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Master of Wolves (Mageverse, #5) [EPUB] ✼ Master of Wolves (Mageverse, #5) By Angela Knight – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Jim London is outraged over the death of his friend a fellow cop and werewolf and wants to get to the bottom of what he thinks was murder The only way to find out is to go undercover and in his wolf f Jim London is outraged over the death of his friend a fellow cop and werewolf and wants to get to the bottom of what he thinks was murder The only way to find out is to go undercover and in his wolf form Jim can do that better than anybody There's one complication the new K handler Faith Weston is sexy enough to bring out the animal in any man.

  • ebook
  • 320 pages
  • Master of Wolves (Mageverse, #5)
  • Angela Knight
  • English
  • 21 July 2015
  • 9781101158166

About the Author: Angela Knight

Angela Knight is an American author of mostly erotic fantasy She was a reporter for ten years and a comic book author She lives in South Carolina First published under Red Sage she was able to write romantic fiction for the first time in She published several short stories in their Secrets anthologies Editor Cindy Hwang brought her to Berkley Publishing and has helped her become a best.

10 thoughts on “Master of Wolves (Mageverse, #5)

  1. Bark Bark says:

    When I first started this book I didn't realize it was #5 in on ongoing series Back before I had children and too many dogs I used to keep up with these things but lately I'm pretty much clueless and have been picking up too many books mid series and it drives me nuts My mind is spent used up and full damn it I no longer want to strain the brain to figure out who all of these people are and attempt to piece together the bits of back story into some coherent thing Why aren't there any stand alone novels any? It's exhausting me So there's an evil vampire witch the Sidhe court an entire crew of witch tainted cops King Richard and Guinevere and all the knights of the round table okay I just added the knights in but seriously the book is just getting started and finally there's our hero and heroineHere's what I've pieced together minus all of the fantasy politics that I can't uite figure out and will just ignore for now Faith is a police officer recovering from a nasty divorce She's new on the force and has a K9 assistant whom she names Rambo She's investigating a brutal string of murders where the heart was cut out of the victim this all has to do with the lion the witch and the wardrobe whoops make that the witch the holy grail and the sidhe stuff are you as confused as I am yet? Rambo is actually a werewolf named Jim who is masuerading as a german shepard to discover who killed his best friend and fellow werewolf See he's not your typical boring I can only change into only one shape type of dude this guy can change into the shepard form and the Dire Wolf form And as an added bonus when he shifts back into his gloriously beautiful human form he gets back all of his change his cell phone and his clothes materialize undamaged Damn shame if you ask me since the naked aspect always adds a bit of spice to these talesI was a bit surprised that for the first 14 of the book the hero doesn't meet the heroine in any form except that of a german shephard Nice touch thought I who is used to these paranormal romances rushing the romance aspect along This one focused on the fantasy and magic and action of a policewoman stumbling into a paranormal mess But all of that changed when the two finally do see each other human face to human face and very very soon after nearly before the Hi I'm Jim you know your loyal german shepard? announcement is made they are having wild crazy sex due to ah paranormal reasons Something to do with the werewolf bite Faith just received her first change and all those pesky pheromones Now Jim is madly in love with Faith Hey when did that happen? They've barely had one conversationI did finish this book but it was a struggle There were too many characters and too much action for my taste and I just didn't find the many action seuences all that interesting or the fantasy aspects all that fascinating The romance was non existent and the sexier love scenes bored me Man I'm hard to please

  2. Buggy Buggy says:

    Opening line Faith Watsons new partner was big muscular and covered in fur and he didn't give her any crap Wow okay so in Angela Knight’s weird out there ‘Mageverse’ world King Arthur is a vampire Camelot’s Merlin is an alien and everyone is searching for the black grail There’s a fairy king some witches Guinevere also a vampire shows up and she‘s horny we visit the round table Avalon and watch an entire police department get taken over by magic while officer Faith Weston gets it on with her K 9 partner Rambo who also happens to be a werewolf shifter posing as a German shepherd All this takes place in the alternate universe known as Angela Knight’s acid tripThe thing is though Master Of Wolves has a great premise and the writing is really good; peppered with comedy action and smoking hot love scenes although they do breathe “Oh god” into each others mouth every single time they get it on which annoyed me If it weren’t for all the magic and bizarre world building this would have been a pretty good read as it was I did enjoy parts of it the parts that had nothing to do with 'Mageverse' that is skimming over almost all of the King Arthur scenes and just concentrating on Jim and Faith in the ‘real’ world Jim London is a werewolfshifter when his best friend Tony gets killed while in police custody he goes undercover as a K 9 drug dog to find out the real story behind his murder Partnered up with officer Faith Weston the sparks fly immediately but Jim has to keep his paws to himself When Jim and Faith get caught up in the vampires and magic wreaking havoc on Clarkson police department this brings out the animal in Faith and changes her forever Unfortunately this fairly cool idea gets way overshadowed by too much magic and fantasy I mean come on King Arthur the Holy Grail Excalibur it was actually funny at times One of my biggest problems with fantasy is that the author writes the world rules as they go along or for convenience to the plotline wherein there are no rules This was a big issue for me here as explained in the following uote; What the grail did was genetically alter the people who drank from itGenetically? How the hell did a cup do that?“PFM”“Which is?”“Pure fucking magic It turned the men into vampires and the women into witches Collectively they’re the magekind”“Wait a minute the chick that wants to sacrifice us is connected to King Arthur?” Faith opened her beer and took a sip “Hell no different bunch of vampires all together She’s one of the bad vamps Arthur and his bunch are the good vamps who are trying to catch them”“And we’re werewolves?” She rolled her eyes “Do you ever have trouble believing all this shit?” No no trouble at all Cheers

  3. Shelby Shelby says:

    45 StarsI'm still enjoying this series a lot This particular book stays mostly in the Earthly realm this time The world of the Dire has a threat of exposure coming after one of their own was killed by one of the vampires and accidentally created another werewolf Jim London is determined to figure out exactly what happened and take out the murders of his best friend But the only way to get his nose into the police department to find out what's going on is to go in undercoveras the new K 9 unit What he didn't expect is to start falling for Faith his cop handler while still stuck staying in his dog formOf course there's the pre reuisite battle with a group of evil vamps coming This time we've got a bunch of evil cops to contend with trying to become evil vamps themselves Jim and Faith have a lot on their plate as they try to find justice and stop the evil from spreading Faith finds herself caught up in a world she knew nothing about But she's kick butt and adapts uickly I enjoyed her and Jim as they figured things out They had a good report and I liked that Jim never tried to keep Faith out of things He knew she could handle herself He wanted to protect her but wasn't going to keep her away from the battle I liked this story and am enjoying the world I appreciated what got revealed in this story and what options it opens for the future

  4. Kathy Davie Kathy Davie says:

    Fifth in the Mageverse erotic paranormal romance series revolving around the protectors of our world the vampiric knights of the Round Table led by King Arthur Oh wait he doesn't like to be called King This particular story is of the secret weapon the Dire Wolves left by Merlin and Nimue to act as a brake on the knights if they should get out of handThe StoryThe murder of a childhood friend causes Jim London to act There's something odd going on in the Clarkston Police Department and he will find out what is happening Unfortunately the chief of police knows Jim Fortunately Jim doesn't need to retain human formLucky Officer Weston Someone has donated a drug sniffing dog and Faith Weston just happens to be a K 9 handler Damned lucky because who better than a Dire Wolf slash German shepherd drug sniffing dog to watch her back when someone has used a sex spell on most of the police officers in Clarkston twisting their will to hers Someone who is not interested in the health and well being of anyone but Celestine Gentry as she plots to steal one of two remaining black grails from the group of vampires from whom she broke awayPoor Jim There's no one to watch his back as he falls in love with the so very sexy Faith Weston still reeling from the duplicity and rejection of her ex husbandThe CharactersWell there's Faith Weston and her fellow cops Cops who used to be warm and pleasant to be around Who now view her with distrust and animosity When they're not hitting on herThen there's Jim London an artist and bounty hunter Sent in by his Dire Wolf chieftain Charlie to discover what happened with Tony Shay and if whatever killed him is a threat to the rest of the Dire Wolves Angry and frustrated Jim is struggling to keep his identity and the secret of the Dire Wolves lest Charlie send out an assassin to clean up all witnesses Including Faith Celestine Gentry is a magic wielding vampire with visions of power dancing through her head Abused as a child she has used her rage to destroy all who have hurt her with the full and gleeful intention of hurting anyone who gets in her way Everyone is merely a tool for her useJim chooses to contact his sister Diana ueen of the Elves in spite of Charlie's refusal to allow her husband's involvement Getting the elves involved in this increasingly dangerous situation is liable to reveal the existence of the Dire Wolves to the Majae aka Magekind the group term for the knights and their ladiesArthur and his knights are vampires Turned when Merlin had his chosen few drink from the Grail and their genes twisted The men became vampires individually referred to as a Magus The women became witches or a Maja As a group they are the Magekind the Majae Merlin and Nimue ensured that each would need the other by twisting the women's genetics so that their blood would build up certain properties reuired by the men If the women did not donate their blood they could explode to deathMy TakeI remember reading this I must have forgotten to record it I hate it when I do that Although I was uite pleased to have the opportunity to re read Master of Wolves Excellent story with lots of action in bed and on the streets with a strong taste of corrupt andor cowardly assholesKnight has a clever idea using the concept of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table as the protectors of mankind as her base for the Mageverse series Naturally one needs the conflict of evil so having bad guy vampires and Dire Wolves keeps the action going on the streets Her twist on turning them into vampires with the ladies as walking blood banks ensures an active sex life while creating a weaknessjust to add a challenge to the mixIn Master of Wolves Jim is battling his cowardly chieftain his own doomed desire for Faith and his need to achieve vengeance for his friend Faith has her own issues mostly the rejection and betrayal she experienced with her now ex husband She doesn't trust any guy which creates some interesting problems for the gorgeous hunk who desperately wants her in his life Somehow Any howMy one uibble with the story is Faith's much too easy acceptance of everything that happens On the one hand she is a cop and is probably pretty used to weird shit going down On the other hand she's a cop and probably pretty skeptical of anything woo wooThe CoverOooh pretty boy I'll assume that naked back and the facial profile is Jim with that huge tattoo of a wolf on his right bicep The background is very Halloween y with its bare branches in the light of a full moon The title Hmmm Master of Wolves is certainly what Jim calls himself in his relationship with Faith but Knight doesn't actually do anything with it A couple of references and that's it

  5. Anthonia Anthonia says:

    who says wolves can't have fun Jim London is Diana London brother He ends going undercover to find a vampire that is trying to use a dark grail that turns humans into vampires Jim's best friend was killed by crooked cops and one of them is turned into a wolf Jim has enough problems then he ends up being assigned to a female cop that happens to be his mate and the only straight and narrow woman on the force A must read

  6. Missy Jane Missy Jane says:

    This was a pretty good book however being my second or third time reading it there were a few things I noticed that really bothered me It's the story of a werewolf Jim London and human Faith Weston They meet under dangerous circumstances as usual for this series and Faith soon learns all about the Mageverse Then during a life threatening scene they decide to spirit link This is exactly like the soul meld between the other types of Mageverse characters who also don't decide it needs to be done until their lives are threatened Just once I'd like both characters to decide they WANT to spend eternity in each others' thoughts before taking the plunge into this irreversible bonding We'll see what the rest of the series brings but from what I remember I'm not holding my breath Aside from that issue there were also a few key phrases that made me shudder a kissing scene of them sipping eating or feasting at each others' mouths just grosses me out And sex that leaves them shuddered like a palsy victim just sounds tasteless

  7. Jen Jen says:

    First things first this is not a book you should read if sex scenes make you uncomfortable It's also probably not the book you should read if you really value clever writing or character development But if you're looking for trashy fun this is your book Master of Wolves is one of a series of books focusing on a retelling of the Arthur legend Only in this telling Arthur is a vampire Guinevere is a witch and Merlin is an alien who set those two on a magical mission to protect the Earth Oh and there was a demon who created a whole bunch of bad vampires And there are werewolves also created by Merlin but its a secret I told you trashy fun This book focuses on a werewolf who goes undercover as a police dog and his female handler Needless to say she soon discovers he's not actually a dog and much banging ensues Meanwhile they also have to defeat a vampire witch who has ensnared most of the rest of the police departmentI don't read these books because they make sense frankly if you think too hard about them the plots make absolutely no sense but because they are a light fun way to pass a few hours on days when I don't have the attention span for anything too demanding And approached from that perspective they do a good job of filling just that role They aren't literaturebut that's not really what I'm looking for when I pick one up either

  8. TinaMarie TinaMarie says:

    Jim goes undercover as a police dog to find out who killed his friend He finds himself falling in love with his partner K9 officer Faith She seems to be the only none corrupt cop on the force There's black magic and a vampire controlling them all Jim is determined to find and kill his friend's murderer trying to keep Faith from learning about it all Meanwhile everyone is still looking for the black grails and fighting the corrupt vampires It's nice to see all the various good guys in this story

  9. Kathryn A. Cardona Kathryn A. Cardona says:

    AwesomeWerewolves and werewolves Angela knight does a great job of mixing action with some very hot romance It can't get better than this

  10. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Once again loved the main characters but the dystopic screwed up werewolf society really made it difficult to truly enjoy the story

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