There Are No Stars in Brooklyn PDF/EPUB ´ No Stars

There Are No Stars in Brooklyn PDF/EPUB ´ No Stars

There Are No Stars in Brooklyn ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ There Are No Stars in Brooklyn Author Meredith Gran – What is Octopus Pie Follow the adventures of two Brooklynites—Eve a nerdy acerbic twentysomething and her roommate Hanna a long lost friend who has blossomed into a chronically happy go lucky stone What is No Stars MOBI ò Octopus Pie Follow the adventures of two Brooklynites—Eve a nerdy acerbic twentysomething and her roommate Hanna a long lost friend who has blossomed into a chronically happy go lucky stoner Crazed childhood rivals art world hipsters Eve’s meddlesome mom and boyfriends past and present crowd their odd yet ordinary There Are ePUB ↠ livesIn the twilight zone between college and the adult world lies the sardonic witty maddening and sometimes melancholy terrain that Meredith Gran’s addictive comic Octopus Pie maps with devastating drop dead funny accuracy This book collects the first two years of strips plus bonus material.

About the Author: Meredith Gran

Meredith Gran No Stars MOBI ò lives and work in Brooklyn as a freelance comic artist occasional animator She's been drawing the webcomic Octopus Pie since She teaches a weekly webcomics course at the School of Visual Arts She also wrote and drew the Eisner nominated Adventure Time comic book spin off There Are ePUB ↠ Marceline the Scream ueens.

10 thoughts on “There Are No Stars in Brooklyn

  1. Oriana Oriana says:

    What happened was I went to Montreal and in between gawking at block wide murals traipsing through a rusted installation art sculpture garden and zooming around the city on a Bixi Bike I went to so so so many bookstores And I kept asking for some like uintessentially Montrealean writer some novelist whom I'd never heard of in the xenophobic States But no one could really recommend anything In one shop the guy who seemed totally bored by my uestion wtf was like What about Michael Ondaatje? Which come on he's like an internationally renowned bestselling heartstring jerker not an undiscovered Canadian indie genius So in desperation I about faced and instead bought the New York–est book I could find a twee graphic novel about hipster ladies smoking pot and biking around Brooklyn Which is so much fun I really adored this book although I guess it's fairly surface and not super like groundbreaking or whatever Probably it helps that this is about the place I live in and the people in it are so like my lovely idiot friends doing their lovely idiot things like getting a bike stolen or going to a Renaissance Fair or dating morons or selling pot or lazing around in Prospect Park or what have you Plus the main character is just the surliest jaded est grumpiest gem which obvs is nothing like me or whateverIDK I'm still not a great judge of graphic novels; I fall back on the I can't explain what I like but I know it when I see it platitude I mean look how cuteRight? Irresistable

  2. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    A bit frenetic and sometimes hard to follow Maybe I'm just not good at telling characters apart? It's a fun and engaging tale of young adults trying to make something of themselves and having a terrible time of it It's all in the attitude

  3. Rick Rick says:

    The first collection of Meredith Gran's charming web comic relates the adventures of two twenty somethings in Brooklyn Eve a pessimistic Asian nerd who works at an organic grocery and her roommate Hanna a buoyant stoner who bakes her own line of pastries Between the reuisite relationship troubles parental interactions and sight gags Gran often steers off into the delightfully surreal especially in grocery misconduct where Eve assumes control of the store and skate or don't in which Gran elevates the absurdity to Scott Pilgrim like levels Gran's simple cartoony art perfectly compliments her complex explorations into the 21st century young adult life

  4. Danielle Danielle says:

    Trigger Warning Rollerblading Renaissance Festivals nerds vs stoners laser tag fights organiX food store piercings everywhere but the ears and probably Kombucha at the least it's implied considering the circumstancesA beautiful doe eyed small town girl gets off her flight from small town and makes her way towards the airport's exit Embarrassingly as she's never done this before tee hee she waves her hand out in front of her hoping one of the taximen will notice Oh goll LEE waving her hand out makes her feel so uncomfortable like she's taking charge like she's finally being her own leader a feminist a REVOLUTIONARY Though in broadyway of course 'cause like why else do people come to New York? Oh yes a taximan noticed She gives him her address and off they go OOhh how exciting She likes to imagine the bright yellow taxi is the sun and she's traveling through the galaxy about to encounter uncharted lands She actually heard some guy at a coffee shop say that and she like loves deep metaphors She drives through beautiful Times Suare the dazzling lights reflect off her big innocent eyes then they go through the Bronx then Brooklyn then back through the Bronx and then her apartment On her second day of being in New York she's all settled in she goes to her first audition for a big show called Hamilton on Broadway She gets the job as Alexander Hamilton even though she's white; She's just THAT good Everyone loves her she's a hit and meets the cutest guy everShe also starts an organiX artiZanal Makeup company wears trendy platforms has a tiny pooch in a purse and rises to fame in the BIG APPLE Huzzah isn't life glorious? Well no No it's not Don't you hate those movies that show pretty princess characters walking through New York for the first time like Princess Giselle from Enchanted except they aren't really princesses or trying to be ironic They really find time suare dazzling and the smell of piss charmingI enjoyed the shows Broad City and shamefully so Girls If you like a non glamorized view of living in New York as struggling post college graduates then you'll probably enjoy Eve Ning's Yes that's her name glamorous life as an OrganiX food grocer and her roommate Hanna who makes pastries while getting high and gets paid to do exactly thatThe dialogue and characters felt like they could exist in the same world as Scott Pilgrim which is one of my favorite comics so that's a plus for me I'm excited that there are a few series and books with these characters I'd really like to 'hang out' with them and see what troubles Hannah get's them both into

  5. Arnela Arnela says:

    This volume collects chapters 1 13 of the Octopus Pie webcomic which is roughly the first 2 years of of comics existence I got just one uestion WHY ARE THE PAGES GREEN?? Like I don't mind it but why green why all green what was the decision making process that lead the change from black and white to green? I just really wanna knowI really don't have much to say I love this comic Love actually being able to hold it in my hand and flip to my favorite scenes without having to deal with laggy internet Love that it's a different color for some random reason The paper is a really nice uality smooth like photo paper but not uite More likely to survive a spill I really like the texture of it There's also what I believe to be and I say believe cause I don't remember reading it online a little comic at the end that shows Hanna and Eve's interactions in Pre K It's cute and funny in the Meredith Gran sort of way I know the book is out of print now and sometimes hard to get a hold of but I suggest trying to hunt it down to feel the weirdness of reading it in colorPS you can get the little bonus story in PDF form as I am told by the internet by searching Octopus Pie the end of the world

  6. Maxwell Banks Maxwell Banks says:

    25 stars ?This wasn’t bad per say It’s just not my favorite type of read I guess ?There isn’t any real plot It kind of felt like watching a sitcom The humor wasn’t my cup of tea or I just don’t get it at all If you like a contemporary unproblematic graphic novel type of read then this one s for you Just not my typeArtwork was uniue and pretty nice I must say

  7. David Thomas David Thomas says:

    I have an autographed copy of this secreted away somewhere but I read a library copy this time Really need to get my mitts on the physical copies of the rest of this series

  8. Katie Katie says:

    uirky and fun

  9. Eric Eric says:

    My favorite comic series

  10. Michelle Michelle says:

    This is a hilarious printing of a web comic about female friendship There is the contrast of staid and cynical Eve Ning and her stoner friend Hannah The humor is pretty good and like any comic every page ends with a joke The storylines are clearly separated with chapter names and an illustration The art is loose and funny and adds to the characterization Despite being black and white it's pretty easy to decipher the race of the characters from context clues but often it doesn't matter except for the introduction of Eve's Asian friendsI just love how the humor is a mix of outlandish strange and cute I'd recommend this book and I can't wait to catch up with this comic on the Internet

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