Loving Lies ePUB å Paperback

Loving Lies ePUB å Paperback

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  1. Shawna Shawna says:

    4 stars – Contemporary RomanceEroticaPretty typical Lora LeighSlade is a brooding angst filled country boy undercover government agent alpha hero grunting “mine mine mine” Jessie is a whiny stubborn young naive virgin turned nympho heroine who can’t resist his testosterone fueled claims and Jazz and Zack are a couple of jovial alpha foster brothersfriends mixed in for male posturing and comic relief; and of course there’s some drama and lots and lots of steamy hot raunchy sex But like other Leigh books that I’ve read it still drew me in somehow and I enjoyed it Especially the hot raunchy sex part grin 4 stars

  2. Tammy Tammy says:

    Ya'll are going to kick me out of our girly reading club after my review of Loving Lies I know that many of you liked this book and I did too for the most part I enjoyed the over all storyline of love lost and found again Most of the book was believable and the secondary characters were interesting With that said I was disappointed in the main characters and found too many mistakes by the author to truly enjoy this book Honestly I felt like I was reading a version of bad Redneck joke meets the Young the RestlessLora Leigh is famous for writing alpha females but Jessie did not strike me as the super strong character I had hoped for Sure she had her moments that included a few funny snits However the feminist in me wanted to slap her and remind her that this is not the 1950's Women do not sit at home trying to maintain their purity and pining after a man who is out sowing his wild oats and let's face it Slade would have ualified for a farm loan with all the wild oats he was sowing The couple spends a day and a half together he leaves her in a very cruel manner and then she pines after him for 5 whole years? That is the unbelievable part to me Maybe if the relationship were longer and the couple had actually communicated I might have bought this storylineThe paralegal in me wanted to shake Jessie and tell her to get a protective order everytime she threw Slade out of her apartment only to have him break in again later There are better ways to convince someone you love them and need them than stalkingbreaking lawsscaring them Geez Been there Done that Seen it a hundred times in court it doesn't work like this unless a female is TSTLSlade had his redeeming ualities but his arrogance and domineering attitude towards Jessie really bugged me If I hadn't read the love and tenderness between Slade and his son I probably would have hated him altogether And speaking of Slade's son and again this is the paralegal in me shouting why not shell out 100 and have a paternity test done instead of suabbling about itmaintaining doubts? Frankly if Slade had left Jessie because Amy was pregnant and he wanted to do the right thing by his son his character would have been endearing to me I do want to point out that the love scenes were great Any author who can make a love scene last 26 pages has my vote When Jessie and Slade kept referring to each other as stud and baby girl it made me giggle and think of a recent discussion on the boardsOh And the author's mistakes I referred to earlier? Did anyone else notice that Slade started off with stormy gray eyes and blonde hair at the beginning of the book? As I read the last several chapters Slade's eyes were dark blue turned to light blue and eventually became turuoise just like his son's Slade's hair went from blonde in the first chapters to brown in the last chapters although the author notes he had dark curly brown as a child just like his son I hate it when authors don't catch their mistakes before a book is published I've noticed in Lora Leigh's books that her strong suit is not painting descriptions whether it be physical or just the settings around the charactersAnd on that note does anyone know if Jazz has his own story? I really really liked Jazz with his ice blue eyes long black hair and smart ass attitude He definitely deserves his own story and I hope it is a keeper

  3. Zeek Zeek says:

    Loving Lies is the first in the Men of Summer series which may be called something else now?? Domineering to the max The Men of Summer are much the same as the Men of August except LL finally lost the dumbass excuse to throw in a threesome The “brothers” this time don’t have to share their womenStill holding on to the “loved him all my life” thing Leigh steps it up over Marly's Choice Men of August Book 1 with this one imo The story starts off kind of abruptly and at first I was like oh hell no she can’t be throwing us into the sex already?She was However I settled down after I reread the back and realized she was going to tear them apart at some pointSee the thing about me is I love sexual tension I eat it up The “will they? won’t they?” thing gets me every time even tho I know they eventually will Throwing the hero and heroine together immediately even though the author has given them a history together just doesn’t work for me C'mon the reader hasn’t shared in on the falling in love so it doesn’t count Amanda uick did this with one of the last books I read by her and it uickly became a dnf big timeBUT as I said she tore them apart soon enough so it was all goodOne thing that made me wrinkle my nose in this story was the fact that these boys are a bit rednecky they hang out at a campsite all summer? Who the eff does that now a days? So the excuse LL gave for Slade leaving Jessie didn’t work the best for me A redneck FBI agent? Yeah ok Then again what a great cover Who would ever think Larry the Cable Guy of being an agent? Yep could be the perfect coverStill it didn't wash for meBut I tossed that aside because Hello? Alpha? Steamy sex anyone? And I simply had to know how Jessie was going to react when Slade came back in her life Would she give in immediately? Would she fight till the last?You’re just going to have to read to find outWarning this book contains lots of steamy hot lovin' All told in graphic contemporary language

  4. Buggy Buggy says:

    Opening Line The music was a gentle swell of sound around the riverbank clearingReread45 stars I still really like this one and in reading it again I’m reminded of why I initially enjoyed Lora Leigh’s writing so muchThis a really good love story that I enjoyed way then I expected to Written way back when Lora Leigh still bothered to have her writing edited and the stories and characters weren't yet repetitive It does remind me a lot of Wild Card which isn't a bad thing with its reunited lovers theme and an uber alpha hero coming home to take back what's his I think that this story probably came first though After admiring Jessie for years and finally having one weekend of bliss together our hero Slade is forced to marry another and leave both Jessie and his hometown behind while he works a case for homeland security Okay whatever with the homeland security plotline it’s kind of an afterthought here and honestly we’re not reading LL for cohesive plots now are we? Anyways as heartbroken as Jessie is over this betrayal it is Slade who truly suffers Tortured by his thoughts of her he longs for the day when he can return but will she take him back? Throughout the story you can feel Slade and Jessie’s love and absolute longing for one another They may have spent five years apart but that's done nothing to dampen their desire However Jessie is not the same innocent girl Slade left behind and he’s got his work cut out for him if he’s going to make her realize that they belong together forever All of the numerous sex scenes here are done with LL's uniue style of erotica if you know what I mean you may feel like you need a shower afterwards With sub characters that are well developed and a story that kept me interested even giving me a couple of sigh moments with all the angst riddled internal dialogue I should mention that Slade’s “alpha ness” is a bit much at times with his comments and actions bordering on violent It’s only marginally acceptable because he states that she has the power and he won’t ever hurt her or make her do anything she doesn’t want to do Still its always all about Slade “ She didn’t want to grow up she said By god if growing up meant she lost the waif like innocence and steel hard core of determination then he’s have to beat her if she grew up Before he considered anything else though he had to have her Rising to his feet before Jessie could do then gasp Slade had her in his arms stalking to the one place in the house he knew Jessie could scream without little ears hearing her” Yup good times with Lora Leigh

  5. Cherie Cherie says:

    I saw mixed reviews for this book and given that it's on the erotic end of my reading spectrum I did not have high expectations starting out The problem was I did not set my expectations low enoughThe book started out pretty well There was a good though unclear back story between the two main characters There was lots of chemistry and the love scenes were hot hot hot but not for the faint of heart After the first few chapters it all goes downhillFrom reading the summary of the book I expected a big separation and broken hearts I did not however expect the main character to be a doormat and that is what finally led me to put the book down When Slade comes walking back in after 5 years Jessie is still as in love and heart broken as she was when he walked out My problem was despite her resolve to have nothing to do with him he keeps pushing his way into her life and her house Trust me that doesn't make him a sexy alpha male that just makes him a bully His internal narrative says he understands he broke her heart but his actions say what he wants is important than healing her heart and fixing his mistakes I probably could have overlooked that to some extent and even overlooked that the way he went about walking out of her life in the first place was pretty stupid if Jessie had any backbone to stand up to him I get off the charts chemistry and I love that but for her to just keep melting and having sex with him when he hasn't even explained why he walked out like he did and why he's back is just too ridiculous for me She never made him work for it earn her trust and heart back Nope she just slept with him and went back to being mad and then slept with him again Apparently this girl thinks only with her nether regions and doesn't have one intelligent cell in her entire body My conclusion? Well first I'm so glad I didn't buy this crap Second don't read this book I think brain cells actually died trying to suffer through it Third there is a a world of wonderful books out there too many to waste time on the bad ones

  6. Mara Mara says:

    I hate this kind of stories with the passion of a thousand burning suns I despise the heroine who has no backbone and no self respect I hate this kind of love that destroys lives and honestly I believe it's a mental issue not love You don't stop living for 5 years and call it loveI despise the bullying hero who doesn't take a no for an answer and the heroine who does not call the cops nor an hardware store to change the locks I skim read as half the book were meaningless sex scenes that really had no reasons to be there I actually skim read the full last chapter where the idiotic woman blamed herself for having had sex with a guy by the way a guy who had sex with her so that she couldn't get involved with an other man and kept her pining for the jerk All of this while the 'hero' left her married someone else had sex with her and a child to boot So wtf? What are you blaming yourself for???

  7. Daisiemae Daisiemae says:

    I liked this book for many reasons Too many to get into plus I don't want to spoil it for those who has not read itI know I have said this before but Lora writes a really good hero There were many great ualities about Slade Some honorable some not so honorable but he is a very likable approachable heroflaws and all I even liked Jessie She was understandably bitter through part of the book but she didn't allow the bitterness continue until the last 10 pages like so many books do It was good to see her evolve and forgive Slade for the past This book was an emotional read as well as a steamy one I really loved it and would not hesitate recommending to othersNeedless to say I will be purchasing my own copy to have on my keeper shelf I know I will reach for it again and again to read Thanks for the loan Colleen

  8. Dinjolina Dinjolina says:

    Will rew later but all the 'facts' were just laughable making the book bad

  9. Juliana Philippa Juliana Philippa says:

    For what it was I enjoyed it Not one of my regular romance reads where I need that great emotionalintellectual connection between the main characters LOL good thing too ;

  10. ♥ Sam ♥ ~S2~Im made of awesomness ♥ Sam ♥ ~S2~Im made of awesomness says:

    Loving Lies – I had no idea this book was Erotic But hot damn I was wrong This is one very erotic and very emotional book So the story goes that Slade and Jessie have wanted to tear each other’s clothes off and get all buck nekkid since Jessie was 16 But Slade knew he couldn’t have her until she was 21 Finally the big day rolls round and these two obliterate the meaning of hard core sex The next day Slade is forced due to unforeseen circumstances to leave Jessie leaving her heartbroken Five years later Slade returns with all intentions of starting back up where he and Jessie left off five years agoAs far as characters go Slade was very much a domineering Alpha to the point where his attitude towards Jessie at times had me shaking in fury He took it upon himself to continually break and re break into Jessie apartment after the multiple times she told him to not come back And as for Jessie? Well I personally felt she was pretty weak minded I know other people have said the same but after spending one weekend with a man how does this ualify pining after him for five years? And was it really okay to sleep with another man just to pretend she was actually with Slade? Moving past that however the sex was effen hard core You name it; they did it and used it Got me all hot and bothered And we are not talking a three page sex scene were talking pages upon pages for one sex marathon WOWZA The other aspects involved in this book really bring it together to make it a heart warming story Honestly it’s packed full of family friendship love humour and hot kinky arse literally sex I like many others would love to see a book about Jazz; he seems to have it all going on

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Loving Lies [PDF / Epub] ☄ Loving Lies By Lora Leigh – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Love will find a way Slade was Jessie's life the first love that filled her heart and soul and bound her woman's spirit Years of waiting culminating in an incredible weekend of sexual abandon teaching Love will find a way Slade was Jessie's life the first love that filled her heart and soul and bound her woman's spirit Years of waiting culminating in an incredible weekend of sexual abandon teaching her everything she needed to know to be his woman and branded her as Slade's woman for life Jessie was certain Slade had to love her Until he whispered the lie the ultimate betrayal and walked away only to wed another woman Now five years later Slade returns his soul has withered without Jessie's presence and now he'll have her one way or the other The love for her the fierce overriding hunger and need consumes his heart and binds his soul No matter the obstacles Slade will get her back Whatever it takes Whatever he has to do Warning this book contains lots of steamy hot lovin' Anal sex Toy play All told in graphic contemporary language.

  • Paperback
  • 264 pages
  • Loving Lies
  • Lora Leigh
  • English
  • 09 October 2016
  • 9781599981055

About the Author: Lora Leigh

Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting She dreams in bright vivid images of the characters intent on taking over her writing life and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared Lora’s family and her writing life co exist if not in harmony in.