The Heaven Trilogy PDF/EPUB ï The Heaven MOBI

The Heaven Trilogy PDF/EPUB ï The Heaven MOBI

The Heaven Trilogy ❮Read❯ ➲ The Heaven Trilogy ➵ Author Ted Dekker – Dive deep into the stories that began it allTed Dekker's first novels collected together for the first timeThis trilogy is the collection of three gripping psychological thrillers that peel back the s Dive deep into the stories that began it allTed Dekker's first novels collected together for the first timeThis trilogy is the collection of three gripping psychological thrillers that peel back the skin of this world to reveal a supernatural reality rarely seenA daring wager of life and death in DenverAn unfathomable leap of faith The Heaven MOBI :å in a small Balkan village near the end of WWIIA global struggle for power that begins deep in the jungleAll three stories are bound together by one family's timeless harrowing discovery of love and all that is unseenThe Heaven Trilogy offers a window into a world real and vital than most people ever discover here on earthA hidden world where the real dramas of the universe and our daily lives continually unfoldWell well well guess what I've found A fiction writer with a rare knack for a compelling story ExpansiveCleverA provocative read Best selling author Frank Peretti for Heaven's WagerDon't miss this book Don't miss this author's writing And don't miss the point Beautiful and suspenseful I'll have to read this one agian Eric Wilson author of the Jerusalem Unded Trilgoy for When Heaven Weeps.

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  1. Denise Denise says:

    All three books in the Heaven Trilogy share two themes 1 The fact that God’s love is so strong that He will go to extraordinary lengths to reach an individual and 2 The idea that a person can be called to make a significant difference in the life of anotherThe first theme is played out very differently in each book but it easier to follow the second theme in a direct line through each story if you think about the trilogy in chronological order When Heaven Weeps followed by Heaven’s Wager and Thunder of Heaven From that perspective you can see how God used Jan to impact millions of people spiritually through ministry during his lifetime and how his role in turning Helen into the woman we met in the last two books allowed him to physically impact millions of others even after his death My reviews of the individual books are below but overall I give the trilogy 4 starsSeptember 15 2011 Heaven's Wager 5 starsWithout revealing too much I'll summarize Heaven’s Wager as a twist on a classic Bible story I'm giving the book five stars not so much because I loved the story but because I found it to be truly mind bending Heaven's Wager really illustrates the lengths that God will go to achieve His ultimate goals in someone's life If you are a Christian it may also make you reflect on your own faith especially if you've ever asked God to use you for His purposesBecause I mention a couple of characters in my larger review of the trilogy I’ll note that Helen Jovic is introduced in this book She is best described as a wise and outspoken but eccentric prayer warrior Helen is the only character that appears in all three novelsJune 27 2012 When Heaven Weeps 4 stars and Thunder of Heaven 2 starsWhen Heaven Weeps and Thunder of Heaven follow a similar pattern The reader is introduced to a somewhat ideal setting that is then shattered by tragedy Dekker then fast forwards to the future where you see how at least one of the characters has rebuilt their life That character then feels God’s draw on hisher life and the true story begins By the end of the novel you’re able to understand why God may have allowed the character to go through the earlier tragedyWhen Heaven Weeps While not as mind bending as Heaven’s Wager When Heaven Weeps is my favorite book in the trilogy Chronologically it is the first book in the series and allows you to learn Helen Jovic’s back story Helen was a uniue and interesting character in Heaven’s Wager but she becomes even intriguing once you know of her life as a young adult This book left me with some of the most beautiful images of God’s love for man that I’ve come across in Christian literature and it is one of the best stories of romantic love between a man and a woman that I’ve ever readThunder of Heaven Perhaps I reached a bit of Ted Dekker or Heaven Trilogy fatigue by the time I read Thunder of Heaven but the fact that the book shares so many similarities with When Heaven Weeps made this a much less interesting read I did like the basic story line but at times it seemed to move slowly and overall it felt like there were a few too many minor characters Most of the book is in 3 star territory – it isn’t a stellar read but it isn’t terrible either However I was disappointed in the last couple of chapters As a suspense novel there were several uestions introduced early on that were answered as the storyline drew to a close One of them was addressed in the last chapter or two but in a way that just didn’t make sense There were no clues that led to that answer and it raised tons of new uestions Most of them were uickly addressed in the epilogue but not enough of them I really was left with the feeling that Dekker got to the end of the book and thought “Shoot I forgot about that What’s the uickest way to address it?” This literary band aid resulted in me giving the book a low rating

  2. Whitney Whitney says:

    These three books were wonderful My favorite is the first one Heaven's Wager which takes place in modern times I found it to be both exciting and powerful giving a glimpse of what heaven might be like The second book Thunder of Heaven which takes place years earlier and tells about some of the characters from the first book shows a hint of how deep God's love for us is Finally the third book When Heaven Weeps which takes place a bit after the first with a few of the same characters shows how God works throughout lives to create a masterful plan view spoilerI love how these three books parallel Bible stories Job Hosea and Gomer and finally Jonah and Rahab hide spoiler

  3. Crystal Crystal says:

    I think I have just discovered another favorite author I am not a very religious person per se but with these books you don't have to be The stories are incredible I picked up this book and The Circle which contains four books in one I am a fast reader and I was happy that these books were so large I was able to read the whole series without having to wait in between time Each story from all the books were stand alone stories but had a few characters interwoven into each story so you could see the relationship between what was happening in each book All I can say is this man is an incredible writer and I will now be looking for his other books

  4. Seirra Lizzy Seirra Lizzy says:

    It pulled me in Sucked me into a vortex that still resonates with me Then it made me cry and laugh then cry then pray and fell in love with every single main character

  5. Joey Bryant Joey Bryant says:

    THe Heaven Trilogy would be the first Christian Fiction genre that i've read it completely hooked me Ted Dekker is amazing and i Am all for amazingly entertaining fiction that is Christian based and totally interesting what a page turner This is a trilogy so to be completely Honest i finished reading Heavens Wager Thunder of Heaven and about 14 of When Heaven Weeps I am not the best reader by any Means i would actually categorize myself as a beginner but this book def got me hooked in the genre I believe of my peers would Become readers if they had something worth reading What better to read than stories that incorporate JESUS CHrist and are totally entertaining TED DEKKER is an amazing author that evokes the essence of Christ throughout his writings Check it out Great Read

  6. Melinda Crews Kirkley Melinda Crews Kirkley says:

    As a Christian these books really spoke volumes to my soul The uestion is always asked Would you die for Jesus? Of course every Christian would say yes of course they would The situations in these books could be real and begs the uestion If you were the one in these books in these situations would you still die for Christ or would you beg to live? The descriptions of the scenarios and the twists and turns throughout these books kept me interested and had me turning the next page I had to see what was going to happen next This set was definitely some of the better Christian fiction books I have read that had meaning behind the storyline

  7. Becca Becca says:

    I really enjoyed this series The only reason I didn't give it five stars was because the last book was a little slower But WOW Amazing It has a little bit of everything; love action suspense etc It is also challenging to the Christian faith urging readers to live like Christ showing the ultimate love through death Highly recommend

  8. Kelly Kelly says:

    I couldn't put this book down I love Ted Dekker's books but had never read his first novels until now Different than his later writings More raw and obvious The stories pulled me in and the way he described Christ's love for us was just amazing I found myself saying 'wow' throughout the three books So so great

  9. Moni Moni says:

    God is LOVE and in LOVE with youAwesome read I wept with joy and pain from my soul It will indulge your every spiritual part You will finish changed from when you began In Jesus name

  10. Deb Deb says:

    real drama of the world makes it so interesting to move forward in life one of my favorite authors

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