The Semi Attached Couple PDF/EPUB ´ The Semi ePUB

The Semi Attached Couple PDF/EPUB ´ The Semi ePUB

The Semi Attached Couple ➶ [Reading] ➸ The Semi Attached Couple By Emily Eden ➫ – The worst thing to happen to the season’s perfect couple marriage When the young and gorgeous Helen Eskdale met the wealthy aristocrat Lord Teviot everything clicked This was a couple that was meant The worst thing to happen to the season’s perfect couple marriage When the young and gorgeous Helen Eskdale met the wealthy aristocrat Lord Teviot everything clicked This was a couple that was meant to be—the match of the year if not the ages But in the rush to the altar there was no time for bride and groom to actually get to know each other Now the uestion is Can they keep their marriage from falling The Semi ePUB ↠ apart The Semi Attached Couple explores the upstairs downstairs intrigues and comic misunderstandings central to the classic English romance with all the wit style and charm of a Jane Austen novel.

  • Paperback
  • 252 pages
  • The Semi Attached Couple
  • Emily Eden
  • English
  • 08 January 2014
  • 9781409915928

About the Author: Emily Eden

Emily Eden – was an English poet and novelist who gave witty pictures of English life in the early th centuryEden's works include Portaits of the People and Princes of India The Semi Detached House The Semi Attached Couple 'Up the Country' Letters Written to Her Sister from India and Letters from India .

10 thoughts on “The Semi Attached Couple

  1. L A i N E Y L A i N E Y says:

    Some thought him too attentive to his prayers for a man in love and some thought him too attentive to Lady Helen for a man in church you just can't win lolAs close to Jane Austen's writing as anyone who was not Jane Austen could possibly get Which means delightful witty at times laugh out loud funnyI especially liked the central couple Lord Lady Teviot Poor Teviot sulking his way through half of the book and yet it was so strangely endearing Poor soul never learned how to properly express his love to the gentler sex so he ended up unintentionally intimidating his wife instead I laughed everytime the newlywed interacted They were too adorable Well not to one another at first But while they were trying to figure out their lives together I was thoroughly entertained

  2. Jaylia3 Jaylia3 says:

    Victorian author Emily Eden admired Jane Austen and it shows in her astute and witty prose which delighted this Janeite but she begins her book where Jane’s stories end with a wedding Lovely Helen has all the ingredients for 19th century happiness She’s beloved by her large well off family and she’s about to marry wealthy Lord Teviot who charmed her when they danced together But being good Victorians they haven’t actually spent much time alone and when she is whisked away after the ceremony she suddenly realises she doesn’t know or understand Teviot very well and she’s decidedly homesick damaging her relationship with her proper but ardent new husband Among other things the story becomes a post wedding courtship with lots of twists and turns ups and downs Like Austen’s novels The Semi attached Couple is filled with amusing characters and there are at least three romances that develop during the course of the plot It took me a little while to get all the names and characters straight there is a Lord Beaufort and a Colonel Beaufort for instance but somewhere along the way this book became one I couldn’t put down First I simply found it divertingly funny with characters to laugh at and enjoy loving or hating but as the story went on it also became exciting then moving until finally at the end it was deeply satisfying

  3. Mela Mela says:

    I simply love it I am also surprised that this piece has so low reviews I give five stars for the joy it has given meThe narration is witty enjoyable delightful Emily Eden had an observant eye I couldn't stop thinking that she was like Jane AustenThere are descriptions of the life of the upper class in England in the first part of XIX century It is perhaps a little optimistic view but it is this kind of book one reads to feel happy Nonetheless I was much interested in the descriptions of local election and the rules of society I have read about it in other books but still it is very interesting in this bookAnd of course I love the characters They stayed self all the time the stories when the hero changed completely are mostly unbelievable but during the book they changed a little And their transformations were a foundation of the book Helen Teviot Mary Beaufort Eliza Ernest I simply love them ; I must add about the most charming part the love stories We have here at least three brilliant stories Each one started in different way each one ended the same with happy ending In one only a man is in love in the second only a woman in the third a woman and a man disliked each other Perhaps it sound commonly but the way Emily Eden wrote it made the stories original Especially a marriage life of a young couple when a wife and a husband didn't feel the same to each other is written in a marvelous waySo it is a funny witty love story with an interesting view at those times There are also a few very observant observations for example about marriage about some kinds of persons about human nature I can't imagine that someone who likes this kind of books could be disappointed reading this novel

  4. Claude Claude says:

    An extra star for the Librivox reader for doing such a good job I would have needed a written cast of characters though as there were so many in that book which of course lost me at times and sent my brain wandering But on the whole I really enjoyed the novel and want to thank Elizabeth Klett who read the novel beautifully Hard to believe that she was reading from Austin Texas

  5. classic reverie classic reverie says:

    I loved this story which had a Jane Austin feel from an author who was a fan of Austin I loved the humor of Mrs Douglas who had such a bitter streak to her but at other times loveable The two families the Eskdales and the Douglases and their children's trials of love and marriage Helen Eskdale is to be married to a man who she is not sure of and the society that surrounds them makes life difficult The Semi Detached House is Eden's previous novel but even though the Semititle is of this story there the similarities end The characters mood and levity are different This novel is domestic trials less humor and insightful into married life of those times I read a Kindle version with both books attached which has my Beta notes there

  6. ❂ Murder by Death ❂ Murder by Death says:

    45 stars A great read for readers who enjoy Jane Austen The wit and commentary are very similar but this story starts where most end after the wedding I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'd gladly recommend itFull review

  7. Nente Nente says:

    I almost thought Eden was not malicious enough The few antagonistic characters are embodiments of a single trait each and everyone else is really good at heart and gets view spoilerthe deserved happy ending hide spoiler

  8. Megan Davis Megan Davis says:

    I liked this even thsn Eden's other novel I think her humor and wit shine through better here This book is like Jane Austen meets Thackeray I love the intricacies of conversation and fine details of life we are presented with that we often miss out on in Austen SPOILER ALERT However I don't buy the drastic change in how Helen feels about her marriage and how he treats her after he survives his illness I wanted him to die and I think that Eden had a stereotypical and romanticised idea of everything works out in the endI'd be interested to read a biography about her if such a one exists

  9. Libby Stephenson Libby Stephenson says:

    Don't sleep on this one y'all

  10. Lydia (ps_i_still_read_you) Lydia (ps_i_still_read_you) says:

    Check out my mini review on my July Wrap Up

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