The Mermaids Pendant MOBI ô The Mermaids MOBI

The Mermaids Pendant MOBI ô The Mermaids MOBI

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  1. Dan Dan says:

    When my older daughter was about four years old she had Ariel pajamas that she would have worn everywhere if we'd let her One of her favorite videos was Disney's The Little Mermaid so I've seen it myself countless times That's why LeAnn Neal Reilly's The Mermaids Pendant felt so familiar to me The first half of the book is a retelling of the familiar fairy tale from an adult perspective The prince is replaced by a computer science doctoral student named John The mermaid's name is Tamarind but she's still the somewhat ethereal beauty who's almost totally clueless about humans and their inscrutable ways A midwife named Anna who creates potions and elixirs from what the sea provides as she wanders about her island home assumes the role of the sea witch Valerie a maker and seller of jewelry befriends Tamarind in her human form and incorporates aspects of Flounder Scuttle and Sebastian from the Disney movie The first half of the book predictably ends with the marriage of John and Tamarind but instead of the happily ever after end of a fairy tale we're led to the second half by Anna's sinister admonition as they fly off to Pittsburgh that You'll be back young one Mark my words you'll be backAs enjoyable as the first part of the book is it's the second part that makes this essential reading for anyone who has ever been or ever will be in a relationship The first few years of their relationship are sustained by the magic that helped bring Tamarind and John together As the demands of jobs and children and houses and moves chip away at the magic John and Tamarind lose the ability to hear each other's thoughts Tamarind begins to doubt her relationship with John but because she is still unfamiliar with much about her humanness and because Anna is actively trying to separate them through her potions and spells she withdraws into herself John in his turn becomes so immersed in work that he barely notices that his marriage is beginning to crumble around him When they move to Boston their new neighbor Lucy befriends them Lucy who is herself still trying to come to grips with her late husband's decades old infidelity becomes the catalyst for the revival of John and Tamarind's relationship by learning how damaging unforgiveness can be in a person's lifeI enjoyed this book from cover to cover The characters are so well developed that I often found myself talking to them generally along the lines of Ah Don't do that you idiot or What the hell is wrong with you some of them have a lot to learn about life The actiondrama scenes an assault on Tamarind riding out a hurricane and a fight between a woman and her doppleganger were gripping and the transition into them was very smooth The magic of fairy tales is a major part of the book but it feels natural and its use in the metaphors for how to make relationships strong is excellent This is a great fairy tale that takes us beyond happily ever after to the real world where love and relationships have to struggle against everyday life and can't depend on magic to survive

  2. Kate Kate says:

    In The Mermaid's Pendant LeAnn Neal Reilly takes the reader through the trials of life from an extremely uniue perspective When Tamarind gazed at and wondered about humans she felt a pull A tug at her emotions that told her there was something big she was missing out on Well It was something big alright maybe just not what she was truly looking for Tamarind couldn’t just leave the poor creature to flounder in the waves If left to Mother Sea his fate most certainly would be death Choosing to rescue this unknown; Tamarind marvels at the feel of his skin the heat of his breath even the look of his strange feet She’s too curious She must leave at once But she can’t let this encounter be Later she feels she simply must find this man and learn about him There is something inside of her telling her that this human is meant to be a part of her There is a tug at her heart that won’t be unheard With the naivety of the young Tamarind follows her heart She chooses to walk among the humans to take this adventure to its end But will the “end” be worth it?John a tech savvy self proclaimed geek has fallen for the girl who saved his life She haunts his dreams enters his every thought Her fiery red untamed hair is all he can think about The locals tease him; tell him that maybe his mystery gal is a mermaid He scoffs at the idea believing that they are simply poking fun at the gringo But are they? Could this “girl of his dreams” really be a creature of the sea?Being human isn’t easy at the best of timeseven for us humans Imagine being thrust into a world so foreign to you that you choose to simply go blindly trusting that your Goddess will protect you But your life as a mer; your total lack of comprehension when it comes to human emotions only serves to help stack the cards against you Then your Goddess becomes broken Your faith walks a fine line and you are teetering towards total defeat What then? How do you pick up the pieces and keep your family together? How do you restore the life you aren’t certain is worth restoring? What do you do when you fear your husband has turned to the arms of another?LeAnn Neal Reilly will take readers on an unusual journey From new love to family faith and fantasy The Mermaid’s Pendant will take you through a myriad of conflicting emotions On one hand you will admire this character or that one while on the other you are never completely certain of his or her intentions One character in particular has kept this reader uestioning the character’s integrity and intentions since page one Is she really looking out for Tamarinds best interests? Or is she out only for herself? Looking to gain whatever she can from the former mer?While I truly enjoyed this reading experience I would like to mention a few points which may hinder a reader’s full enjoyment of the story The Mermaid’s Pendant is uite a long tale Comprised of two sections Reilly tells the “love story” in Volume One and then tells of the “life after marriage” in Volume 2 resulting in a rather long story line Additionally I found there were a few moments where I asked myself if the back story of a secondary character was truly reuired if the side plots were really necessary and therefore; found myself with feelings of being “off track” Lastly I also found myself uestioning whether or not John and Tamarind truly belonged together While no one ever said true love and marriage would be easy I am a firm believer that if it was truly meant to be it’s not supposed to be that hard either There were a few occasions were I felt that John and Tamarind really didn’t “like” each other I mean if this was “meant to be” then why is Tamarind so unhappy and disillusioned? Why is John working late telling “little white lies” and keeping important pieces of information from Tamarind? Regardless of this reader’s initial perceptions The Mermaid’s Pendant is a must read for those who are looking for something new Visit Culebra and experience an island fantasy Then visit Cheltham and experience real life as a wife and mother

  3. Bobby Bobby says:

    I find great potential in this novel both for the new author and the story Le Ann Reilly interprets the Disney version of a Hans Christian Anderson beloved classic into her own modern fairy tale Her attempts to be true to the nature of original stories in the genre which include the darker side of life different than Disney who provides memorable dark characters to overcome leaves her tale without the heart that she intends I understood her intent however her lessons were lost in over telling lengthy description of events rather than character building but mostly in over emphasis on the dark to the detriment of her story I wanted to know about the mermaid's story her adjustment to daily life and her growing maturity and comprehension of what it means to be human and the roller coaster of true love This was buried within a soap opera of occurrences surrounding the mermaid her friends and family and extreme adolescent behaviors of all I saw the complexity of the story intended and the multiple dimensions of all of the characters both the heroes and villains none are distinctly bad or good and all have complex motivations for their behaviors I also found the settings and varied cultures to be well chosen and presented in a manner that allowed the reader to experience each whether a slow paced island a money oriented place of business a well respected university or a suburban neighborhood lending a truly modern atmosphere I am looking forward to to come from Le Ann Reilly She obviously writes with love and great imagination

  4. Amy Ludlam Amy Ludlam says:

    Life is about making hard choices and making sure that you do whatever it takes to see them through to the best of your abilityThis is a wonderful story that takes the fantasy of a mermaid and weaves it seamlessly into a realistic life story The challenges facing Tamrind to make her journey possible consisted of family friends and love that all worked against her Once she overcame all of those issues through persistence and patience she then had to learn to deal with the real world When we grow up life changes always seem like moving into a brand new world as when Tamrind went from her fairy tale life to being a normal married woman Once she made the leap she then had to figure out how to make it work without all of her fading traces of mermaid life Learning to trust and have faith is hard when your known world starts to fade away She had help along the way from Lucy who charges through a large amount of personal and family life issues while still maintaining her faith in the goodness of people Tamrind finally learned that no one is perfect but most people are trying to make life work the best way they know how and constantly finding reasons that make it all worthwhile

  5. Valerie Valerie says:

    Really hard to get into Characters aren't very likable and they do really frustrating things like not commmunicating which would solve most if not all their problems I wouldn't have finished it except I won the book so felt I should for the author But it was well written except for the slow slow slow beginning

  6. Melissa Melissa says:

    The beginning of this book is a retold tale of The Little Mermaid More the Disney version rather than the Grimm faerie tale This telling is also set in the present time and John is no prince In fact he is flawed as much as any human being Tamarind falls for John and is determined to be with him no matter the conseuences of her decision Ana plays the sea witch well and she helps Tamarind transform herself into a human to be with John Ana's motives are not altruistic and her true price for Tamarind's transformation is not given voice until Tamarind herself figures it out However to get to what Ana truly wants she must get John out of the way Ana's manipulations are tireless throughout the book Luckily for the couple Valerie a friend to both also has a bit of magic which brings the couple together Her magic is felt and seen in the form of a pendant as well as sage adviceIn the second half of this book we learn of what happens after people ride off into the sunset The mystical part is not gone as Ana still weaves her magic to come between the couple and their child Sarah has an outlook to life far beyond her young years She meets a kind neighbor Lucy who has the wisdom of years to draw from She becomes another rock Tamarind can cling to and find strength Luckily Ana is unaware of this rock As time goes by and things in marriage get complicated and misunderstandings abound the couple's silence of things left unsaid become powerful than any spell Ana can weave However uestions still remain Does Ana take advantage of this problem and win? Can the couple find their way back to each other? Will they learn that even though their beginning was the stuff of fairy tales it still takes work to make a relationship last? Hmm not telling You'll have to read the book to find outI give this book 4 stars The beginning was delightful I enjoyed the retelling of The Little Mermaid The second half although very different did fit with the first half of the book It read like a chick lit book as people learn about themselves and each other My only complaint is John I would like to see John to have given up of his lifestyle for Tamarind I would have liked to have seen him truly grasp the enormity of Tamarind's gift In ways he certainly does but some times I wanted to smack his head to make him see Granted Tamarind didn't tell him however she wasn't a human long and was used to reading another's mind I did enjoy that John was flawed and not this mystical prince come to save the day sometimes that really annoys me but I still would have like to have seen some sort of thought process that involved his wife

  7. Julie Julie says:

    I have tried to write this without any spoilers but it has proven to be a tough task and I apologize if anyone feels I've let too much slip out I have always been a fan of the original tale of The Little Mermaid It's a little grittier and real than the beloved Disney take on the story It is darker based on the theme of love lost and sacrifice than of the happily ever after everyone associates with the title nowadays This wonderful modern and updated version is closer to that first telling of the classic storyI must admit that I really didn't care for John in the beginning I thought he was full of himself selfish and promiscuous He was technically cheating on two women for a while Not my kind of man I did warm up to him eventually Especially when he gets caught up in a web of deceit that really wasn't his doing I almost felt sorry for him not uite though I tend to be hard nosed when it comes to infidelity issues But what counts is that I did like him when it came down to itI loved Tamarind She was fresh and uite funny without meaning to be It was nice seeing our jaded world through her innocent eyes The author did a lovely job of showing her naivete and her strength at the same time Her belief in humans and her loyalty was very sweet if misguided and mostly undeserved She is very straight forward and unfortunately learns how devious and underhanded people can be I loved the descriptions of her and her surroundings as well as her life as a mermaidThere were several other characters who supported the story both good and bad With the evil outweighing the good Tamarind and John had their work cut out for them I loved that Tamarind found Valerie as a role model and sort of guardian Tamarind's faith in her teacher Ana turns out to be ill placed and she suffers for it Tamarind's neighbor Lucy also helps teach the pair what it takes to make it in this life She's a nice balance for John's ex Zoe I immediately detested her when she appeared on the scene She's one of those type of women All of these characters were well written and fleshed out uite nicely They did what they were created to do in as much as you either loved them or hated them A very imaginative remake with a healthy dose of magic and reality I highly recommend this book and I think it is another story that would be an outstanding choice for a book club selection There are many points to ponder in this tale that can be applied to our own everyday lives My copy has a great reading guide in the back that would spur some lively discussions You can also download it HERE

  8. Matt Matt says:

    All our lives are a mix of the magical and the mundane The Mermaid's Pendant a superbly imagined tale of a mythical creature come to live among mortals takes this thought not only as premise but as problem how do we keep the heart from atrophy in the long intervals of the one or from consuming itself in the effulgent moments of the other? How to transport love's transcendence its sustaining ephemera out of the day and over a lifetime? And in forming ourselves to a union of souls as in wedding or spellbinding how do we answer the doubt when certainty's back is turned that what we've thrown off in the process was our essential character?Affording manifold perspective on these uestions the book has a treasure of female voices women standing at every vantage of Aristotle's three ages of man indeed perhaps Shakespeare's seven That Aristotle and Shakespeare so gendered them points up the need for such compensations The settings too are divergent the pitch and tone of the narrative modulated We get the purrs of seduction and the fulminations of jealousy There is the colorful argot of talismans and glamours and potions alongside the routines of cooking and coding and childrearing The descriptions of both the fanciful and the familiar mermaid and man sea and earth flight and rootedness flora and fauna of Caribbean isle and domestic chores and office politics of New England suburb are rich and assured It's a pleasure to enter and be led among the things of this world Running throughout behind the fury of hurricanes and the machinations of witches is the central romantic problem and the author's interesting choice to take up an age old children’s story and extend it in order to explore a common but relatively recent adult task that of translating the poetry of love's genesis into the prose paraphrasing and long winded but faithful of modern marriageThe ending when it comes is as dark and serious as fairy tales are meant to be and has you negotiating as we tend to do in our own lives on approach of great trials between your fears and your hopes

  9. Heather Heather says:

    This book is HUGE We’re talking almost 600 pages One of the longest books I’ve read in a long time and its length is my excuse for not having finished it sooner But I read what I could when I could and today I made the point of finishing it It had gotten to the culmination of everything and finally had the feel of can’t put it down because I must see how it ends urgencyAs I’m sure is no surprise to you it is somewhat difficult to write a review for a book that took so long to read but this time I’m finding that the story is surprisingly clear in my head That speaks to how well it’s written Clearly it’s an unforgettable story and crafted very well It’s very descriptive very emotive and very interesting I thought the characters were great especially Valerie Lucy and even John I hated Ana but then I think that’s the mark of a good antagonist If you can get your readers hating your bad guy or gal in this case you’ve done your job The most frustrating part was having a crystal clear picture of what exactly it was that she was up to but seeing everyone else completely unaware Although I do wonder if Valerie had awareness than she let onThis is retelling no reworking of the classic fairy tale The Little Mermaid Unfortunately I have not read that and am only intimately familiar with Disney’s version But I do know that the ending actually isn’t a happy one and that there actually was a moral to the story In The Mermaid’s Pendant we lose the depressing ending but keep the morals It is handled very well and uite beautifully written Culebra comes to life in vivid color while the story unfolds The detail with which the story is told really helps the reader see what’s going on The same could even be said for the Boston area especially the area behind John and Tamarind’s homeOverall I really liked this story a lot I am sorry it took me so long to finish it but it definitely was worth the time I plan to hold on to this book in hopes of having time for a reread somewhere down the road

  10. Yvonne Yvonne says:

    The Mermaid’s Pendant is like the adult version of The Little Mermaid It still has the magic of the fairy tale but Leann Neal Reilly takes the classic tale and tests the happy ever afterromance Tamarind is the naive mermaid that gives up everything she knows to live a human life with John With the help of Ana a local witch Tamarind goes through the motions of winning John’s heart from two other women that he is already involved with Yeah when the two meet John already has a girlfriend and has just started a fling with someone elseAlthough John is already juggling two women he’s still drawn to Tamarind and after much drama they finally get together That’s where the real story beginsI was seriously intimidated by the size of this book when I first got it As I read it there was so much going on in the lives of Tamarind and John that I felt the book actually should have been longer Their relationship made my head hurt It started out strong with them knowing each other’s mind and mood but became so strained because they didn’t trust each other At times their daughter could sense that something was seriously wrong when they couldn’t I was confused about that part but it kept the story interestingThe ex girlfriend and the witch created the most the strain with Tamarind and John’s relationship I kept waiting for a knock down drag out session with the ex and a magical showdown with the witch but the events that got rid of them were unexpected twists

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The Mermaids Pendant ➲ The Mermaids Pendant Read ➺ Author LeAnn Neal Reilly – Inspired by the beloved classic The Little Mermaid THE MERMAID’S PENDANT is a modern fairy tale about growing up and discovering who you are—and what you believe in At times lyrical this novel is Inspired by the beloved classic The Little Mermaid THE MERMAID’S PENDANT is The Mermaids MOBI :å a modern fairy tale about growing up and discovering who you are—and what you believe in At times lyrical this novel is a fantastic journey filled with magic myth romance and adventure Four years after John Wilkerson claims the mermaid Tamarind for his wife they have an idyllic marriage that depends on a talisman that she crafted on their island paradise But Tamarind learns a painful truth it takes than legs to live on land and than magic to sustain a bond When the talisman breaks she and John are forced to rely on themselves instead of magic Three wise women play key roles in the young lovers’ journey to mature love Ana Tamarind’s aging mentor casts spells and performs seductions to keep the lovers apart Valerie an expat jewelry maker cum fairy godmother works her own magic to bring them together Lucy their widowed neighbor grounds the couple in the realities of marriage parenting and family.