The Price of a Bride eBook ´ The Price ePUB ↠

The Price of a Bride eBook ´ The Price ePUB ↠

The Price of a Bride [BOOKS] ⚡ The Price of a Bride ✯ Michelle Reid – Forced to marry When Mia Frazier agreed to her father's demand to marry Greek millionaire Alexander Doumas she knew both men stood to gain from the deal Alex would win back his family's island and Mia Forced to marry When Mia Frazier agreed to of a Epub Ü her father's demand to marry Greek millionaire Alexander Doumas she knew both men stood to gain from the deal Alex would win back his family's island and Mia's father would get the grandson and heir he so desperately longed for But what about MiaShe had her own reason for agreeing to be Alex's wife which was not financial gain as Alex cynically believed But how could the truth stay hidden when she shared such intense passion with her new husbandand was now carrying his child.

About the Author: Michelle Reid

Hi my name is Michelle Reid and I’ve of a Epub Ü been writing for Harleuin Mills Boon for the last twenty years and the crazy part about it is that I only realised it had been twenty years while updating this pageSo hang on for a minute while I take this huge milestone inTwenty years with almost forty books published or in the pipeline I know it isn’t a great average when compared with some aut.

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  1. Naksed Naksed says:

    Well now I know where Natasha Anders got her inspiration for her Unwanted Wife The plot is almost completely similar to Michelle Reid's very satisfying Harleuin romance The Price of a Bride Heroine mentally abused by her father? Check Marriage of convenience? Check Contract exchanging male baby for a piece of land? CheckThe difference was that the heroine in this story knew from the get go what her unscrupulous dad was up to and she decided to play the role of cold heartless bitch in order to shield herself from further hurt I really emotionally connected to her So many stories have TSTL heroines who martyr themselves for the most ridiculous reasons most often ungrateful idiot relatives This was one story where the author managed to convey what a true martyr would think and act like for a very very worthy reason that I will not spoil here for readers who want to savour the story like it is meant to beThe hero was your typical blueprint Harleuin Greek tycoon and that is not a bad thing at all In The Unwanted Wife Natasha Anders cleverly started her story after most of the big fat jerks moments of the hero had already been behind him and let the groveling start almost straight away in order for the reader to be able to connect and forgive the hero But here Michelle Reid was brave enough to roll the dice and show us the most humiliating unforgivable acts committed by the hero before slowly pulling us back in just like the heroine to slowly trust and love him Brilliantly she did it without grovel at least not the simpery whiny kind The hero here is a man of action not of words He shows the heroine by what he does for her that he is worthy of being forgiven and trusted and also does not let her off the hook for play acting at someone she was not so that she admits that she contributed to the untenable situation she was inBest of all the blow dealt to the villain of the piece at the conclusion had me dancing the polka merrily So many times villains get away without their comeuppance because the writer wants to show how charitable and high minded the hero and heroine are and that their happinness has to be sufficient revenge But I HATE that So I was so so gleeful that the villain was adeuately recompensed for almost ruining these people's lives It just was wonderful poetic justiceAs a bonus the side characters were wonderful tooAll in all I thought that Michelle Reid's The Price of a Bride was a flawlessly executed Harleuin that although it did not really expose an earth shattering plot or characters managed to make this reader completely riveted an unable to put down the book until its conclusionBRAVO

  2. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    Re read I'm again struck by how well MR folded in the backstory and the heroine's motivations I'm also struck by the hero's amazing turn around to protector Re read This is an amazing story even as a re read It's a forced marriage story between two people who were initally interested in each other and then were trapped by the heroine's evil dad Their motivations for entering into this very distasteful agreement weren't clear at the beginning but they had their reasons and they are heart rendering Both the Hh are fierce as they begin their marriage and baby making duties wanting to inflict as much hurt on the other The hero humiliates the heroine with his taunts of cheating he doesn't cheat by keeping her isolated by never staying after sex The heroine responds in a way that keeps the hero coming back for and by never ever letting him see her searing pain That first half of the story angst and anger and hot sex so dysfunctional so humanBut the second half of the story as secrets are revealed is what lifts this from trainwreck to love story The hero a man of action finally sees his opportunity for agency and steps up to protect the heroine and the innocents under his care The heroine a woman who has never let herself be vulnerable who has no trust or love left lets herself trust lets herself love and it takes all of her considerable courage to get to that point The hero comes through for her as he gives up what motivated him to agree to the deal with the heroine's evil father He gives up the past for the future The heroine's father gets his comeuppance I wanted suffering but I'm a bit bloodthirsty after such a harrowing story and the Hh get their believable HEA What could you want in an HP? If you like an intense story this one is for you

  3. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    Re The Price of a Bride I have to be honest here I really don't like this book all that much I have read this one multiple times and ever single time my stomach turns Even multiple Captain Consults and a case of Tim Tam's aren't enough to overcome my revulsion at this H his family and the circumstances in which the h is forced into association with them But I like this h I feel terrible for her and what she is willing to do for the sake of her child is absolutely a tribute to HPlandia motherhoodPlus there is a semi redemption of the H in this in a way that very few HP authors ever manage to achieve Michelle Reid proves that she has all the talent and all the gut wrenching ability to twist a trope and run with it That puts this book on the HP reuired reading list and a must read for anyone who proclaims themselves an HP Veteran voyagerHUGE SPOILER WARNING FOLLOWSPart of the impact of this book is why the h is willing to do what she does it isn't understandable for the first several chapters and if you have a problem with massive tart shaming or a man who is an utter nematode maybe cheating slime snot swiller I suggest you read the rest of this spoilerization through before picking up the bookBut if you want a real roller coaster of a Whacktastic HPlandia Trainwreck adventure stop reading this now and go find yourself a copy of this HP outing The book starts with the H Alexander who is the typical HP Greek Tycoon being offered an ancient family island that his father had sell off years before Alex made a death bed promise to his father that he would do everything he could to get the family isle back Generations of his family are buried there and Alex whose fortune comes from high end resorts has plans to build a gem of a resort there and keep his ancestors graves and his father's dreams safe foreverThe only thing he has to do is marry an unscrupulous nouveau riche businessman's daughter and conceive a son The businessman Jack treats his daughter like a prostitute broodmare for hire and if Alex will do the studly honors the family isle will be his for the taking Jack is willing to write a contract on itMia has been the object of Alex's come hither lust for some time despite doing everything to freeze him out Whenever Alex has seen Mia at various functions and social events he tries to get her into bed and she EMPHATICALLY tells him NO But he thinks she is just playing hard to get and so he finds himself in Jack's trapJack recently lost Mia's brother and his heir to a car accident now Jack wants a replacement and apparently Mia is willing to go along with it Mia and Alex get into a bitter verbal battle because for an interesting forced marriage trope twist in HPlandia it is Alex who is being forced and blackmailed into marriage or at least it appears that wayMia claims that she will be paid a large sum of cash at the conclusion of this venture and the only thing she reuires from Alex is his manly motilators and his promise that she will get custody of the son they produce togetherAlex is infuriated that he is being treated like a tart for hire and he imposes a heinous marital contract on Mia he will have a mistress she will live isolated in purdah and if she tries to leave the marriage without his consent he will take her child from her The child must be born in Greece and Mia will get nothing and is to expect nothing for as long as this union lastsMia agrees to this tho it absolutely horrifies her and there is a passionate roofie kissing moment thrown in to show that they do have the Lurve Force Mojo Then Mia goes off to visit her little sister Suzanna to explain to the tearful little girl that she is getting married and won't be able to see her as much for the next year or so Mia and Alex marry and Mia's imprisonment and use as a sex toy is begun Alex's staff are total snot snarfer pond sewage globules towards Mia and Alex is an utter slime gulping nematode rat bastard for all of this But neither of them can help the tremendous physical passion that they share between them It is exuisitely painful to read as Alex has Mia hauled around and uses her like a Tart Then Mia finds herself pregnant and tho she waits to tell Alex because she is staring to fall for him and the physical passion they share is her only comfort she finally shares the news and figures that her and Alex's association will soon be overBut Alex doesn't run back off to his mistress who Mia assumes he has been sleeping with on her off days and instead decides that he wants to take her out for a picnic instead Mia refuses to go because Alex has also brought the news that her sister is in hospital and Mia has a major fit she tells Alex she has to go to Suzanna insteadAles gets nasty about Mia staying put and for some reason can't understand why Mia isn't really connecting with the guards his snotty staff she is imprisoned by or making any effort to ingrate herself to his life and needs Mia is determined to leave no matter what so Alex tells Mia that if she leaves she loses custody of her unborn child Mia takes a long look at Alex and says fine she is going back to LondonAlex is flabbergasted I guess cause he thought Mia would just be dying to crawl at his feet to keep her baby and asks her why she is willing to give up the only thing she was determined upon keeping when this whole fiasco startedThat is when Mia finally reveals the truth of why she subjected herself to this ongoing degradation that has been going on for almost half the book Suzanna is Mia's daughter not her sister and her father has been using the child as a hostage to ensue Mia does his will in his vainglorious uest for a replacement heirIt seems Jack probably can't have kids and Mia and her brother were most likely the products of Mia's mother's affair with an incredibly rich electronics magnate Mia's mum was very upper class but her family was very poor and Jack had money so she provided him with a dubious heritage heir and Jack could lie to himself and claim the boy as his Jack had no use for Mia but when Mia's mum died Mia ran a little wild and hooked up with some rock star in a sad search for some kind of acceptance she had been denied her whole life She got preggers at 17 and then alone and desperate had to ask her father Jack for help Jack forced her to sign away custody of the little girl and Jack has used the child as a way to manipulate Mia ever sinceAlex is stunned at this revelation to say the very least But he does take Mia to London and we do meet Alex's brother and his slime snot bovine sister in law and Mia and Suzanna are reunited The scenes with Mia and Suzanna are heartbreaking especially when Jack shows up to taunt both Mia and Suzanna with how close Suzanna came to dying Suzanna had appendicitis and Jack accused her of faking things so she did not get treatment until a very late stage Mia is worried because if Jack finds out she told Alex the truth about Suzanna being her daughter she is convinced Jack will spirit Suzanna away The price for Mia to get Suzanna back is to deliver a boy for Jack's heir then Jack will sign over custody back to Mia As Mia has a small amount of money from her mother she plans to build a new life from that and get her and Suzanna far far awayAlex gets Jack to let Suzanna and Mia stay together while Suzanna recovers and then when Suzanna is supposed to go back to school and both Mia and Suzanna are heartbroken over the prospect Alex arranges for Suzanna to be kidnapped back to Greece with them Mia panics again and Alex starts to show that he isn't an utter slime pustule nematode parasite after allHe waits for Jack to chase after the escaping Mia and Suzanna duo make it safely to his home in Greece and in a scene reminiscent of the first scene of the book Alex and his brother face Jack down in highly explosive showdownMia is dismissed from the confrontation but she manages to listen in Jack is told that his custody papers of Suzanna are fake so he has no claim on the child Which is true Jack made up a bunch of legal gibberish and faked out a 17 yr old Mia into signing Then Alex produces blood groupings of Mia Mia's mum's other lover and Jack and proves that Mia is not his daughter therefore Mia's child can't possibly be related to him and he has no claim Jack tries to get Alex to use Suzanna to force Mia to bear his heir but Alex tells him off and sends him away Mia is in shock but overwhelmed with the knowledge that Alex is ready to give up his deathbed promise to his father and abdicate the familial legacy to save her and Suzanna Alex turns up in Mia's bedroom shortly after the big showdown We find out Mia is having a girl and not a boy but Alex doesn't care cause he now loves Mia and they have a big declaration of Mutual True Love Forever for the big HEAThis book is a huge emotional roller coaster but I can't help thinking that even tho Jack is dispatched by Alex Alex still really isn't losing anything The Snot Sister in Law claims that at one point Alex will just keep impregnating Mia until he gets a son and the contract with Jack is never torn up or legally disclaimed I tend to think that Alex will wind up with the island one way or another He just may have to maneuver things a little longer but by far the easiest way for him is to get Mia pregnant again and have that baby boy and then go back and offer Jack a deal The rest of the world thinks that Mia is Jack's and as long as the boy carries Jack's name he isn't going to complain So what did Alex really lose here? Nothing and that marital agreement he forced Mia to sign was never torn up either So Mia is now in the throes of Purple Passion Stockholm syndrome and willing to stay because Alex is really the only security she has ever known and he is kind to Suzanna To be fair Alex does seem to really care about Mia he makes a really great True Love Declaration and he also seriously admires her dedication to her children but he never really makes up for his earlier treatment and his judgmental cow of a sister in law should be staked to an anthill The uestion of Alex's mistress is never fully resolved either he claims he gave her up before he married Mia his sister in law claims otherwise we have to take it on shaky faith that the illustrious mistress isn't waiting in the wings somewhere cause Alex's veracity is very uestionable about many things and the housekeeping staff is never replaced The right thing for Alex to have done would be to offer Mia a divorce and time with her daughter while living on her own then he could have wooed Mia back while visiting his new baby girl and he could have torn up all those really nasty contractsBut ML was limited on page count so this is what we got Nevertheless it is still one EPIC Trainwreck of an HP outing and this little spoilerization really doesn't do full justice to the sheer emotional turmoil when you read it

  4. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    Mia and Alexander are forced in to a marriage of convenienceMia is particularly bitchy for her own reasons while Alexander is reluctant but ready “Yes we will marry We will do everything expected of us to meet your father’s filthy terms But don’t” he warned “let yourself think for a moment that it is going to be a pleasure”I loved the twists and turns in this story and what a strong lead female character Mia isAlexander is great for several reasons and I loved the fact that he supports Mia when she needs support without accusing her for the mistakes she did at the past and without taking into account the sacrifices he needs to makeOverall a great old time classic romance read

  5. AvidReader AvidReader says:

    UffffFeeling all the after effects of a roller coaster rideThis was certainly something I loved it I hated some and throughout the book I cheered for Mia She was so fantastic One of the strongest female characters in HP history with a vulnerability she hides from whole worldThe story starts with Mia and Alexander being pushed in to marriage a of convenience by Mia’s cruel wretched father Oh how i hated him From there its the beginning of Mia’s new lifeMia wasn’t just fearless she was mentally strong The stinging replies she gives the hero is work of art😉I dont want to give any spoilers as there are so many unexpected twists and turns which are totally enjoyable Whole book is in Mia’s POV which made me constantly guess Alexander’s reason and feelings And he was a very honorable hero who loved Mia and proved it Oh how he proved itThere wasn’t any epilogue but as I enjoyed it so much I decided on 5 ⭐️There was one sentence which made me sigh“I adore you” he murmured against her clinging mouth “you crept in to my heart without me even knowing it Now I can’t seem to take a breath without being made aware that you are there right inside me”

  6. Jacqueline J Jacqueline J says:

    Super angsty Wonderful read This book was wonderfully complex Even though it was a short category read it felt really full The plot was well developed as were the wonderfully complex characters The story was told totally in the POV of the heroine but you were pretty sure what the hero was feeling all along I loved how concerned the hero was about the heroine after she became pregnant and seemed so fragile The heroine was no mealy mouthed wimp either She was realistically snappish to the hero's SIL She stood up to the hero but she didn't do it to the point where she was cutting off her own nose to spite her face And it was refreshing that she wasn't the only one who couldn't keep her hands off the other He was just as in thrall physically as she was Totally loved it All you HP reading friends of mine need to give this a go if you haven't already

  7. Leona Leona says:

    One of my all time favorites by Michelle Reid and one of the first HP's I read last year I think it was this book that set me off on my HP crazeThe strength of this book rests on the insanity of the story coupled with the amazing characters The tension sizzles and both the Hh are absolute euals in this HP angst fest Our heroine is no shrinking violet and can dish out whatever he throws at her and at times had him running in circles So if you like strong heroines lots of angst a great story with twists and turns then this one is for youI absolutely loved it and it remains in the top 3 HP's I have ever read Michelle Reid at her finest

  8. KatieV KatieV says:

    I read this because the premise is one of my favorite guilty pleasures arranged marriage and because it was mentioned in a thread about 'wtf train wreck OTT HPs' It was an enjoyable read but wasn't what I would consider a train wreck at least not in HP land which is a TOTALLY separate world with another set of rules and possibly different laws of physics The H was your typical arrogant Greek tycoon but he was far from being the most OTT In fact he turns out to be a pretty decent guy I would recommend this book if you like HPs It was interesting because it took some of the common plot points and gave them a new twist For example the H was blackmailed into marrying the heroine by her evil father but she knew about it and he knew she knew Often the h is in the dark but it was made clear up front that this was arrangedforced on both parties Of course the reasons each were going along with the evil father's plot made up the big misunderstanding that could have been solved by 5 minutes of honest conversation Of course if those sorts of shenanigans started happening freuently hn would go out of business

  9. Penny Watson Penny Watson says:

    Just re read it and loved it HaClearly I did not like this one the first time I read it but I really enjoyed it for the re read The hero made some super heroic actions at the end and made me fall in love with himI am giving this 5 stars on the re readOld reviewNot my favorite Will probably not re readAlmost DNFed Had a HUGE secret and misunderstandings All the love scenes were based on anger lies secrets so no real loving and emotional connection between themThe end picked up and the hero turned into a good guy after being an incredible asshole at the beginningThis was a pretty frustrating read for me

  10. RomanceLover99 RomanceLover99 says:

    I’m not even sure where to begin with this book Even though it’s your standard length Harleuin Presents book it gave off the feeling of being a much longer book It should be noted that you cannot just skim through this book you need to read every single word so that you can get the heroine’s backstory What the heroine had to go through due to her despicable father is truly heartbreaking I know that the heroine isn’t liked by a lot of readers and feel as though she was way too argumentative however considering what she went and was going through I think her responses were reasonable Now the hero he ends up being a good guy in the end however I thought he was especially cruel to the heroine at the beginning of the story with his taunts about his mistress while virtually keeping the heroine captive in his home I wanted to know where he spent his time and ate his meals every night before the heroine got pregnant Yes he changed and became super protective and started staying at home a lot when the heroine got pregnant however what about all the time before her pregnancy? The hero could be as cruel and manipulative as the heroine’s father so he’s not going to get off easy with me Did he redeem himself? You bet he did and I loved him for everything he did especially when he broke the promise he made to his father on his father’s deathbed in order to make the heroine happy and not subject anyone the heroine loved to the torment inflicted by her father I’d like to think that the hero was able to gain ownership of his family’s island I hate that Michelle Reid never reconciled this at the end of the book to give everyone the hero heroine and their family members a happy ending plus the heroine’s father never really got punished for his sins This book was definitely driven by the heroine and because of that I felt as though we never really got to know the hero I love Michelle Reid but this book had so much angst in it for the heroine I also didn’t like how the hero and heroine didn’t have a whole lot of dialogue that we could read We are told about them going on picnics and having meaningful conversations but we never get to hear those conversations outside of when they are having a sexual encounter or when they are arguing It really wasn’t until the last chapter maybe the last two chapters where we get to see them having a normal conversationI was surprised how much I liked this book especially considering how much inner dialogue the book had I liked trying to figure out why the heroine accepted the deal her father arranged for her; that was an intriguing yet very angst filled backstory If you don’t like angst don’t read this book This is definitely one of the “heavier” books I’ve read I ended up giving this book 35 Stars because of the inner dialogue and Michelle Reid not allowing the reader to actually read the dialogue between the hero and heroine I do believe this is a book that should be definitely read even for the simple fact that the it doesn’t have the usual Michelle Reid tropes in it

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