The Demons Parchment Crispin Guest #3 Kindle Ì The

The Demons Parchment Crispin Guest #3 Kindle Ì The

The Demons Parchment Crispin Guest #3 [EPUB] ✾ The Demons Parchment Crispin Guest #3 ❃ Jeri Westerson – In fourteenth century London Crispin Guest is a disgraced knight convicted of treason and stripped of his land title and his honor He has become known as the “Tracker”—a man who can find anythin In fourteenth century Parchment Crispin Kindle Ñ London Crispin Guest is a disgraced knight convicted of treason and stripped of his land title and his honor He has become known as the “Tracker”—a man who can find anything can solve any puzzle and with the help of his apprentice Jack Tucker an orphaned street urchin with a thief ’s touch—will do so for a price But this time even The Demons PDF \ Crispin is wary of taking on his most recent client Jacob of Provencal is a Jewish physician at the King’s court even though all Jews were expelled from England nearly a century before Jacob wants Crispin to find stolen parchments that might be behind the recent ongoing gruesome murders of young boys parchments that someone might have used to bring forth a demon which now stalks Demons Parchment Crispin MOBI ð the streets and alleys of London.

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  1. LJ LJ says:

    First Sentence “He’s still out there” Crispin Guest was once a nobleman but backing the wrong side caused King Richard to strip him of his title and lands leaving him a veritable outcast living in near sualor He and his apprentice Jack Tucker survive by Guest’s skills which have earned him the sobriuet of “The Tracker” due to his reputation for finding anything In this case Guest is approached by a physician to the ueen The man and his child are staying at the castle—dangerous territory for Guest—and are Jewish which is rare as all Jews were expelled from England or forced to convert by Edward I in 1290 But need overcomes prejudice and Guest agrees to search for missing parchments which may be associated with the recent spate of murders of young boys Jeri Westerson paints a well researched unglamorized picture of 1300s London in which weather is very effectively employed; contributing to both to the sense of place and suspense Her excellent descriptions make real the sualor and deprivation in which many people lived It also serves as a contrast between the protagonists of Crispin and Jack and nobility with whom they are involved Although this is the third book in the series the enough history of the characters is provided so new readers don’t feel lost And what excellent characters are Crispin and Jack; they are master and servant yet dependent upon one another as well Crispin is also an excellent protagonist in that he is skilled but not infallible and is inclined to let his pride overcome his common sense yet he received uite a few life lessons which added to his growth as a character even though there were times he seemed unrealistically naive Young Jack is so appealing in that he is not always brave but is loyal Factual history is effectively woven into the plot with Westerson using historical figures very well and believably in their true persona There is the complicated relationship of Crispin to John of Gaunt King Richard The major theme relates to the status of Jews in England The portrayal of the bigotry and mistrust both Jews and Christians had for each other was very much in play and superstitions ran strong in both faiths although it did feel a bit heavy handed at times Scenes with action andor suspense even minor ones were very effectively conveyed with writing that was evocative and visual Initially the dialogue sounded too modern to my ear but this was uickly remedied and progressed to conveying the flavor of the period without being a burden to the reader I also felt there were a few unfortunate plotting decisions but none so much so as to take me out of the story “THE DEMON’S PARCHMENT” had a great number of strengths and a few weaknesses but is well worth reading by those of us who really enjoy historical mysteriesTHE DEMON’S PARCHMENT Hist Mys Crispin Guest England Middle Ages 1300s – VGWesterson Jeri – 3rd in seriesMinotaur Books 2011

  2. Laura Laura says:

    Historical mysteries are always difficult there's that fine balance between explanation of whatever time period we're in and moving the plot forward In this case there's a good balance mainly because there's an author's note at the end so precious plot time isn't given over to too much here's who and here's why stuff Crispin's life in the Shambles is rough but you have to give a former knight credit for his ability to live in such reduced circumstances He's blessed with a sharp brain although he often falls back into a rut created by his former class and the times in which he lives The sodomymurder of several boys truly horrifies him and he's even willing to risk his life getting into the Palace to hunt for clues and uestion witnesses What we 21st century readers will be struck by is the incredible anti semitism and talk of the Jew's blood libel It's casual and pervasive and not a little shocking Crispin's realization that the Jews are perhaps not as guilty as they're accused of being or as devious comes a bit uickly in the book but then lust can change people's minds can't it? It's also interesting how accepted the astrologer is along with the other superstitious beliefs Additionally Crispin seems to be an almost modern man with his acceptance of John Ryneker's lifestyle it sometimes felt that the author wants readers to feel closer to him than they might if he shared the prejudices of his eraARC provided by publisher

  3. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Ugh Where to start This work of historical fiction is an exercise in frustration Yes there's a story here but there are so many cliches it makes it hard to get to the end serial killers golems girls dressed liked boys I started groaning half way through didn't Westerson have even one origional idea?Crispin Guest disgraced former knight now makes a living as a Tracker a sort of private detective for hire Everyone sings his praises about how smart and perceptive he is although it's a little hard to see that when when Guest gets drunk every 25 pages And I mean really drunk The guy gets hammered repeatedly and beat up After one scene where Guest gets pummled to a pulp by 2 evil holy men back to that cliche thing he recovers enough to limp back to the castle where he has a conversation with his love interest Julianne who for some reason doesn't notice his 2 black eyes and broken nose Then sensing someone outside the window Guest leaps two stories into the snow and gives chase to a golem A chase that makes perfect sense from someone who was beaten unconscious not 2 hours beforeIf you're looking for an origional mystery featuring a likable character this isn't it

  4. Lady*M Lady*M says:

    So far this was the best book in the series Though Crispin still jumps to conclusions often driven by prejudices when his reason takes over he usually comes to the right conclusions The casual deeply rooted medieval bigotry especially toward Jews will be incredibly uncomfortable to the modern readers His circumstances might have made Crispin tolerant than his former peers but he is still a man of his time If you can live with this you'll be treated with a decent mystery with serial killer in its midst It is uite disturbing that this man actually existed though author takes liberties with actual historical facts and weaves them into a very readable if disturbing story

  5. Jeri Westerson Jeri Westerson says:

    We got into some different territory here in Crispin's life and adventures and meet new characters

  6. Marielle Authier Marielle Authier says:

    Loved the historical bits in the extra

  7. Janet Janet says:

    My favorite in the series thus far even if I did see Julian’s identity coming from a mile away Westerson managed it uite nicely so it didn’t seem nearly as annoying a trope as it could have been I do hope “Eleanor” makes an appearance in future books a most enjoyable character

  8. The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears says:

    The way some people go crazy for movierock stars I go crazy for authors I met Jeri Westerson at this year's LA Times Festival of Books and yes turned into a raving fangirl and I am not ashamed Ms Westerson is the creatrix of a medieval noir series of mysteries starring Crispin Guest a disgraced 12th century knight known as 'The Tracker' for his ability to find anything or anyone I told the author my original reason for picking up this series was the cover I'm a sucker for long haired men with swords and chain mail She signed my copy which elicited and even louder suee of happiness For fans of Ellis Peters' Brother Cadfael or Sharon Newman's Catherine le Vandeur mysteries who've been fiending for whodunits in this time period this series of medieval noirs should fit the billWhat I love about this series outside of Crispin himselfrawr is how well Westerson immerses a reader in the sights sounds and yes the stench of a 12th century London without feeling like an info dump While going to your local Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament is great fun you really wouldn't want to live back then Sanitation was nonexistent and well forget about Twitter They'd burn you at the stake for possessing a smartphone and it wouldn't work anyways It is uite easy to envison Crispin Guest as a BBC produced miniseries hint hint hint BBC folks if you know what's good for you LOL Crispin has fallen very far from grace due to his treachery against the throne and it is only due to the intercession of the Duke of Lancaster that he wasn't put to death Now residing in The Shambles he can barely afford rent or decent food and yet he is still very much that chivalrous knight with the attitude of noble superiority that only time seems to temper Finding himself both poor and powerless when he was once surrounded by privilege is uite humbling for the erstwhile knight and there are instances he does not handle his new status very wellCrispin is hired by a Jewish physician to locate some important scrolls stolen from his chamber Big problem since Jews were expelled from England during the reign of Edward I Jacob of Provencal was specifically reuested by King Richard to provide care for his pregnant wife which grants him and his son Julian some immunity from persecution Of course Crispin being a man of his time believes the worst things bandied about concerning Jews and his commission gives him no end of disuiet Granted the attitudes about Jews during this period are not easy to read especially as many learned men held these reprehensible views and yet they are a part of the tapestry which is Crispin's world Meanwhile the eviscerated and sodomized body of a young boy turned up on the banks of the Thames a crime which stikes to the very heart of Crispin's sense of justice and spurred by the presence of his valetfoundling the irrepressible Jack TuckerThere's even a historical cross dressing personage named John Ryker arrested often for dressing as a woman rather than sodomy and Ms Westerson includes some interesting historical notes on that subject as wellSo I am off to read the next Crispin Guest adventure Troubled Bones

  9. Spuddie Spuddie says:

    This series featuring Crispin Guest a former knight who was stripped of title and lands when convicted of treason takes place in London in my favorite time period the 1300's He's not a very likable character prone to excessive drinking and self pity even twelve years after his conviction but he's become rather notorious as The Tracker someone who can find things or people for a price Barely scraping by in cold windy flat in the Shambles with his young servantassistant Jack Crispin seems to specialize in cases with a religious background and this one is no different Hired by a Jewish physician who is in the country at the King's invitation to assist the ueen with her barrenness Crispin is charged with finding some stolen parchments that the physician tells him detail how to raise a Golem a huge zombie like creature made of clay who follows the commands of the one who brings it to life Four young boys have been found dead naked and beaten and sodomized and Jacob the physician convinces Crispin that the thief has raised the Golem Since Crispin saw one of the bodies and was charged by the new Sheriffs to seek the killer he also accepts the physician's coin to find the parchmentsI want to like this series than I do The first book I really enjoyed but as with the second in series I was pulled out of the story several times by typos and wrong words being used for the context; for example 'say your peace' rather than 'say your piece' and 'gage his response' instead of 'gauge his response' It happened often enough that I found myself LOOKING for mistakes It seemed poorly edited and proofread given that it is published by a well known publishing house Also as with the last book I found the freuent descriptions of the cold weather the mire and stench of London the ramshackle condition of Crispin's home and his increasing despair and self pity to be irritating It just seemed like a lot of filler that was unnecessarily repeated time and again I am not sure if I have totally given up on the series yet or not I do have the next one here on my TBR shelf I know that it will be a long time before I make my way back to it if I do decide to do so

  10. Alan Alan says:

    Another Crispin Guest mystery this one revolves around two story lines In the first Crispin is hired by a Jewish doctor who has been brought to England as the ueen's doctor Part of the story line here is the fact that it has been about a hundred years since the Jewish people had been outlawed in England along with the fact that Crispin had fought in a Crusade and dislikes Jews Crispin had been hired to find some papers that had been stolen from the doctor Along the way Crispin finds out the papers may be related to the making of a golum a being formed out of clay He also meets and immediately takes a strong dislike to the Doctor's son One of the most endearing things about Crispin is his need to think things out to their logical conclusion without letting prior prejudice get in the wayfor too longThe second story line which may or may not be connected to the first revolves around around the gruesome killings and evisceration of young boy's around London In this one it turns out that Simon Wynchecombe is no longer one of the sheriffs of London which has got to be a good thing for Crispin Crispin happens to be walking by the Thames when a boy is pulled from the waters He of course feel's compelled to view the body and then when the new Sheriff's of London arrive on the scene and admit that this is not the first such murder he feels compelled to ask the sheriff's to hire him to investigate the murders They seem to still be wondering why they decided to run for sheriff and don't really want to do anything anywhere near an investigation they'd rather try to explain away all the facts as being naturally occurring instead of murderWith his steadfast following of the facts Crispin follows the course of the investigations letting nothing stand in his way until each story line's uestion has it's answers While we're still early in the series will Crispin ever get the girl in the end?

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