Paperback ↠ Battle Dress PDF å

Paperback ↠ Battle Dress PDF å

Battle Dress [Reading] ➬ Battle Dress ➳ Amy Efaw – Based on the authors own experiences as a cadet at the exclusive United States Military Academy at West Point Battle Dress is the brutally honest tale of seventeen year old Andi Davis who views her ac Based on the authors own experiences as a cadet at the exclusive United States Military Academy at West Point Battle Dress is the brutally honest tale of seventeen year old Andi Davis who views her acceptance at West Point as a chance to escape her dysfunctional family and prove to herself that she has what it takes to survive The Beast insider terminology for Basic Training But nothing could have prepared Andi for the rigors that followor for the inner strength that she will need to succeed as a woman in a nearly all male society Compelling and powerful but never militaristic this is a tale of triumph that wont fail to move readers.

  • Paperback
  • 290 pages
  • Battle Dress
  • Amy Efaw
  • English
  • 24 January 2016
  • 9780142413975

10 thoughts on “Battle Dress

  1. Valerie Valerie says:

    I can't remember everything in this book but I remember that I really liked the girl She is strong and not only physically But she is real and I can really understand how she is The author describes the environment of west point well too and the end is good

  2. Jem Jem says:

    I almost gave this one back to the library but I'm so glad I hadn't This book is wonderful the best book I've ever read about a modern day girl that wants nothing than to be part of something one of the guys I've always liked it when girls were tough but this sets a whole new bar Andi Davis has spark personality wonderful character and she's so real Unlike a lot of books Andi isn't perfect and she makes mistakes like normal people I hate it when some characters do everything right but we know that Andi is good at running but not so great at push ups This book may be a bit confusing in the beginning but don't get jogged by the somewhat boring beginning because it is worthwhile Battle Dress is a yes the best I've read in a long time The supporting characters like Kit McGill Gab and even Hickman give a special spark to the story The older cadets like Cadet Daily or Cadet Black no pun intended really just add to the lovely story READ IT

  3. Cyana Scriptora Cyana Scriptora says:

    For some reason I was in the mood to read a military book Particularly girls in the military This book was exactly what I wanted to read It gives such a realistic depiction of basic training I thought the first eighty pages very funny I kept picturing major Pain you know from that movie If I were in that situation I would have been terrified The shouting the rules the physical training I am amazed at the mental strength these men and women have to endure all that it's awe inspiring No matter what branch they serve in its hard work And it makes me have an even greater appreciation for our men and women in arms If you need a book that will inspire you this is it

  4. Anthony Policastro Anthony Policastro says:

    If you had ever dreamt of attending The United States Military Academy at West Point you ought to read Amy Efaw’s novel – Battle Dress It is than just a great novel that will pass the time It is a novel that will not only inspire you but will also challenge you to ask uestions about your own character Throughout the reading I had asked myself uestions concerning whether or not I could have endured all the hazing yelling physical training and other demands placed upon the new cadets Of course I’d like to think I could have successfully completed and conuered the BEAST although I shall never know since I had not attended West Point Thus when Andi Davis a seventeen year old girl leaves the bosom of her family – albeit a dysfunctional family– to attend West Point where military men rule where there are statues of Eisenhower and MacArthur where there is constant hazing and pressure to perform at peek levels of endurance Andi as well as all the other male and female New Cadets – also know as SMACKS – Soldiers Minus Ability Coordination and Knowledge – are challenged from the moment they enter West Point and participate in the summer Beast Barracks program Efaw’s description of West Point the castle like buildings including Washington Hall MacArthur Barracks and Eisenhower Hall and Michie Stadium Cadet Chapel and The Plain – are concise and wonderful just like everything else in Efaw’s book For instance the dialogue is crisp sharp and commanding In fact almost all of the upperclassmen – Cadet Daily Cadet Black Cadet First Sergeant Stockel Cadet Haywood the company commander Cadet Barrington – will shout their commands and instructions and Efaw presents them in bold print They are short and poignant “DON’T SAY HI TO ME MISS” “FALL IN DIRECTLY BEHIND THE MAGGOT IN FRONT OF YOU” “YOU WILL ANSWER ALL UESTIONS IN COMPLETE SENTENCES DIRTBAG” “NO SANDWICH SIRS” “YOU ARE NO LONGER IN KINDERGARTEN MORON YOU HAVE FOUR RESPONSES AND FOUR RESPONSES ONLY ‘YES SIR’; ‘NO SIR’; ‘NO EXCUSE SIR’; AND ‘SIR I DO NOT UNDERSTAND’” On their first day at West Point they are physically transformed into cadets while their parents are given tours of the facilities and wait for the reappearance of their children at the end of the day In the meantime Andi is assigned a room given cadet clothing and a haircut However the real transformation of Andi as well as New Cadets Gabrielle Bryen George Ping Frank Bonanno Christopher Scott Boguslavsky Phil Cero Jason McGill and Tommy Hickman is internal The only thing that will keep you at West Point or get you thrown out is you You have to want to be there Cadet Daily makes this perfectly clear in a speech to Andi when she is feeling low and considers uitting He said” You have the raw materials – brains talent drive But that’s not enough to make it through this place” and “It takes than a high SAT score and a varsity letter It takes self discipline Not the rules that West Point put on you but the rules you put on yourself That’s what character is all about” In my opinion this is certainly a fine and inspiring statement and I certainly believe that this is how young adults starting out in life might build character honor integrity and pride And then as Cadet Daily walks away she yells out Company Hardcore’s motto “NEVER SURRENDER SIR”Efaw’s Battle Dress is a great read and thus I highly recommend this book to all readers especially young adult readers who are considering attending a military academy or just wishing to build character through self discipline

  5. Sherwood Smith Sherwood Smith says:

    After spending many decades trying to imagine what life in the military would be like for females I have seen times change enough that women are not only in the military they write about it Efaw has fictionalized her summer of the Beast Basic Training at West Point when she was seventeenEfaw sticks to a tight structure we open with 17 year old Andi Davis being driven by her family to West Point The first chapter is their trip establishing her dysfunctional family though her sister is struggling to be sane; brief as her appearance is I kept wishing for a novel about that sister which in turn gives the reader a grounding in Andi's conflicted self image her world view and eventually her resolutionEfaw's presentation of the Beast Basic Training is vivid even visceral According to her notes she simplified certain aspects a wise decision as a reader unfamiliar with the world of military acronym which changes as rapidly as technology will be struggling to comprehend in parallel to Andi's struggle as she is shaken loose from civilian life and scolded threatened berated and run into melding with her suad into a cohesive unit that may have to depend on that cohesion for their lives Efaw has a deft hand with creating instantly identifiable and believable characters and evoking the sensory experience of hardcore trainingA side pleasure was examining even at a fictional distance the evolution of West Point's teaching approaches from the West Point of earlier days as evoked not only in autobiography which can turn so easily into hagiography or self justification but in the difficulties discussed by say Manchester in his bio of MacArthur West Point has an interesting history as an institution going clear back to the days when the somewhat piratical Benedict Arnold offered to sell the place to the British via Major Andre

  6. Rachel Brown Rachel Brown says:

    A semi autobiographical YA novel based on Efaw’s own experience attending West Point For teenage runner Andi Davis military academy is an escape from the unrelenting brutality of her family’s emotional abuse There she faces institutional sexism and her own tendency to judge women harshly than men and like any cadet struggles to survive in a deliberately harsh environment But she also finds for the first time in her life a sense of belonging and people who value her strengthThe novel covers only basic training “the Beast” and so is catnip to anyone who enjoys training seuence – except for the very first chapter the entire thing is a training seuence It’s very well written well characterized and realisticThough it’s much about the day to day experience of military training than rah rah patriotism don’t expect any critiue of war America America’s military policies the military industrial complex because you will not find it here It’s an intense in the moment book about a young woman taking the first steps toward becoming a soldier and how that changes her I liked it a lot

  7. Tara Chevrestt Tara Chevrestt says:

    This was a great read for so many reasons It's an intriguing look into life at West Point what the cadets go through their first six weeks the beat down they receive before they are built back up as new stronger people It seems just like a lot of yelling and degradation at first but by the end it made sense to meAndi comes from a very dysfunctional family At first she feels like she's stepped from the frying pan into the fire but soon in the middle of being called a knucklehead and learning how to be a team with her suadron she sees the lightand most important of all she goes from being a follower to a leader It was in her all along she just didn't have the confidence to assert herselfThe book contained many LOL moments but the strongest theme of all at least to me was becoming a leader and building confidence In the beginning Andi felt her family held her back By the end Andi realized she was holding herself backFull review on Book Babe

  8. Ollie Ollie says:

    Andi is a very realistic heroine who has accepted an appointment to West Point Her acceptance was driven by the need to escape a loud and abusive mom and a silent Dad She is really not prepared for the upcoming experience She has no idea what some of the terms she is ordered to do mean Her successes and failures are both poignant and funny She learns to be part of a team and she has found a home This story is based on the author's own experiences at West Point Great recreational read

  9. Susan Mallery Susan Mallery says:

    A YA about the first 6 weeks a teen spends at West Point I thought it was great fun and really interesting I'm hoping there will be books continuing the journey It would be great for tweens who want to read up I would guess as well as teens No bad language or sex Some of the scenes are a little intense though with how the newest cadets are treated Might be an interesting springboard for discussion Big thumbs up from me

  10. Carolyn Page Carolyn Page says:

    A great YA novel following high school grad Andi Davis through her basic training Beast at West Point Set in the 90s I'm sure it's just as relevant today The best part? Its author Amy Efaw also graduated from West Point in the 80s

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