Riding the Night Wild Riders #5 PDF/EPUB ô Night Wild

Riding the Night Wild Riders #5 PDF/EPUB ô Night Wild

Riding the Night Wild Riders #5 [Read] ➬ Riding the Night Wild Riders #5 Author Jaci Burton – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk AJ and Pax are undercover operatives for a government agency of bad boy bikers known as the Wild Riders While AJ is visiting Teresa a high school sweetheart a fight erupts in her bar between two biker Night Wild MOBI î AJ and Pax are undercover operatives for a government agency of bad boy bikers known as the Wild Riders While AJ is visiting Teresa a high school sweetheart a fight erupts in her bar between two biker gangs One man is left dead Riding the MOBI :å and Teresa's brother is wrongly accused of murder With no proof and Teresa as the only eyewitness AJ Pax and Teresa point their Harleys toward the annual bike rally in South Dakota in hot pursuit of the real killer and Teresa discovers a passion the Night Wild PDF È that brings both men to their knees.

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  1. Auntee Auntee says:

    This was a good ending to a pretty hot series about former bad boy bikers who work as undercover operatives for a secret government agency known as the Wild Riders All of the Wild Riders had all previously been in trouble with the law at one time or another and were going nowhere fast jail until General Grange Lee who runs the agencyturned their lives around by hand picking them to work on the right side of the lawThis was the story of 29 year old best buds AJ and Pax no last names given? who while on vacation from the WR decide to ride out on their bikes towards AJ's old stomping grounds in Missouri AJ hasn't been back in the area since he left a bad home life and the teenage love of his life 10 years ago When AJ and Pax decide to visit the town's popular biker bar AJ is stunned to see that the beautiful raven haired bartenderowner who Pax is hitting on is none other than his old girlfriend TeresaTeresa can't believe that after all these years she's finally come face to face with the guy who broke her young heart so long ago by leaving town without her A lot has happened to Teresa in those 10 years and she has some trust issues with men that she's still trying to work out Teresa tries to play it cool but AJ is even hotter and sexier than he was years ago And the blond haired goateed buff best friend he has traveling with himwowWhen her twin brother Joey and his peace loving biker gang the Thorns are involved in a dispute with rival drug dealing gang the Fists in Teresa's bar blood is spilled Joey is accused of murder and only Teresa has witnessed the crime Joey didn't do it and Teresa will do anything to prove it and clear her brother's name The police are getting nowhere finding the killer that only Teresa can describe and Joey still remains the prime suspect Since the suspect and the Fists have mysteriously disappeared it dawns on Teresa that they may be at a well known biker rally in South Dakota and she's determined to head up there and find him AJ and Pax decide to help her and go along and if something develops between AJ and Teresa or Pax and Teresa or AJ Teresa and Paxthey'll just keep it simple and have a good timeWill Teresa AJ and Pax be able to find the elusive suspect and clear Joey's name? Will AJ and Pax who always share their women be able to share Teresa? Will Teresa be able to overcome her fears and trust AJor Pax enough to have a sexual relationship with either or both of them? Will AJ and Pax who both had difficult childhoods where people they loved let them down be able to allow themselves to really fall in love with a woman for the first time? And if they do will Teresa love them back?Well I've got nothing negative to say about this story The writing was good the story was easy to follow and moved uickly there was a touch of suspense and a few surprises thrown in the characters were extremely likable and the love scenes were hot but didn't monopolize the story There was plenty of background given about the characters physical descriptions their pasts that I felt like I knew them well enough and was able to connect with them Teresa was tough but lovable AJ and Pax were adorably sexy protective and patient with Teresa and when Teresa who called the shots sexually gave them the go ahead they could get all alpha in the bedroom The sex scenes were hot whether it was one on one or two on one and there didn't seem to be any jealousies between the two men regarding Teresa Amazing They put her feelings and her welfare first above everything else who could resist that? They were a couple of sweethearts and I enjoyed seeing Pax fall in love for the first time and seeing AJ deal with his guilt over leaving Teresa and rediscovering his love for her Teresa was one lucky womanFans of the series should be happy with this book but will be sad to see it all end I know I am There wasn't a bad book in the whole sexy lot This one might not have replaced my favorite Riding on Instinct but it came pretty close Well done Jaci Burton 4 stars AJ and Teresa

  2. Shawna Shawna says:

    4 ½ stars – Romantic SuspenseErotic RomanceMénageThis final installment of the sexy thrilling Wild Riders about former thieves law breakers and bad boy bikers turned undercover government agents is a hot action packed conclusion to a series that’s been steamy loads of fun Wild Rider agents AJ and Pax visit AJ’s hometown while on vacation only to soon find themselves mixed up in a biker gang war and a murder and AJ’s former high school sweetheart Teresa is right in the middle of it all Teresa’s brother Joey is accused of killing a rival gang leader and she’s the only witness that can prove otherwise but the local cops don’t believe her When it becomes apparent that the police investigation is stalled and that the real bad guy could be after Teresa to keep her uiet AJ and Pax vow to do whatever it takes to keep her safe and hunt down the real killer which entails the trio heading to a biker rally in Sturgis to track down the gang member who framed her brotherTeresa is the only woman AJ’s ever loved and he’s lived with guilt and regret since leaving her 10 years ago Old flames truly never die because it’s not long before their prior attraction and feelings resurface But Pax and Teresa have some serious heat burning between them too When she discovers that AJ and Pax habitually share women will she succumb to her long dormant sexual needs and submit to their desires or will fears from a horrific trauma in her past keep her from taking a chance? And while AJ and Pax help Teresa heal emotionally and sexually can she also mend their battered jaded hearts? There’s a perfect mix of action suspense and sizzling hot romance and it’s a fast paced exciting read The relationship dynamics between the three is really well done and the brother like friendship between AJ and Pax AJ and Teresa’s sweet romance and Pax and Teresa’s explosive passion were all believable I actually found myself preferring Teresa and Pax together but I was glad they all got their HEAI knocked off half a star because I had trouble believing that Teresa would have owned worked and flaunted her sexy assets in a rough biker bar when she had so many understandable hang ups about men because of the trauma she suffered in the past I just didn’t completely buy her whole “Coyote Ugly” tough gal thing in the beginning but I was very happy that she found sexual healing in the arms of two caring smokin’ hot bad boys who are really oh sooo good It didn’t uite beat Riding Temptation or Riding on Instinct for my favorite Wild Riders but it’s a sexy fun entertaining read and I’m sad for the series to end But I’m reallllly looking forward to Jaci Burton’s next erotic romance The Perfect Play coming in Feb’2011 Just check out the studtastically fine cover below to understand why 4 ½ stars

  3. Robin *loves sexy books* Robin *loves sexy books* says:

    Not sure if this knocked out 'riding temptation' which was book 2 out of my top spot as my favorite wild rider story; but it was really damn closeThis was a great end to an awesome series I won this advanced copy and couldn't be happy about it I feel like I should buy a copy when it comes out because I liked it so muchPax and AJ are great I really liked them from the previous books And Teresa was a great fit for themliterally She was strong and sexy and I liked her from the prologueThanks for a wild ride jaci And for giving me my love of the bad ass biker

  4. Splage Splage says:

    I love my biker series it unleashes my inner biker chick but this one fell short It might even be a 2 star read but I loved the first books of the series and might have been feeling their effect Riding on Instinct still my favorite of series This one is still hot and AJ and Pax were definitely sexy bikers but I just don't get into the three being together in the end I don't mind menage I love erotica but I like one man possessive alpha dominance in the end My mind just doesn't work like that It also bothered me that Pax got her often and I felt passionately even though AJ was her first love doesn't the first love account for anything If they are going to share it should be even steven

  5. Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog) Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog) says:

    This review was posted at Under the CoversI couldn't put this book down I found the Wild Riders series by reading Nauti and Wild and I've loved every single book in this series I've been looking forward to reading AJ Pax's story and knowing this was going to end up being hopefully a HEA for a 3someThe book starts off giving us a glimpse of AJ's past when he was 19 and in love with Teresa but leaves her because of his criminal activitiesNow 10 years later while on vacation with Pax he decides to go back to his hometown They stop at a biker bar and he finds Teresa now owns it In good Wild Riders fashion even on vacation they find trouble there's a war between the local biker club and the one from north of town The leader of the north club is stabbed and Teresa's brother is accused of the murder while Teresa is the only witness Now she has to find the killer herself since the cops think she's lying for her brotherAJ Pax decide to stay and help and protect Teresa They both want her And then they uncover what's happened to her since he left I think the way they ease her into everything is done well and in a believable wayThis book has a lot of action mystery bikers beers bike rallys and some pretty hot sex I loved the parts when we could see Pax's point of view and how Teresa's feelings developed for him too And the sexual chemistry between those 2 was explosiveIt wasn't my favorite book in the series but it was a great addition to is I'm sad this was the ending of it I'll miss our bikers but I'll definitely be looking forward to Jaci Burton's next bookA normal woman would have died to be in the same room with these two men A normal woman would have

  6. Jane Stewart Jane Stewart says:

    Okgood for romantic suspense with motorcycle gangs Lots of sex two men loving and sharing one womanSTORY BRIEFIn a small town not far from St Louis are two motorcycle gangs The Thorns rule the south side The Fists rule the north side Fists sell drugs Thorns don’t do anything illegal that I could tell The Fists want to take over the south side so they can have access to the river for their drug business Joey is the leader of the Thorns His sister Theresa owns a successful biker bar with pool tables TVs and attractive female bartenders who dance on top of the barsFive years ago two masked bikers attacked and raped Theresa She’s had no sex with anyone since partly due to her fears and partly due to other men’s issues with the rape Ten years ago AJ and Theresa were 18 and in love But AJ broke up with her and left town He had begun stealing cars and felt he couldn’t give her the life she deserved General Lee is head of a group of government agents who specialize in going undercover as bikers AJ turned his life around and works for General Lee His best friend and partner is Pax AJ and Pax love sharing a woman either separately or at the same time It’s hetero sex AJ and Pax have some vacation time and AJ wants to see his home town They stop at Theresa’s biker bar and see her That same night the Fists come in and start a fight with the Thorns The Fist leader is killed The cops arrest Joey as their main suspect Theresa saw who did it a Fist member but the cops don’t believe her Theresa wants to find the killer to identify him AJ and Pax help her AJ and Pax start having lustful and loving sex with TheresaREVIEWER’S OPINIONThis is romantic suspense with Theresa in danger than once The story was ok but didn’t wow me There is a lot of sex and it’s good There is some rear door activity if that matters It seemed odd to have a group of agents who only investigated and went undercover with motorcycle gangs I suppose that could exist I just hadn’t thought about it before The Thorns were a “good” gang I wondered what they did just hang out for fun? I was pleased there were no major problems such as stupidity or vague communication At one point I thought Theresa was doing something stupid but later realized it had some merit The motive for the rape was uestionable The rapists wanted to hurt someone and I’m not sure that was the way to achieve their goal But I won’t judge There wasn’t much character development I didn’t know anything about AJ or Pax other than reformed bad boys We know a little about Theresa – her bar ownership her psychological trauma from rape and how she handles some of the danger She was good to read about There was an interesting twist toward the endThis was the 5th book in the series I have not read any other the others It was fine as a stand aloneDATAStory length 309 pages Swearing language strong including religious swear words Sexual language strong Number of sex scenes 9 Estimated number of sex scene pages 58 Setting current day mostly Missouri and S Dakota Copyright 2010 Genre erotic romantic suspense

  7. Darcy Darcy says:

    This book was such a fun read but I have a feeling that what made it fun for me was not what the author had in mind and that was the girl card that Teresa played about that laterAJ and Pax are part of the uniue set of federal agents who call themselves Wild Riders These guys look like thugs and a motorcycle gang than the law enforcement agents they are The 2 guys are best friends who share everything and by everything I do mean the women the encounter While they are on vacation they end up in AJ's hometown and run into AJ's high school sweetheart Teresa AJ still feels guilty about leaving her ten years ago While there he and Pax stumble into the middle of a bike gang territory war one that seems to center in Teresa's bar and has her brother smack in the center To help find the person who has framed her brother Teresa lets AJ and Pax help her find the bad guy which is hard for her to do as past actions have taught her to not trust men in generalShe uickly finds out about AJ and Pax's sharing ways which intrigues her It is at this point that Teresa pulls the girl card She wants to know just how this works what are the rules what happens if she is with one guy and the other comes in I think she brings up valid uestions some that I have never seen voiced in a book about menage and I love that she just put it out there I also loved the answers that they guys gave her and their attitudes towards their sharing The relationship between the 3 of them far outshine who done it aspect of the book and then ending was great and ran true to what they all needed

  8. Kiri Fiona Kiri Fiona says:

    Oooh this was a goody Jaci Burton made the MMF threesome smoking hot Like I don't get into that ordinarily but I loved how JB made this a thing for her fourth book It was fantastic The character dynamics in this one were so deeply developed I was all in for everything that unfolded in this story This story is a beautiful balance of action suspense and romance and I'm going to sound like a broken record the sizzle game is strong I really enjoyed how JB built the relationship between AJ and Pax Their bond was so strong and I loved their loyalty to each other I remember reading with trepidation the first time around waiting for the moment when one of them betrayed the other and I cannot even express how much I love Jaci Burton for not doing that to me After learning about her character I have a super hard time believing Theresa would behave the way she does in her bar in the beginning But it's a minor thingThis totally ends Wild Riders on a high note Loved it

  9. Quinn Quinn says:

    Highly disappointing end to the otherwise enjoyable Wild Riders series This one didn’t work for me at allAJ and Teresa were childhood sweethearts until AJ went all noble on her eighteenth birthday and left her ‘for her own good’ of course Neither ever forgot the otherCut to ten years later and their paths cross and feeling reignite Only this time AJ’s best friend Pax is in the picture AJ and Pax do everything together and the fact that AJ is still in love with Teresa and she with him apparently doesn’t make any differenceThis story would have worked so much better as a second chance romance just involving AJ and Teresa The whole time I was reading it I was wishing Pax would leave the two of them alone and go find his own womanIt certainly didn’t help that Teresa seemed to show a preference for Pax This didn’t seem to be an eual relationship between the three of them Pax was always holding Teresa’s hand she was always choosing to ride double on Pax’s bike and AJ was just fine with it all B SAnd it wasn’t even that hot

  10. Elaine Elaine says:

    Lots of other descriptions of the characters given in previous reviews so I'll spare you mine I will say this You should read the series in order If you enjoy the first book you'll really enjoy this oneIf you like an action filled whodunit story featuring smokin' hot bad boy type Harley riding hard bodied men and if you like the idea of enjoying BOTH of them then you will probably enjoy this book This series is so popular that I can get them all through my local library electronically Check yours out

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