Poche ↠ Mrs Parkington PDF/EPUB å

Poche ↠ Mrs Parkington PDF/EPUB å

Mrs Parkington [PDF / Epub] ☉ Mrs Parkington Author Louis Bromfield – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk She was a fabulously rich fantastically famous old woman wordly and indomitable Within her own lifetime she had become almost a legendary figure stormy glittering tragic but never dullMarried at 17 to She was a fabulously rich fantastically famous old woman wordly and indomitable Within her own lifetime she had become almost a legendary figure stormy glittering tragic but never dullMarried at to one of the most colorful and ruthless of the great robber barons she had known both the famous and interestingly infamous of two continents; had seen the gaudy world of the great Fifth Aeneue chateaux come into being flourish and decay; and now observed with wise weary eyes the mad turbulent world of the th century At she still had zest for life than any of her descendents all of whom with the exception of her great grand daughter Janie she privately despised.

  • Poche
  • 374 pages
  • Mrs Parkington
  • Louis Bromfield
  • English
  • 11 September 2015
  • 9782752904300

About the Author: Louis Bromfield

Louis Bromfield was an American author and conservationist who gained international recognition winning the Pulitzer Prize and pioneering innovative scientific farming conceptsBromfield studied agriculture at Cornell University from to but transferred to Columbia University to study journalism While at Columbia University Louis Bromfield was initiated into the fraternal organizati.

10 thoughts on “Mrs Parkington

  1. Lauren Stoolfire Lauren Stoolfire says:

    Ever since I visited Malabar Farm State Park I've wanted to read the works of Louis Bromfield Now I can officially say that I've finally read one of his novels with Mrs Parkington I didn't exactly like any of the characters but it's an interesting family saga nonetheless My main issue with the title character was that she seems like she would fit right into an Ayn Rand novel which just isn't for me I would like to see the movie adaptation of this novel from 1944 featuring Greer Garson

  2. Miranda Miranda says:

    15While there are pieces of it I liked on the whole it was maddening As other reviewers have noted there are moments that seem Ayn Rand like Mrs Parkington makes statements she feels justified in saying because of her life experiences but instead she comes off as elitist Mrs Parkington seems to despise the elite wealthy world she lives in freely criticizing her family members who grew up with that money and knowing nothing but a luxurious lifestyle but she herself seems to think she is the know all of everything because of the experiences that privilege brought her Like I'm sorry at the end of the day she is an upper class white woman; she experienced some hardships but nothing like what other people experienceI also had a big issue with this idea that people are either fools who are doomed stupid or just existing or people who have common sense strength and guts This is something Mrs Parkington often thinks but nothing in her manner reveal what she's thinking At one point one of Mrs Parkington's doctor says There are people in life who are doomed by the very stars There are other like ourselves to whom God or whatever it is that controls the universe has given special favors special reverses of strength and understanding 248 I mean excuse me??? I find that to be complete bs As I said there were things I did like such as the criticizing of foundations and the attempts to whitewash the corrupt men of the early century But those pieces were few and far in between for me Also not to mention that this book seemed to drag on but without really accomplishing anything?I'd like to read Bromfield's earlier works to see how they compare to something like Mrs Parkington but otherwise my first impression of Bromfield is not a positive one

  3. Paula Paula says:

    Mrs Parkington is a mid 20th century novel by the prolific author Louis Bromfield It tells the story of Susie Parkington born in a mining town out west who marries the flamboyant charming handsome ruthless Gus Parkington when she is still in her teens Gus makes their fortune and Susie lives a fabulous life in New York Europe and Newport The story takes place over several weeks in 1942 New York City as the now widowed Susie deals with a family crisis and flashes back to various important incidents in her life Bromfield means for us to admire Susie; she is described as beautiful charming intelligent tactful and insightful Unfortunately she is also unpleasant and judgmental She despises most wealthy people herself excepted of course and finds pretty much everybody else vulgar stupid and boring She reminded me of a character from an Ayn Rand book; someone who is very certain that he or she is a superior human being and that most of the rest of us are wasting oxygenThe story was made into a movie starring Greer Garson which I wouldn't mind seeing I suspect they left in Susie's good traits and jettisoned the off putting ones

  4. Meg Ulmes Meg Ulmes says:

    After visiting Malabar Farm here in Ohio with a friend in late July I purchased this novel at the gift shop there I had never read one of Bromfield's novels and after learning about him I wanted to This book is rich written deeply on all levels with a sophisticated style and grace that I am not seeing much in modern novels Reading this novel was an experience a chance to immerse myself in other people's lives in a different time and place I will read another Bromfield novel soon I highly recommend this one

  5. Diana Diana says:

    A cathartic read An old woman thinks and says what we all suppress about air headed relatives disappointing friends lessons in life that stung at the time but when she looks back they're uite inconseuential in her life on whole

  6. Marilyn Marilyn says:

    I found a review by Jane Ulmes of this book that put into words how I felt reading this book So I don't need to repeat it I liked the book very much the writing style and the fact that plot was not a main ingredient

  7. Sue Sue says:

    bit tedious at firststory has much current day resonance cheaper than a psychologist re children using inheritances life choices of adult children choices made in life

  8. Michael Michael says:

    A very well written tale of a privileged family in the United States from early to mid 1900s The main character Mrs Parkington is at the hub of the extended family living in a large house with servants It is simply a delightful tale about her and the surrounding family all with their ups and downs their interactions falling outs romances all in the ways that we all experience life but perhaps without the same choices and capital advantages

  9. Victoria Grusing Victoria Grusing says:

    This was an interesting book to be told from the point of view of an 84 year old woman Both of the Bromfield books I have read were told with the voice of a woman I don't know if that is always his choice The characters were interesting

  10. Hannah Hormell Hannah Hormell says:

    I wanted to love the book like I do the movie but it was filled with too many lengthy philosophic paragraphs about how money ruins people

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