Paperback ↠ Bellyache PDF/EPUB å

Paperback ↠ Bellyache PDF/EPUB å

Bellyache [Epub] ➞ Bellyache Author Crystal Marcos – When Peter Fischer sets out to help his grandfather at Papa's Sweet Shop he will uickly learn that sneaking sweets and covering up his sugar dusted tracks will have major conseuences As Peter is trans When Peter Fischer sets out to help his grandfather at Papa's Sweet Shop he will uickly learn that sneaking sweets and covering up his sugar dusted tracks will have major conseuences As Peter is transported to a mysteriously delicious faraway land a curious people known as the Candonites some of whom have no time for a non Candonite will teach Peter a lesson on what it means to be different and what it means to forgiveFor ages and up BRAG Medallion Honoree USA BEST BOOK AWARDS Award Winning Finalist in both categories of Children's Fiction Children's Book Series.

  • Paperback
  • 146 pages
  • Bellyache
  • Crystal Marcos
  • English
  • 09 May 2014
  • 9780984389902

About the Author: Crystal Marcos

Award winning author Crystal Marcos has been a storyteller her entire life As the oldest of five children she had to do a lot of entertaining She lives on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State with her husband daughter Kaylee and son Jaxon Crystal is the author of BELLYACHE A Delicious Tale HEADACHE The Hair Raising Seuel to BELLYACHE and Novus Book One of The Cresecren Chronicles.

10 thoughts on “Bellyache

  1. Lisa Vegan Lisa Vegan says:

    Whew I am relieved that I really enjoyed this book I did buy a copy but I’ve gotten to know the author here at Goodreads and I would have felt very badly if I hadn’t liked this at least 3 stars worthThis story is great for some 7 year old kids and for 8 10 year olds and maybe 11 year old independent readers and could also be enjoyable for read aloud one to one or to groups for 6 10 year olds Older kids and adults will enjoy it too The story is great for boys and girls both I’d have especially enjoyed reading this in third and fourth grades This is a very fast read; I started it before bed one day and finished it uickly the next day I did notice that as I read I continually made a point of experiencing this as I would have at ages 7 through 10 and I’d also love reading this to kids in that age range For my first reading I had a blast reading it just to myself thoughThe story and its style have a curiously old fashioned feel which I enjoyed There are some definite messages and morals here forgiveness being a big one but I like how everything was resolved The messages might have been a tad didactic but they fit seamlessly into the story and don’t interfere with the fun part of reading it and they could lead to some wonderful discussions and inward thinking by introspective childrenI was afraid I’d get hungry for candy as I was reading this and I do have candy in the house but for some reason I did not crave it Reading it at another time though and cravings might have occurred Toward the beginning I thought I’d want my last round red and white swirl no artificial colors vegan peppermint candy The story is predictable in every way but also very inventive This alternate world and its characters are wonderfully imaginatively presented There are very vivid descriptions and the idea of the odor wafting from the Candonite characters and their appearances make for a wonderful reading experiencePeter’s behavior all the way through is perfectly understandable I appreciated that he is a good kid who has done something wrong I loved the relationship between Peter and his grandparents and between Peter and his friend Lina At first I wasn’t thrilled when Lina reappeared but eventually I was very glad that she ended up having a significant role in the story I really like Peter’s grandfather I actually got invested in many of the characters in both worldsWhat I didn’t always get were several of the language choices It’s not that they were wrong but in at least a couple of cases I thought a different word would work better and some of the female vs male choices felt a bit like stereotypes even though I think there was a deliberate attempt to be careful to avoid that and overall it's written very well I like how it uses some challenging but accessible vocabulary for middle school readersFor very fearful children especially young ones reading this book on their own there is a section where things felt very sinister and scary and though much of the story I had feelings of forebodingGiven the sentient nature of candy and other sweets in this tale this might be an appropriately interesting book for vegan and vegetarian childrenAnd I’ve always loved vegetables as a child I enjoyed all but 3 vegetables and now enjoy them all so the desserts prevalent in Maple Town sounded very appealing to me and would have as a child too even though I’ve also always had a sweet tooth for candy cakes etc sweets“Oh crumbles” and “Oh spam are my new favorite expletives particularly “Oh spam”

  2. Carole P. Roman Carole P. Roman says:

    A well written story about a young boy who gets to spend the day with his grandparents in their candy store He is given a limit on the number of treats he can eat but finds restraint and honesty fly out the window when surrounded by such tempting morsels Soon he finds himself asleep and on a different adventure in a land filled with marshmallow birds and the population made from candy Peter must learn a valuable lesson along with his journey Sweet and enjoyable this book will fire up the imagination of young readers with a sweet tooth for reading

  3. Joshua Grant Joshua Grant says:

    As a kid I used to dream of going to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory or shrinking down and getting trapped in Candy Land Now that dream has come true with Crystal Marcos’ Bellyache a Delicious Tale Young Peter’s Papa owns a candy shop and brings him along to help out for a day Predictably Peter isn’t just a pumpkin eater as he secretly goes to town pilfering some of Papa’s sweetsThe real magic of Bellyache comes when Peter is sucked into a mystical world of candy people and animals It was fun to see what Peter would discover next and to see how he moved through his moral journey Bellyache is well wrapped with enough imagination and action to keep anyone interested to the very endI’d recommend this to anyone who enjoyed the Phantom Tollbooth or Alice in Wonderland

  4. Renee Renee says:

    This review contains excerpts of reviews of Bellyache completed by myself my daughter and my son For the full review please go wwwmotherdaughterbookreviewscomDaughter Says I liked the Candonite people the peppermint cat and the marshmallow birds and wondered what they would look like in real life All I could think of were yellow and green gingerbread people I really wish there were pictures of the Candonites so I could see what they looked like I wish I could have been Peter so that I could go to Maple Town because I would like to meet the Candonites The food sounds gross though like the brussels sprout pie I liked Lina and wished that there was of her in the story because she was funny and braveMaple Town was a cool place because they ate the same kind of food as humans except for candy because that's what they are I would be fine in Maple Town because I don't like candy all that much The pointing trees and floating cars were cool too I liked that the grass was bluish green that matched bushes and trees because those are two of my favorite colorsI REALLY liked this book because the story was cool and inventive I would highly recommend this book to my friends both girls and boys I am really looking forward to reading the next bookSon Says I really liked the marshmallow birds peppermint cat and the people made out of candy the Candonites I also liked the Peblars because they had glowing yellow eyes that came out of the wall I thought that was funny One of my favorite lines in the story is when Joe a Candonite boy saysDon't even think about taking a bite out of meThere are some things that I didn't understand I didn't understand how Peter got eaten by a box I also didn't understand how the float worked How did it bring them somewhere else? I didn't like how it took so long to get to the good part of the story I don't like the part where they are just talking because it's not that interestingI really loved loved the book I think other kids like me would like the storyMom Says I decided to read this book aloud to my two children over the course of one week They were begging me each night to read a bit This is a reflection of how original imaginative and riveting this story really is for children even as young as 5 The children's books I have read are largely predictable but this story has so many twists and turns that it keeps you guessing what will happen next throughout Further as far as fictional settings are concerned Maple Town is like nothing I've read before In short the plot and the setting are very uniue and intriguingWhile not giving away too much of the ending it is worth it to note that there are important and valuable lessons to be learned in this story compassion understanding and forgiveness Marcos spins a tale where tension between the characters is nearly inevitable human meets candy person; human likes to eat candy; candy person is afraid of being eaten You'll have to read the story to find out if Peter and Lina show restraint ;A couple of small issues I had First my kids and I agree that if they were whisked off to a strange land they would not want to stay there They would miss their Mommy and Daddy terribly and would want to come home Ok maybe I planted that idea in their head We all agreed that we wanted of Lina in the story This series of books with the second one coming in March 2012 could have wider appeal to both boys and girls if Lina's character becomes fully developed and integrated in the next books Crossing fingers for LinaI really really enjoyed this story I would recommend the book for both boys and girls who are at least 8 years old I have to admit that it was a bit difficult to read aloud to the kids but the proof is in the pudding They loved it

  5. Kathy Kathy says:

    Alice in Wonderland meets Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in this delicious whimsical bookI picked this book up on New Year's Eve because I had a Bellyache after eating too much food I could so relate to Peter who was helping in his grandfather's sweet shop and kept sneaking treats Before long Peter is not feeling so well and is transported to the whimsical land of the Candonites A place where the people look and smell good enough to eatI'm sure children ages 6 to 10 will enjoy this book It would make a fun read aloud for younger kids and a good read alone for those who are a little older It wrapped up a little too uickly for me and I never fully understood why a couple of characters acted like they did but otherwise an enjoyable tasty readReview copied from my blog

  6. Sherry Fundin Sherry Fundin says:

    A ten year old in a candy store? I can only imagine Peter's excitement when his parents say he will be spending the day with his grandpa helping out at the candy store Candy as far as the eye can see MMMMMM YUMMY Chocolate suishy gummy bears strings of licorice peanut butter cupsI think we all know where this is going but it was a great ride getting there This is a fun and uick read that your inner child may enjoy as much as the youngsters in the family Excellent writing I smiled and laughed as Peter got than he bargained for A delicious book with a delicious tale for the delicious child in you or someone you know I won this signed first edition paperback of Bellyache from Crystal Marcos The cover is so cure I couldn't resist it I look forward to reading the seuel

  7. Brian Menard Brian Menard says:

    A wonderful children's storyI originally purchased the Kindle edition of this book for my special needs son We have been reading it almost every night and we've truly enjoyed it I also purchased a couple of paperback editions for Christmas gifts last month to my younger grandchildren as well We all found BELLYACHE to be a very creative and fun story In addition this story flows uite smoothly and the Author does an amazing job of keeping the reader engaged from cover to cover We're now looking forward to reading her next book in this series HEADACHE I'm very confident that we'll enjoy the seuel as well

  8. Mv Mv says:

    This is the first book I’ve readlistened to by this author This was a cute story but I wondered where it was going for a while There is not a blaring moral to the story uite a lovely tale This is the third book I’ve listened to by this narrator Meral Mathews and I would listen to another He did a great job narrating this kids book The other books I’ve listened to by him are in the An Trodai series He does well giving each character a voice There are no explicit sex scenes excessive violence or swearingI was given this free review copy audiobook at my reuest and voluntarily left this unbiased review

  9. Julie Hodgson Julie Hodgson says:

    I really enjoyed this story its reminiscent of Charley and the chocolate factory mixed with a magic grandpa I think the whole point in storytelling is giving the child something to think about and reflect on even if they don't think they areThe dream of every child would be to actually be in a sweet shop Even if the uests are not what you thought No spoilers I love stories with a moral lesson and this certainly fits the bill The narrator has a nice sounding voice and did all the voices too that makes the story even magical Nice one

  10. Sherrie Sherrie says:

    Bellyache is an imaginative book with interesting concepts however I would have liked to have seen the ideas fully fleshed out The book held my interest but I think that the author could have made the book even better by giving details about the Cadonites and their civilization

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