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Audio CD Ã Hot Rocks ePUB å

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  1. SB*needs low angst books* SB*needs low angst books* says:

    Laine is a antiue shop owner who gets caught up in her Dad's lastest illegal job Max is the insurance investigator on the hunt for what was stolen They meet and even though there are some serious bumps develop a relationship I liked that this book was low angst in terms of their relationship They confronted and dealt with any problems they had The dad was likable even though he is a thief I got this as a audiobook from the library and loved it The narrator was Susan Erickson from the in Death series fame She is seriously so good at what she does I recommend to those who want a story with no major angst and some suspense but nothing nail biting

  2. Anita Anita says:

    I loved this book It is everything that NR's current bestseller wasn't Suspense Hot Romance and Hh that you really like No current affairs issues no angst just a really great Romantic Suspense story And humor The humor is laugh out loud fantastic This book just became one of my favorite Nora RobertsLaine Tavish has a great life she has worked hard for She owns her own business an antiue shop Remember When has her own home complete with an adorable dog Life is really really good for her Then a face from her past shows up to shatter her well ordered life Her father was a master con artist and now Laine is neck deep in a heist of epic proportions Then along comes a tall dark and handsome stranger and he is interested in than the lovely Laine but all she sees is the hot handsome MaxMax Gannon ex cop and currently a PI is out to recover a fortune in stolen gems He is convinced that Lane is the key to the gems As he sets out to woo the information out of her he finds himself falling in love and willing to make compromises to keep Laine and recover the gems but one thing he will not compromise is Laine safety Not for anything

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    This is the first of two interlinked stories written by Nora Roberts under both of her pen names First you have Hot Rocks a contemporary romance with a hint of suspense written as Nora and secondly set 50 years into the future you have Big Jack a futuristic suspense written with Nora's JD Robb hat on Both stories have been sold separately and they can each be read as stand alone stories although Big Jack is part of the In Death world and will particularly appeal to Eve and Roarke fans but I highly recommend reading the two together as it's really fun to see how they entwine despite occurring at very different times You can save money by buying the Remember When anthology which contains both stories My review of Hot Rocks by Nora Roberts Laine Tavish has worked hard to put her past behind her and get away from her father's criminal roots She's made a nice life for herself as an antiues dealer in the small town of Angel's Gap she owns a small but successful store has great friends and has a good relationship with her mother and step father She's kept the fact that her real Dad is a criminal a secret but since she's not seen him for years she figures it's a small white lie that isn't going to harm anyone Things get a lot complicated when one of her father's oldest friends comes into the shop gives her a cryptic warning and then is immediately killed in a hit and run right outside her door Now it looks like Laine's past has caught up with her but she has absolutely no idea what is really going onMax Gannon is an investigator who is trying to track down millions of pounds worth of missing diamonds that were stolen in a heist believed to have been pulled off by Laine's father Big Jack He's come to Angel's Gap looking for Laine because he believes she might be fencing stolen goods for her father but it doesn't take him too long to realise that she isn't involved He's not the only person who came looking for and someone believes that Laine has the diamonds in her possession which means her life is in danger Max vows to keep her safe while also trying to track down the diamonds but it isn't going to be easyHot Rocks was a really enjoyable read the romance develops uite uickly especially since Max was lying to Laine when they first met but it wasn't so fast that it bothered me I did like that Max admitted his lies and apologised to Laine it was understandable why he acted the way he had but at least he was willing to own up to his actions Laine was able to forgive him because she knew he had very good reasons for everything he'd done and I appreciated them talking things through like adults rather than letting a big misunderstanding cause huge arguments and lots of unnecessary drama The mystery side of the story was good and although I didn't love Big Jack's character he was far too selfish for my liking he was charismatic and I could see why Laine had worshipped him as a child Even though it's part of a series we still get a decent ending to the story so you're not forced to read the second book just to get answers

  4. Sally906 Sally906 says:

    HOT ROCKS is the first book in a two book series that covers aspects of the same crime but set 50 years apart The first book HOT ROCKS is written by Nora Roberts and the second BIG JACK is written by her alter ego JD Robb The two books originally appeared under one title ‘Remember When’ and this is clearly written on the front cover of this volumeHOT ROCKS is romantic mystery and is set in a small town called Angel Gap in Maryland Laine Tavish runs an antiue store called ‘Remember When’ The story opens with a man entering her busy shop pressing his business card in her hand and insisting she call him later when she says she is too busy to chat with him As he leaves her shop he is hit by a car and Laine feeling guilty runs out to comfort the now dying man He sings her a tune and she realises he is Uncle Willy an old family friend; his last words to her are keep the poochLaine is worried her past is about to be revealed after working so hard to start a new life The daughter of a scam artist Laine was well on the way of becoming one herself until her mother took her away when she was ten and Laine finally found out that there was to life than hustling people It doesn’t take long for her to find out why her Uncle Willy came to town Diamonds Max Gannon appears in her life soon after he is an insurance investigator There has been a twenty eight million dollar diamond heist and he believes that it was done by big time criminal Alex Crew aided and abetted by Laine’s father Willy and a third man While Max is prepared for Laine to be ‘the fence’ for the diamonds what he isn’t prepared for is the instant attraction he feels for her He is very relieved to find out she is not part of the plot and the two of them join forces to find the diamonds give them back to the owners to get her father off the hook and receive the 5% finders fee The main criminal Alex Crew is a total nutcase – his plan was always to get his hands on all the diamonds by killing the other gang members two are already dead now he just needs to kill Laine’s father – and to do that he needs to get his hands on Laine and lure him inI really enjoyed this suspenseful mystery romance; Laine makes a very strong feminine protagonist While author Nora Roberts does strong female characters very well this wasn’t her best work It was still very readable and good way to spend a Sunday afternoon

  5. Jacob Proffitt Jacob Proffitt says:

    While I liked this book pretty well little pieces of it would bother me enough to keep me from fully engaging with it Laine is a delight for example She's tough brave and smart But when she dips into her past or does something reckless and illegal it doesn't feel like it fits her character very well And I really disliked her support for her larcenous fatherIndeed like the pieces from the perspective of the bad guy this book has jarring bits dangling off of it that poke at me enough to pull me out of the novel like every scene with Big Jack I think we're maybe meant to find Big Jack as loveable as Laine obviously does and I just couldn't manage thatSome of this is mitigated by the wonderful Max There's really nothing not to like there and I particularly liked that even though he knows his initial lies likely tanked the budding relationship with Laine he still admits he'd do it again if he had to his professional standards are important and those lies were anything but frivolous To Laine's credit and Roberts' she doesn't let it hang her up for longSo in all the book was entertaining but not great It did pull a really strange trick on the reader at the end that I found both jarring and than a little off putting it segued right into a JD Robb novel at the end without any notification or break with a granddaughter of the main couple because it's set in 2056 I dunno if the publisher was trying to cross promote with Roberts' pen name but it was than a little bizarre to jump ahead 50 years at the end of a standard romanceA note about Steamy A few explicit sex scenes though not very long and not very many

  6. Lauren Lauren says:

    Hot Rocks4 StarsWhen a man is run down outside her antiues store Laine Tavish realizes that the past has finally caught up with her Together with Max Gannon a mysterious stranger with his own agenda Laine must discover why she has become a target before she becomes the next victim Note This book is paired with Big Jack from the In Death series and should be read first as it provides the background necessary for truly appreciating the Robb book Hot Rocks is one of Nora Roberts' older books that reminded me of my early passion for her stories While the romance and mystery are predictable especially for readers very familiar with Nora's work they are both nevertheless very satisfying Max and Laine are engaging characters and their romance is sweet and spicy Laine is intelligent and resourceful and the occasional glimpse at her reckless side makes her all the human and appealing Max is scrumptious and the secret keeping is thankfully kept to a minimum and resolved without too much angst and drama The case is fast paced and keeps the pages turning The villain is suitably malicious and threatening and the climax and resolution are exciting All in all an enjoyable romantic suspense recommended for all Nora fans

  7. Dianne Dianne says:

    What can I sayromantic suspensealways entertaining

  8. Lisa Kay Lisa Kay says:

    ★★★★✩ This one was fun Susan Ericksen does another wonderful job of narrating Ms Roberts’ story of a missing share of a 28 million diamond heist It has all the reuired characters the unsuspecting heroine propelled into a mystery maelstrom the location clue uttered by a dying man the sinister mastermind who wants it all the loyal – and very pregnant – friend and co worker the unrepentant charming professional con – who happens to be the heroine’s father and sigh the hunky southern insurance investigator who is above and beyond understanding of the heroine’s dilemma Oh and there’s a dog o Predicable? Sure Doesn’t make it any less fun

  9. Aya Aya says:

    Apparently both this book and the In Death counterpart Big Jack were previously published as one book under the title Remember When the name of Laine's antiue store Tricky move on the publisher's part This is pretty much a solid romance book Rather well executed and on the short side but if you're not already a fan of romance this isn't going to change your mind

  10. Lyndi W. Lyndi W. says:

    I really hated the heroine at first but then she smartened up enough for me to not hate her Unfortunately then I kinda hated everyone else I wouldn't say there's anything wrong with this story but I just didn't dig it much I'm not sure why but I'm just kinda meh about it

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Hot Rocks ✷ [BOOKS] ✫ Hot Rocks By Nora Roberts ❁ – Laine Tavish surrounds herself with antiues in her store As for her own past she’d rather avoid it And when that doesn’t work she has to rely on an enigmatic stranger to figure out who is chasing Laine Tavish surrounds herself with antiues in her store As for her own past she’d rather avoid it And when that doesn’t work she has to rely on an enigmatic stranger to figure out who is chasing her and why The answer lies in a hidden fortune that will change her life forever“The ueen of romantic suspense” — The Columbus DispatchDon’t want the story to endLook for Big Jack by New York Times bestselling author J D Robb and continue the adventure.