The Missing Mitten Mystery Epub à The Missing Epub /

The Missing Mitten Mystery Epub à The Missing Epub /

The Missing Mitten Mystery (Picture Puffin Books) [PDF / Epub] ☂ The Missing Mitten Mystery (Picture Puffin Books) By Steven Kellogg – Annie and her dog Oscar have had a busy day playing in the snow Somehow Annie's red mitten has disappeared in all the fun They look high and low It's not on the sledding hill and it's not by the snow Annie and her dog Oscar have had a busy day playing in the snow Somehow Annie's red mitten has disappeared in all the fun They look high and low It's not on the sledding hill and it's not by the snow castles Maybe an eagle carried it off to keep its baby's head warm Or maybe a mouse is using it as a sleeping bag When the sun goes down Annie and Oscar have to give up their search and go inside But when Annie looks out the window something red catches her eye With entirely new The Missing Epub / full color illustrations this beautiful version of the beloved picture book The Mystery of the Missing Red Mitten retains all the charm of the original.

10 thoughts on “The Missing Mitten Mystery (Picture Puffin Books)

  1. Manybooks Manybooks says:

    The Missing Mitten Mystery is basically and simply a sweet little tale of a young girl and her dog trying to find her one missing mitten mostly by retracing her steps to where she had previously been playing with her friends but also having her muse that perhaps her mitten might eually have been absconded with by a bird or a mouse And while there is in my opinion nothing in any manner spectacular or outrageous with regard to either Steven Kellogg's narrative or his accompanying illustrations I certainly have found The Missing Mitten Mystery both narrationally and illustrativel fun engaging and yes also full of what often makes winter such a delightful season especially for children with sledding building snow castles making snow angels and indeed I certainly did not expect the missing mitten to be found where it ended up being found and it has definitely made me smile Now personally I do rather think that the scenario of the little girl imagining planting and growing mittens en masse feels a bit gratuitous and tacked on read a trifle unnecessary However I guess that it does kind of give Steven Kellogg the opportunity to present and feature some visually sweet and colourfully descriptive four seasonal illustrations although yes I do find the whole planting mittens episode rather forced in scope and that it does not really have all that much to do with the actual storyline of The Missing Mitten Mystery namely with searching for and finding the little girl's lost mitten and that it further kind of makes the subseuent discovery of the mitten at least in my opinion seem a bit of a let down and not all that exciting and special in and of itself any Still The Missing Mitten Mystery is most certainly a delightful combination of text and images with Steven Kellogg's bright and lively pictures also mirroring his narrative the little girl's search for her mitten and that it is finally found in an unexpected but as such and for the winter season really perfect place

  2. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    I loved this It just glows with warmth joy and good spirit I love how we are just plopped right into the middle of the action the story opens with the little girl declaring to her puppy Oscar I lost my other mitten The footprints behind her through the snow tells us there must have been an adventure that day and I love how she backtracks through the snowy now to the places she played that day remembering what she did and imagining the fate of her mitten It's so very child like and joyous and the sunset scenes with the snow truly glow and are beautiful I love the illustration when she imagines an eagle took her mitten to keep the baby eagle's head warm I've never before seen an eagle look that loving and maternal ; I think my favorite is her imagining the mitten growing a mitten tree and then giving all the mittens as gifts I love including the elderly neighbor and while perhaps the answer of what happened to the missing mitten might be deemed by some to be a bit saccharine I thought it was perfect

  3. Shiloah Shiloah says:

    Such a cute one Loved the mitten tree

  4. Evelyn Swanson Evelyn Swanson says:

    The Missing Mitten Mystery by award winning writer and illustrator Steven Kellogg is a fun and imaginative story that revolves around a mystery I recommend this book as a winter read aloud for students in preschool to third grade The story begins when Annie lost her mitten while playing in the snow with friends and her dog Oscar She thinks she is in big trouble” so Annie sets off with Oscar retracing every place they had played that day so that with any luck she can find her mitten While looking she begins to imagine what could have happened to her mitten She thinks a red bird took it to use as a “snuggly nest She imagines an eagle flying away with it or a mouse making it into a sleeping bag to keep warm during the winter months Lastly she thinks that it hopped away because it was tired of being a mitten Did Annie find it? You will have to read the book to know what happened to Annie's mittenThis is a great read aloud picture book for making connections between the story and students’ life experience A teacher can ask student’s uestions like “Have you ever lost something?” “Did you feel the same way as Annie?” “How did you find it?” After discussing their experiences students can draw pictures illustrating what they lost and how they found the missing item Also like Annie students can think about other imaginative ways the mitten can be usedThere are a lot of activities online for teachers to create fun lessons with this bookhttpswwwpinterestcompin1618549httpswwwteacherspayteacherscomPKellogg is known for combining beautiful illustrations with his writing to create fun stories that everyone can enjoy He wrote the series Pinkerton the Great Dane and American folklore stories like Pecos Bill Paul Bunyan and Johnny Appleseed If you want to learn about Steven Kellogg you can watch a video interview at

  5. Carolyn Cirasole Carolyn Cirasole says:

    MYSTERYThe Missing Mitten Mystery is an adorable little story geared towards the early elementary ages The main character in the story searches high and low for his lost mitten He retraces his steps in hopes of finding it but only discovers other objects and memories there Along the way he uses his imagination as to where it can be or what might have happened to it I found it to be so innocent that he wanted to plant a glove to grow another so he can make a pair and then he would give those gloves for presents during the holidays The innocent minds and vivid imaginations of children truly are heartwarming In a future classroom I would use this book to introduce the mystery genre Within the text examples of looking for something are definitely evident and with this text level Kindergarteners would be able to comprehend what a mystery is I think it would be cute to accompany this lesson with an active game of “find the matching mittens” adding numbers and corresponding object to mittens in an art project and even participating in a live mystery within the classroom Everyone can be a detective

  6. Mary Mary says:

    Annie looses another mitten making it five lost mittens this year Annie goes on a search to find her mitten She has a good imagination of the places her mitten could beThis was a cute winter book

  7. kristen kristen says:

    Fun book to read with primary grades to introduce clue writing I read this with a group of 1st and 3rd graders we hid mittens wrote clues buddied up and found mittens by reading their descriptive writing clues Fun

  8. Annette Annette says:

    I'm a big fan of Steven Kellogg so it's no surprise that I like this book I love the mitten tree and where she finds her mitten at the end

  9. Sarah Sarah says:

    This is so great I love how she finds her mitten in the end

  10. Elaine Elaine says:

    Love the images Cute story

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