetris on my Nintendo DS in the back row with the sound offNot because I had anything to say to him What can one say to someone like him? He is never going to realize that we were right and he was wrong People like Jim Henderson are incapable of changing their ways They are going to believe in their half assed opinions until the day they die and nothing and no one is ever going to convince them that those beliefs might be mistakenWhat I Learned That I wished I was as cool and fun as Jess when I was a teen she's such a little spitfire I have to read Meg Cabot YA stuffWho shouldshouldn't read Perfect for YA's and even preteens as there is nothing really objectionable Not for those who need angst y dark stories this is light fun Really reminds me of Buffy Fans of Kiersten White will enjoy Adults will enjoy just as much as Jess is hard not to love5 Dewey'sCanadian Book Signing Alert Meg Cabot will be at Chapters ueensway on Thursday May 12th at 7PM I borrowed this from Natasha and did not have to review just loved it so much and wanted you guys to go out and get it

  3. Stephanie A. Weeks Stephanie A. Weeks says:

    This is a GREAT series Like hats off to Meg CabotPlotOverall ImpressionThe plot kept me very much in the book similar to Code Name Cassandra When Lightning Strikes These plots were involved dangerous than the first two and the ending of Sanctuary kept me ON MY TOES IT WAS SO GOOD I was very much into this book and would sit down and read 100 pages at a time which is saying something for me I'm not a slow reader but I can't sit down and read a ton of pages in one sitting without losing interest regardless of the book The book was well thought out and great Great read The ENDINGS to both books were FANTASTIC Like best endings but they are major cliffhangers and I'm pissed at Cabot for ending Sanctuary the way she did I just ordered the last book in the series of That's how you know it's good CharactersRob is SO dreamy and I love how he calls Jessica Mastriani I don't know about anyone else but I love being called by my last name I may just be a weirdo I probably am OkayANYWAY Rob Jessica's relationship took several steps forward and I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS COUPLE as dysfunctional and weird as they are Rob tries so hard not to be into Jessica but fails and I kind of love thatJessica is a GREAT character I think she is a subset of myself She's so funny sarcastic kick ass I don't give a what anyone thinks of me EXCEPT Rob I aspire to be like her Jessica's mom STILL pisses me off makes me sincerely mad how shallow she is however Cabot did a great job because this is so REALISTIC I've met tons of JEssica's moms in my lifetimeJsssica's dad is awesome And Douglas PeriodOverall I LOVED this book again I couldn't even wait for the 5th book to become available at my library I ordered it on I'm super psyched for when I get it in the mail Cabot is hands down one of my favorite authors and after this series I'm going to look into her Adult series

  4. Sarah Sarah says:

    Book 3 Safe HouseSafe House is the third installment in the Vanished1 800 WHERE R YOU series Jess gets home from a vacation to fins that the head cheerleader is dead? Why? How? Before they have any time to answer any of these uestions another girl turns up missing Will they be able to save her? Will they be able to find out who? This is a fast paced book that has a good plot and an oddly charming main character Book 4 SanctuarySanctuary is the fourth book in the Vanished1 800 WHERE R YOU series People are labeled in this Indiana town The Grits the Townies But somebody takes it to the extreme There is a new African American family in the town And the young son is killed as a warning Why does this bother Jess? Can she stop these people?I would certainly recommend this read for fans of the series Also for all teenage girl and women

  5. Natalie Natalie says:

    25 starsI liked Safe House but Sanctuary seemed way too far fetched and predictable I was hoping that the “obvious suspect” wouldn’t be the killerkidnapper but no No red herrings here No twists and turns Also I found it a little ridiculous that the FBI and police wouldn’t know enough to suspect that the people who kidnapped the boy might have guns and weapons They seemed shocked that it turned into a shootout If someone has been kidnapped what do you expect? That they’re just going to hand the kid over without a fuss? I still don’t like Rob all that much but I like him a little than I did in the beginning I think the second book in the series is my favorite so far We’ll see how everything is resolved in book 5

  6. Lauren Lauren says:

    Again this story is nothing short of sassy and witty remarks from our gem Jess And not to mention the action that is so perfectly sprinkled throughout the book Definitely need to read for this great series

  7. Carrie Carrie says:

    I really enjoyed this series It’s a fun read Don’t take it too seriously just sit back and enjoy the ride on the back of a motorcycle

  8. Mellanie C Mellanie C says:

    I didn't love these two stories as much as I loved the first two but I still enjoyed them enough to make sure I ordered the last book which should be here any time now

  9. Alayne Williams Alayne Williams says:

    I love the main characters trope of being a badass She is an overall good person who rough houses not for herself but for the sake of others and of course to remind people that karma is the name of her fist and she isn't afraid to smash it in your face She does whatever it takes to make things happen to help people and to get what she wantsIt was great watching her mentally mature considering the first books consist of her always getting into fights being a tomboy and mostly thinking of herselfwith the exception of Douglas she always thought of her brother which was hella sweet and she slowly transitions into oh i want to dress feminine to impress this guy I like I'm trying to control my anger and not fight any and I do things to help other people rather than just myselfI think the only downside of this whole story I did not like was the romance involved Don't get me wrongspoiler alert spoilers will be striked out I could care less about the age difference My problem is the reversal of 'no means no' When a girl says no to a guy but the guy keeps persisting calling himself her boyfriend and finding every excuse to drive by her house to glimpse at her or to talk to her that's not considered romantic it's considered creepy So why should this be an exception if the girl is behaving this way towards the guy? He said no on multiple occassions but her being 'maddllyyyy' in love with him persisted and continued to try and get with himspoiler alert some I don't like that they got together in the end I liked the idea of her respecting him not wanting to date her I like that they overcame this whole Cuz youre a townie and I'm a grit' thing because that shouldn't stop a relationship friendly or romantic but the fact that he was not interested does not mean to try and MAKE him interested and yes he slowly fell in love with her for other reasons but I just feel like it was cringy this turned into a cliche story of the girl insists so why notAll in all great book I've only ever read two series of Meg Cabot's I'm noticing a pattern of main characters being this young tough brown haired white skinned rich family heroine who just doesn't fit inhas something about them that no one else does Who knows though as writers we all insert a piece of ourselves into our works Maybe she's implying something 3

  10. Gina Clabo Gina Clabo says:

    Both these books had a great storyline loved it but seemed to long even though there are 2 books in one I feel it could have still been shorter I feel like the proofreaders should have been paying attention to the mistakes throughout these books and it got to immature in some parts recommend to 15 and up does have some cuss words but overall not many like a lot of other teen books I have encountered Cute and was fun to readJess was most definitely the best Sassy character I have seen in a while loved herGina Clabo

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1-800-Where-R-You [PDF / Epub] ★ 1-800-Where-R-You By Meg Cabot – Ever since Jess was struck by lightning she’s had the power to find missing people And everyone wants a piece of her powers In Safe House Jess and her psychic abilities are being blamed for the murd Ever since Jess was struck by lightning she’s had the power to find missing people And everyone wants a piece of her powers In Safe House Jess and her psychic abilities are being blamed for the murder of Amber a beloved cheerleader But when cheerleaders start disappearing Jess may be able to save her reputation by finding the murderer—before it’s too late In Sanctuary the government has always been after Jess for her abilities but working for the enemy becomes inevitable as Jess tries to track down a local boy who is linked to a militia group Now with the FBI supposedly on her side Jess isn’t sure whom to trust and whom to run from originally published in as Where R You this series has sold than copies With a new trim size and striking updated cover art this bind up will find new life with today's teens.