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10 thoughts on “Tears of Pearl (Lady Emily Mysteries)

  1. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    I was disappointed with Tasha Alexander's Tears of Pearl It simply doesn't compare well with previous adventures of Lady Emily and Colin Hargraves in Paris London and Vienna Even though they are now married this is not the source of my disillusionment since romance in this series was always at the backgroundThis time we are taken to the declining Ottoman empire and what saves the story is the dream like descriptions of Constantinople The crimes and mysteries that the pair of protagonists endeavor to solve are far from believable as a result there is practically no suspense Still the writing was fair and I was able to finish it 2 stars

  2. Barb Barb says:

    I found myself repeatedly sighing out loud and rolling my eyes at the ridiculous unlikely unbelievable and melodramatic events and dialogue throughout this mediocre murder mystery I know Tasha Alexander can do better She created wonderful characters in Lady Emily and Colin Hargreaves in 'And Only to Deceive' and she continued to develop their relationship in 'A Poisoned Season' I thought both books were wonderful and I would recommend either of them to any one who enjoys good historical fiction or likes mysteries Unfortunately 'Tears of Pearl' has little or no character development a poor mystery at it's core unrealistic dialogue and a completely unbelievable string of events There is an overwhelming amount of trembling and tingling being described but sadly there wasn't any chemistry between the characters The constant double entendres exchanged between Emily and Colin seemed forced and far too contemporary The reader does learn some new things about Lady Emily's youth but they feel as if they are facts given to fill in the blanks some of which were repeated a bit too often for my tastes Alexander also includes letters in the book that add nothing to the story She did this with 'Fatal Waltz' as well The only thing I liked about this book was when Lady Emily recalled events that happened in the first two books I thought the mystery was lack luster the events ridiculous and the author turned what had been very likable characters into caricatures This the double entendres and unbelievable dialogue has made me swear off any Tasha Alexander novels until she returns to the uality of writing that she produced in her first two novels Ms Alexander please stop resting on your laurels and get back to work writing something you can be proud of I never would have finished this if I hadn't selected it through the Vine program and been obligated to review it Had I paid for this book I would have been very angry to have wasted my money on this I would recommend some similar but very well done historical mysteries; Deanna Raybourn's 'Silent' series and Kate Ross' 'Julian Kestral' mysteries And Ashley Gardner has a nice series set in a little bit earlier time period the 'Gabriel Lacy' series SPOILERS And I will now be specific about some of the things that had me rolling my eyes Emily and Colin listen to Sir Richard tell about how his daughter Ceyden was abducted as a child and how he has never stopped looking for her Then bam there she is Ceyden was abducted at the age of three yet her father instantly recognizes her as a grown woman And in case the reader had any doubt about her father's ability to identify her the author has given Ceyden a uniue tattoo so her identity can be confirmed Ceyden was abducted and later sold into the harem by some one other than her abductor but she somehow still maintains her birth name Sir Richard has supposedly searched the world over to find his missing daughter yet she uses her birth name Perhaps if he had just searched the world over looking for people named Ceyden we would have been spared this story There were some interesting ways that people died; a child burned to death playing with matches a son commits suicide by cutting himself with scissors The anachronistic use of words like crash and stalking Emily suggest that Benjamin is having an affair with his sister who is still called Ceyden Perhaps he might have noticed the family resemblance AND her name before he fell in love with her? Emily is being comforted in the mosue by complete strangers while her husband is a short walk away Emily cries at will in order to get the caretaker at Nuruosmaniye to leave Margaret crashes Emily and Colin's honeymoon Colin catches Sir Richard as he falls at the reception at the British Embassy When Emily tells Roxelana that she has a plan to help her escape Roxelana falls to the floor with joyful prayers even though we know that someone is always listening and often watching the women Perhaps they might have noticed Roxelana's happiness and wondered what the cause was? Emily tells Roxelana that she doesn't believe that she has been completely honest with her but that she will help her escape the harem anyway Emily gives no thought to how Roxelana will survive in the world after she escapes The bad guy tells Emily where to meet him and only because she has read so extensively about the area does she know about the location Emily and Roxelana are trapped with the bad guy in the dark Luckily Emily still has a candle and matches in her reticule Luckily the bad guy is afraid of the dark Luckily the door keeping them trapped with the bad guy has just the type of latch that Emily knows how to open from the inside Pleeeeze Okay I think that might be than enough

  3. LJ LJ says:

    First Sentence It is always a mistake to underestimate the possibilities of a train compartmentNewly married Lady Emily and Colin Hargraves are off to Constantinople for their honeymoon On their way there they meet a fellow Englishman with a tragic past who has lived there for years Many years’ prior he and his family had been attacked while camping His wife was murdered and his 3 year old daughter kidnapped He now finds his daughter again grown living in a harem and murderedThis is a hard one I loved Ms Alexander’s previous books but this one; not so much I did love the setting and enjoy that the books are almost wonderful travelogues conveying the sights smells people and history of the locations There was awkwardness in the very beginning that so bothered me I wrote Ms Alexander and suggested a simple way to work around it She was kind enough to understand my point and say she might make the change to the paperback release Had I not been reading the book to review I might have stopped at that pointThe plot seems far fetched in the extreme and began with massive coincidences I don’t mind some historic liberties and I understood to reasoning behind those which were taken but it still bothered me The biggest problem I have is with Emily On one hand she is getting worried and worrying letters from a dear friend; on the other hand she puts herself at great risk almost ensuring the resulting outcome Perhaps had the letters not been there I wouldn’t have been so bothered I also found I liked Emily less and less as the story progressedI really was disappointed in this book and I acknowledge that the problem may be my expectation of what I would like the book to be as opposed to the author’s intent Alexander seems to have moved away from historical mystery over strongly into the category of romantic historical with a touch of suspense The focus is on the relationship of the two protagonists and Emily's independence the latter of which became a bit tiresome I absolutely loved the first book in the series but with each successive entry I am less enchanted It's too badTEARS OF PEARL Hist RomMys Lady Emily Constantinople 1892 – OkayAlexander Tasha – 4th in seriesMinotaur Books 2009 ARC ISBN 9780312382701

  4. Allison (The Allure of Books) Allison (The Allure of Books) says:

    This is the first book of this series I've actually reviewed since I read the others before joining Goodreads but that hasn't stopped me from recommending them all over the place I'm just glad to finally be able to review one with events fresh on my mindIn this book than the others Emily reminded me of Amelia Peabody and I can't think of a higher compliment Even silly things put me in mind to the series by Elizabeth Peters like the use of the word ablutions In any case Emily's character is always willing to plunge headfirst into schemes that she feels are just and that Amelia esue attitude is uite charming I'm glad the characters aren't real Colin probably wouldn't appreciate that getting back to Emily since the side effect of her crazy ideas is usually dangerColinhe is very worthy of his position as the dreamy hero In fact he might be a little TOO perfect Emily obviously has her faults but Colin to my memory has yet to show any That isn't really a complaint just an observation I like my fictional heros a tad too wonderful It just made it harder for me to swallow the end I didn't like the thought of him being put through something when he never makes mistakesI was thrilled that their relationship didn't get boring after their marriage too often series get stale once the characters get together I suppose however that life with the Hargreaves could really never be boringThe mystery plot in this one was also particularly strong I love this series so much mainly for the characters and I missed all the side characters horribly in this installment but I am always thrilled with the mysteries in this series I don't really want to talk about anything specific since the fun is in meeting all the suspects and trying to figure things out for yourselfI am surprised this has already gotten so many low ratings I loved it and definitely consider it a favorite of the series It IS hard to declare a favorite though especially when I consider Colin giving Emily all his books in Poisoned Season one of my favorite scenes of all time But in any case I adored this one and am thrilled to see that Tasha Alexander is going strong I'll definitely be looking forward to the next one Also I really need to befriend her so she can invite me to travel with her when she does book research she chooses the most interesting locations

  5. kari kari says:

    I'm becoming very disillusioned with this series Lady Emily who started out as such a smart and thoughtful person has devolved into a selfish me me me who can't seem to realize that she isn't going to get life exactly as she wants it I was so disgusted with her for most of this book that I really didn't want to finish it And the solution to her dilemma was convenient to say the least The mystery here wasn't involving In this one I figured out whodunit shortly after the murderer arrived on the scene Yes there were the usual red herrings but it seemed fairly obvious from the beginning But that isn't why I didn't like this book What I didn't like in this book was Emily and her refusal to acknowledge the obvious because it isn't what she wantsWhat I found intriguing about this series was how Emily was going to balance the expectations and realities of her lifeworld with what she wants out of life the things that interest and excite her However it seems that the author has instead taken the easy way out I didn't like Emily's attitude toward her possible situation and when she has her moment of epiphany it occured to me that Emily is one of those women who only wants something when she can no longer have it She didn't love her late husband until long after he had died not even paying enough attention to know what kind of man he was not bothering to get to know him or letting him know her I accepted that in the first book but considered that she'd begin to grow past her infatuation with her own intelligence and independence But I was sadly disappointedShe lies to her husband Colin over and over about her conditionillness while knowing all the while that she is in fact lying to him Perhaps she was lying to herself as well I don't know but for a relationship that is built on euality and honesty well Emily isn't offering much honestyAgain all I can say is disappointing

  6. Lara Lara says:

    Wow NOT my favorite of the series obviously The first problem I had was the number of coincidences that lead up to Colin and Emily investigating the murder of a harem girl in Constantinople the entire way they get involved just seemed completely unbelievable to me And then it also felt obvious to me from the start who the real culprit was which made it frustrating to have to sit through an entire book waiting for Emily to FINALLY get to the same conclusion especially when she completely misses several very obvious clues In the midst of this she's worrying about possibly being pregnant as if the thought that this could happen had never even occurred to her which also really frustrated me I mean it just seems obvious that if you get married and start having sex with someone a baby might come along And it seemed ridiculous that as much thought as she put into agreeing to marry Colin in the first place having a baby with him was apparently not something that passed through her brain even once And then the way things turn out in the endugh I just wanted to smack her And it also seemed really weird that Margaret randomly shows up on Emily and Colin's HONEYMOON Maybe honeymoons weren't as big of a deal back then as they are now butreally? Disappointing especially as I loved the setting and was really excited about this book taking place in Constantinople I'll read the next book but I'm definitely not expecting too much from it Grump

  7. Yukari Watanabe Yukari Watanabe says:

    Historical mystery with a bit of romance is my kind of guilty pleasure And Lady Emily Mysteries is one of my favorite guilty pleasures I especially loved the last one A Fatal Waltz It was thrilling as a mystery and the romance between Emily and Colin was part of mystery which kept me wondering until the end After such a satisfying conclusion I couldn't help worrying about the 4th book becoming boring What would Emily and Colin do after they get married? Well I am glad to tell you that Tears of Pearl was another fun adventure for me Ottoman Empire was exotic and mysterious yet portrayed fairly it made me regret that I missed an opportunity to visit Istanbul last year Emily's struggle against becoming less independent and the tention between newlyweds because of it felt real I'm uite sure Lady Emily Mysteries will have many books but I hope Colin will not become boring To me being too handsome and too understanding is like a liability than an asset I'd like him to have character and participation next time

  8. Natasa Natasa says:

    I tried to like this book I really did I read a few chapters before I had to stop I just couldn’t take it the story wasn’t pulling me in and I was skimming pages looking for something interesting; but nothing stood out

  9. ~Leslie~ ~Leslie~ says:

    I have been up and down about this series mostly because of Lady Emily I did not like her in the first book liked her much better in the next two and now that she is married finally to Colin Hargreaves I don't like her again It seems as if marriage has sucked the life out of this series In this story Colin and Lady Emily are on their honeymoon in Turkey and get involved in a murder investigation that involves a young English woman who was kidnapped as a child and ended up in a harem Because of Emily being female she is asked to assist her husband in the search for answers The mystery for me dragged and while the setting was exotic it never excited me Emily is back to her self centered ways and concerns over her possible lack of freedom override everything else in the story And instead of enjoying themselves on their honeymoon they are completely distracted and so we never get any enjoyment out of the fact that they are finally married The book reflects that distraction Having read a later one out of order I know the author gets it together again and this is a good thing or I would be tempted to abandon the series at this point The writing is still strong and the descriptions of place and the dialogue are all very good It seems to be a chemistry issue that causes the book to be so flat

  10. Tgordon Tgordon says:

    This book has some really bad criticism for its portrait of ladies I’m here to sayget over it I’m a lady and these were long ago times and honestly it’s a great mystery book Emily and her adoring husband travel to the Middle East on honeymoon? And stumble into murder and land of concubines and again murder Good read and mystery is there The Who done it was shocking

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Tears of Pearl (Lady Emily Mysteries) ❰BOOKS❯ ✭ Tears of Pearl (Lady Emily Mysteries) Author Tasha Alexander – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Set amid the beauty and decadence of the Ottoman Empire Lady Emily's latest adventure is full of intrigue treachery and romanceLooking forward to the joys of connubial bliss newlyweds Lady Emily and C Set amid the beauty and decadence of the Ottoman Empire Lady Emily's latest adventure is full of intrigue treachery and romanceLooking forward to the joys of connubial bliss newlyweds Lady Emily and Colin Hargreaves diplomats of the British Empire set out toward Turkey for an exotic honeymoon But on their first night in the city a harem girl is found murdered strangled in the courtyard of the sultan's lavish Yildiz Palace Sir Richard St Clare an Englishman who works at the embassy in Constantinople is present and recognizes the girl as his own daughter who Tears of ePUB ↠ was kidnapped twenty years earlier Emily and Colin promise the heartbroken father that they'll find her killer but as the investigation gains speed they find that appearance can be deceiving—especially within the confines of the seraglioAs a woman Emily is given access to the forbidden world of the harem and uickly discovers that its mysterious sheltered walls offer no protection from a ruthless murderer As the number of victims grows Emily must rely on her own sharp wit in a heart stopping finale if she is to stop a killer bent on exacting vengeance no matter how many innocent lives he leaves in his wake.