Mass Market Paperback ↠ Whirlwind Wedding ePUB å

Mass Market Paperback ↠ Whirlwind Wedding ePUB å

Whirlwind Wedding [Read] ➳ Whirlwind Wedding ➻ Jacquie DAlessandro – Austin Randolph Jamison Ninth Duke of Bradford met the uncanny beauty at the ball at Bradford Hall And from that first moment he was stunned How could this unsophisticated female who climbed trees in Austin Randolph Jamison Ninth Duke of Bradford met the uncanny beauty at the ball at Bradford Hall And from that first moment he was stunned How could this unsophisticated female who climbed trees in a ball gown to rescue a kitten know secrets that could ruin his family and speak of danger that threatened them all Who was she this American bluestocking who knew too much whose innocence shone in her eyes even as her full lips tempted sin Suddenly the duke knew he could not afford to let her goSome called it a gift To Elizabeth Matthews however her visions were a responsibility that bound her to protect others from danger no matter that the gossipmongers whispered she was chasing the duke to the altar She vowed to use her powers to protect Austin at any cost reckless of the passions that drove her into his arms the need that made her his bride never expecting her marriage to turn into a love match that would become the ton's most delicious scandal.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Whirlwind Wedding
  • Jacquie DAlessandro
  • English
  • 18 May 2015
  • 9780440235514

About the Author: Jacquie DAlessandro

Jacuie D'Alessandro grew up on Long Island and fell in love with romance at an early age She dreamed of being swept away by a dashing rogue riding a spirited stallion When Joe her hero finally showed up he was dressed in jeans and driving a Volkswagen but she recognized him anyway They married after they both graduated from Hofstra University and are now living their happily ever after in.

10 thoughts on “Whirlwind Wedding

  1. Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness (SLOW) Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness (SLOW) says:

    45 Whirlwind stars MY Austin Elizabeth ♥Im simply in love with these two They're defiantly going into my Best couple banterKickass heroine Swoon worthy hero shelves respectivelyWould I recommend it ? Yes defiantly Whirlwind weddingis a fun romance read with a dash of angst and two cubes of mystery ; Notice the tea referencesignbiscuitsLol i must be hungry P Will I be continuing the series ?UmmNot sure of that oneNot a huge fan of Robert or Alberta or her nameAlberta ? Really ?So probably no

  2. Becca Becca says:

    My friends if you like cheesiness in your books then look no further than thisthis is the VELVEETA of late 1990'searly 2000's romance novels Now I don't mean that the cheese factor is all bad No D'Alessandro writes beautifully and somehow manages to charm me even if I roll my eyes at how handsome the hero is how perfectly gentle the heroine is and how epic their soul shattering romance is It's doing it a bit purple but I feel that all romance novels were like this at the time and D'Alessandro was one of the bestWhirlwind Wedding is about the match up between a duke and an American Now before you claim this is cliché remember that this was written in 2000 well before the explosion of duke books that makes it appear there were dukes than any other rank in the British aristocracy D'Alessandro didn't really dive into the weightiness of the hero's title and she glossed over the difficulties of a free spirited medically trained American though her mother was an aristocrat This bummed me out a bit but D'Alessandro did add a subtle weightiness to the story with a secret the hero is trying to keep buried and it's a good one that would destroy his family NOT something stupid like he likes to tie up his women or his heart was broken before and he can't love EVER AGAINThere is also a paranormal element to the story in that the heroine can sometimes see the future At first this annoyed me but once I accepted it I thought it made it kind of fun and different especially when the hero and heroine worked together using her gift don't worry he was as skeptical as I was at firstSo why the low rating if I enjoyed the cheese characterization and sex scenes? What else is left? THE BIG MISUNDERSTANDING Oh and it was horrible in this book I hated it So much so that I reduced the rating of this by two stars The heroine has a vision and it causes her to push away the hero and cause him pain And the hero despite all he knows of the heroine believes her and the two separate during the story This was completely unnecessary and could have been cut from the book entirely There was enough angst from the hero's secret and I was very upset to add this drama to the plotAnyway if you're forewarned of the cheese and the big misunderstanding and those things don't bother you then this book is a fun read The initial romance is light there is a lot of good steam and I like when heroines are pragmatic and can deal with medical issues Plus the cover of this is pretty tame so no one will laugh at your Fabio cover though I must say I'm always proud of my ridiculous coversespecially when I catch someone staring on the airplane I know they are just jealous

  3. Nefise Nefise says:

    It was a nice historical romance story I didn't get bored but also there was not a uniue or exceptional things about neither plot nor writing It's just an average enjoyable readingAnd I should say this when I read a book that its hero is a duke I want to feel the title's heaviness cold attitude uality and even arrogance But I didn't find it in this book and I think it's a flaw At least hero might be an earl etcAnyway there are other things that I can discuss but I was concentrated on having good time and a sweet romance part so I'll pass over other flaws

  4. Gerrie Gerrie says:

    The first ⅔ of the book was a solid 4 star read The hero and heroine were both sympathetic and well drawn and their love story was believable and enchanting The author really showed us the two people falling in love their growing attraction and chemistry There was a very enjoyable banter and repartee between them that added a real sparkle to the book There was also an interesting mystery side plot The heroine had some psychic ability that was credible and realistic I was really loving the bookThen the last ⅓ veered off in a direction that I feel ruined the book The heroine makes a very bad decision and later on realizes that she should have done things differently but for me it was too late to save the story and despite her earlier maturity and good sense it is an extremely stupid decision And the mystery element initially so interesting became of a melodrama Also once the mystery is revealed we learn that another character has made a decision that to me just did not make sense I would love to give this book 4 stars The author is a terrific writer who creates great sympathetic characters She's a wonderful storyteller I loved Red Roses Mean Love and The Bride Thief the two other books of hers that I've read And I will certainly continue to read her books including the seuel to this one But I am really disappointed that a book I had been enjoying so much deteriorated so drastically towards the end

  5. Crista Crista says:

    Jacuie D'Allessandro is the real deal Red Roses Mean Love and Bride Thief are 2 of my favorite romance novels EVER Whirlwind Wedding is also terrific but not uite as great as the other two mentionedthat's why I give it 45 stars But whatever the ratingthis is a must read book It is captivating engrossing and totally addicting You will not be able to put it down and the ending will give you goosebumpsgood goosebumps Whirlwind Wedding has elements of mystery and a bit of paranormal she can tell the future I appreciated the charactersespecially Elizabeth's character She is a breath of fresh air into Austin's stuffy world where he believes all women are out to trap him into marriage Their banter is witty and had me chuckling throughout the book I loved the gradual attraction that builds and builds between these two and the ending is so seamless and perfect that it gave me goosebumps If you haven't read Jackie D beforeyou are in for a treat If you havethis one will not disappoint

  6. ChloeLeeNH ChloeLeeNH says:

    This was a great one I liked the chemistry and loved the action suspense Great combination I thought they genuinely had an attraction and were very attracted to each other This is up there as a JD favorite

  7. Lindy Lindy says:

    I was enjoying this book until page 244 when the heroine turned into a total idiot I stopped reading there

  8. Denise Denise says:

    This was so good until chapter 19 The contrived mini plot twist seems like it was thrown in simply to make the book longer It was utterly pointless and didn’t make any sense The only purpose it served was to piss me off Huge waste of time and had nothing to do with the actual story AND it was completely out of character for both Austin and Elizabeth The characters reactions to each other were too unbelievableEven now just thinking about it I’m mad again I’m changing my 3 stars to 2 because the stupidity of it upsets me that much

  9. Rafaela Mariz Rafaela Mariz says:

    Been reading this since I was in high school I love the story and the interactions of the main characters I was hoping the author would make another book that continues their own story I know she made another story about the same family but with the other characters

  10. Jacque Jacque says:

    I liked this and would recommend

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