All She Ever Wanted Epub î All She MOBI :å

All She Ever Wanted Epub î All She MOBI :å

All She Ever Wanted [KINDLE] ✽ All She Ever Wanted By Lynn Austin – Thirty five years ago Kathleen fled her home desperate to cast off weights of poverty and shame But an unexpected invitation from her sister unwittingly draws her back to that sleepy New York town her Thirty five years ago Kathleen fled her home desperate to cast off weights of poverty and shame But an unexpected invitation from her sister unwittingly draws her back to that sleepy New York town her own daughter in towA trip meant to salvage her relationship with her daughter changes course as Kathleen reexamines her own childhood But even enlightening are the stories of Eleanor her once vibrant mother and Fiona All She MOBI :å the grandmother she barely knewThe Kathleen learns the answers she seeks concerning her family's mysterious past Yet with the past exposed Kathleen is torn between her need to forgive and the urge to forget.

  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • All She Ever Wanted
  • Lynn Austin
  • English
  • 17 May 2016
  • 9780764228896

About the Author: Lynn Austin

For many years Lynn Austin nurtured a desire to write but freuent travels and the demands of her growing family postponed her career When her husband's work took Lynn to Bogota Colombia for two years she used the BA she'd earned at Southern Connecticut State University to become a teacher After returning to the US the Austins moved to Anderson Indiana Thunder Bay Ontario and later.

10 thoughts on “All She Ever Wanted

  1. Stefanie Stefanie says:

    All She Ever Wanted by Lynn Austin was the tale of a woman Kathleen her mother Eleanor and her grandmother FionaEach woman worked through a world of chaos turmoil hurt and painThe book starts out with Kathleen and her daughter Joelle fighting Joelle yelling at her mom and how closed off she is Kathleen is hesitant to bring up her past for fear of judgement After some urging from her daughter she reluctantly travels back to where she grew up A life of poverty abandonment and pain In the process of all of the old memories stirring up she learns about her mother and why her mother was the way she was and in turn learned about her grandmother and her tainted past as wellAll She Ever Wanted was three stories wrapped up in one book From Fiona’s life during the Great Depression to Eleanor’s life during WWII and finally Kathleen’s life as a little girl and now as an adult raising her own daughterEach story was riveting and heartbreaking in its own way and Lynn Austin tied it all together wonderfully I loved diving into each woman’s past and gaining insight into their behaviors and why they were the way they wereThis was a fantastic read and I highly recommend this Lynn Austin novel

  2. Joleen Joleen says:

    What a roller coasterLynn Austin often has several tales going at once in her books This was a bit different These stories were a piecemeal history narrative of generations within this family beginning with the main character's great grandfather who used his exceptionally beautiful daughter to swindle peopleKathleen had never heard the stories unfolding by several characters about her grandmother her mother or her father But she had also kept her past a secret for decades having been raised in near destitute conditions Years later as she travels back to the home she escaped over 35 years before she realizes she knows little about her family nor why things turned out the way they did What is revealed is a cycle of sin immoral behavior abandonment and poor choices being passed down through the generations Often the behavior is rationalized due to poverty and condoned because it was advantageous But often there was great shame and repentance and a story of redemption that was awe inspiringKathleen takes a journey with her daughter to reveal a surprising past learning how God's will comes to pass in astounding ways

  3. Paula Vince Paula Vince says:

    This story focuses on four generations of women in a family line Each deplored her mother and resolved to be completely different The passage of time hid the fact that they were all most alike especially in their decisions to sever all ties with their families Kathleen who is number three in the pattern realises that her relationship with her teenage daughter Joelle seems to be heading the same way She delves into their past and becomes aware of the trend arming her with understanding and knowledge to end the processAfter a lot of thought I realised the captivating uality of this story is because it is told backwards in time instead of chronologically That's enough to add depth and mystery We're already aware of the results of each woman's choices and just need to find out how they got there From Kathleen's own sad background we're drawn back to the pasts of her mother Eleanor and grandmother Fiona through the memories of others Delving into several characters' lives at different stages can be as fascinating as time travel storiesI love the massive bombshell twists One major one got me wishing I could take back some of the tears I cried and then made me wish I'd cried them for a different reasonAt first my biggest gripe was being unable to perceive a male character as a clear role model to admire Donald Leonard Rick Howard Rory Arthur Lorenzo There is a long line of despicables I was glad when a couple from that list grew on me as the story progressed especially the one whose past was unraveled the same time as his sister'sIt's interesting to see how history is shown to have a major role in shaping characters rather than rolling off like water from a duck's back Kathleen was a product of the political uneasiness of the volatile '60s Eleanor's story took place in the WW2 era and Fiona's in the roaring '20s with flappers and speakeasiesI didn't always approve of characters' decisions to turn their backs I can understand Fiona's position but wished Eleanor and Kathleen could have shown a bit grace The fact that Kathleen never once wanted to find out what became of her brothers and sister didn't sit easy with me like abandonment She just decided she was better than they were and took off I thought her family were most magnanimous in opening their arms to accept her back in the fold after the way she treated them Yet it reminds us we're all in need of grace and forgiveness at times for a lot less It's good to come across stories in which it is offered freely helping us to offer it to ourselves

  4. Natalie Natalie says:

    Wow I read and listen to a lot of books but rarely have time to post a review I’m currently hiding from my children so I can post a few words I just finished this book and LOVED it After I finish a book I usually think that was nice or meh After I finished this book I thought wow I was mad it was over because it left me wanting of the story I liked this book because it really made me sit and think about how judgmental I can be about people sometimes It wasn’t until the end of this book that you came to understand the characters and why they made the choices they did Most people do the best they can I’ll try to remember that the next time I negatively judge someone You never know what other people are going through

  5. Robin Robin says:

    I wanted to like this book I really did The first couple of pages had me thinking I would The problem for me was that this story was too easy to walk away from and not think about again There was not a single character that I rooted for not a single one And the problems they dealt with though they created a complex web of family dysfunction were just too shallow Domineering man vs helpless woman Rich vs poor These same simple themes occurred in all three generations and I get that the cycle perpetuatesI'll give Austin the benefit of the doubt and hope that's what she was trying to convey but it became boring after a while like I was just waiting to see how each woman would deal with these same issues I did not enjoy getting to know Uncle Leonard the Communist and found the dialogue sorely lacking there He didn't even seem real to me until he was an old man Neither did Arthur the philanderer Or Lorenzo the mobster Were they just archetypes of men? Where does Mike fit it? He was well drawn for the two whole pages he was in there I'm just confused now the I think on it How did Kathleen get such a fantastic husband after three decades of avoidance shallow and unpracticed Christianity and being spoiled with the American Dream?I love historical fiction and the interweaving timelines were interesting to me but it was almost too much evidence that she had done her research and not enough story line It seemed like she could have taken out huge chunks and the story wouldn't have suffered I wish that I could have seen of the transformation that happened in Joelle That's what all this was for right? To break the cycle? I can't close the book satisfied that a mission trip to Mexico is going to change her family tree

  6. Annette Moore Annette Moore says:

    This is a book that will likely stick with me long after tonight It was both joyful and heart wrenching in places It's so sad how each character in some way had run away from her life be it emotionally or physically thereby leaving her family Also very sad to me was the running theme of thinking you really want something but when you finally get it it isn't what you thought you wanted at all I thought it was also very sad how the characters failed to ask for God's will in their lives However there was also redemption and I loved that too I love how austin wrapped up the story I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys generational family sagas involving mothers and daughters I love stuff like this and I love the lessons and wisdom Austin included I love books that make you think and feel and this one definitely did both it also made me cry in several places

  7. Annette Annette says:

    SummaryKathleen Seymour is having a no good very bad day A fight with her boss A phone call from the police department about her teenage daughter A fight with her daughter And an invitation to attend a party for a dad she's not seen in over 35 yearsToo many events have stirred Kathleen's childhood memories A trip back to the past literally is a chance for closureMy ThoughtsThere are a few aspects of the book I really liked There are a few aspects I did not like What I likedMultiple main characters All the characters link together family but show different personalities choices time periods and world history events Coming of age story I love the time period of the 1940s and 1960s What I dislikedThe ending is wrapped up tight with a cute little bow The entire book had been about broken people living broken lives A uick clean up is nonsense Too many stories of secondary characters who needed their own book For example Rory uinn He was an dreamy shifty odd person I wonder if he had a mental illness? His choice to abandon family in Ireland and drag away his eldest daughter Fiona promising unrealistic expectations made me angry Further Fiona never learned to make wise choices Kathleen's husband is plain and boring He has very little story line

  8. Chloe (Always Booked) Chloe (Always Booked) says:

    This book was a multigenerational story based around the relationships between mother and daughter and the secrets we all don't know about the generations before us The book starts with Kathleen and her teen daughter Joelle Kathleen is very wealthy and religious She's the CFO of a company and is happy with just her family her husband and daughter She doesn't want anything to do with her family of origin and she's very focused on morality so she's really thrown for a loop when she gets an invitation from her sister for a party for her dad AND her daughter is caught shop lifting She and her daughter start going to counseling and her daughter says she wants to get to know her extended family so Kathleen decides to go to the party with Joelle in order to help their relationship As the story goes on Joelle learns alot about her mom's past that helps her understand her mom In turn Kathleen runs into her old friend's mom and learns a lot about her own mother In the end she meets up with her uncle and gets to learn about her grandmother Each woman has a long roller coaster story with lost loves and friendships and lots of intriguing drama The book jumps timelines and since it goes so in depth in each woman's life theres a fair amount of characters so a few times I had to stop and think through the connections and how everyone was related and where we were in time but it wasn't so confusing that I couldn't enjoy the story Overall I'd recommend this book if you're looking for a family drama that spans many generations The book touches a lot on class issues and I thought it was interesting how that manifested through the generations It's mostly historical fiction and it does have some Christian elements woven in but I don't think its over the top SPOILERS AHEAD So after we read about Kathleen and Joelle we find out about Kathleen's mom Eleanor She had a best friend named Cynthia when she was young Cynthia was shy and uiet while Eleanor was confident and lively Eleanor hated rich men because she knew them and was surrounded by them and knew how arrogant they could be The girls were young around the time of WWII and the USO was hosting dances all the time The girls would always go and one night an aggressive rich guy named Rick came up to them and wanted Eleanor but she said no so he danced with Cynthia However he still ended up with Eleanor and slowly she softened to him and they had an epic romance He wasnt as bad as he originally seemed They got married right before he went to war and then Eleanor is heartbroken when she finds out he was killed However a few months later she finds out he's not really dead His dad had their marriage annulled because of something her mom did and Rick faked his own death because he didn't want to be with Eleanor Eleanor lost it after that point and just sank into a depression She lost her confidence and her spark and that's the mother that Kathleen knows She eventually married her father and her father was a criminal who spend most of his time in and out of jail Eventually her mother was murdered and the dad is the one put in prison for it but in the end we find out thats not what happened So as the story goes on Kathleen and Joelle see Eleanor's brother Leonard and he tells us the story of their mom Fiona Fiona was from a poor family in Ireland and her dad brought her to the US to make a life for their family Fiona was beautiful and he basically brought her to NYC to pimp her out and try to marry her off to a rich man so their family could have money She was one of 8 sisters so the end goal was to make enough to send the rest of the family over She finds an older man named Arthur Barrett and despite him being her dad's age they fall in love He says he's divorced but it comes out that he's not He's married with 2 kids and he's a very wealthy Wall street man He has an apartment near Central Park that he stays at when he doesn't want to go back out to the suburbs with his family so he moves Fiona into that apartment Eventually they have Leonard and then Eleanor He keeps them living very comfortably without Fiona working When the kids are about 7 and 5 Arthur commits suicide leaving them with a little money and nothing else Fiona realizes she needs to move out of the apartment and find somewhere cheaper She opens a hat shop and meets a man named Lorenzo who offers her an apartment to rent for her family Long story short to keep rent affordable Fiona agrees to be his mistress When she's a teenager Eleanor thinks shes falling for Lorenzo but then her mom tells her that he's trying to screw them both She's disgusted and this further fuels her hatred for rich men which was started by her cheating father Eleanor leaves NY and starts her story with Cynthia and Fiona eventually dies of a heart attack In the very end we find out that Eleanor was actually murdered by Lorenzo When Kathleen was 18 or so she left home and was really angry with her mom for choosing a criminal for a father and not being able to provide anything for her So Eleanor went to NY to try to blackmail the men from her past into giving her money that she could give to Kathleen for college She went to Rick first He was a politician who did not want the story of his fake death and annulled marriage to come out The reason the marriage was annulled is because her mom was a Catholic woman who carried on a candid affair with a married man for years and disgraced her own name according to Rick's father So she went and got money from him I think and then went to Lorezno She was going to out him for making both her and her mother his mistress but then he killed her we assume The book ends with everyone understanding their mothers and the family relationships being healed Kathleen is now in touch with her 2 brothers her sister her uncle Leonard and his wife Connie and even her dad Her dad had spent many years in jail for the murder of the mom and while he was there he became a pastor It was interesting how Fiona was chasing money Eleanor hated it then Kathleen was chasing it again all because they didn't understand the lessons that had been learned the generation before

  9. Rachel Rachel says:

    I really enjoyed this book And as far as Christian fiction goes it's really nicely written There were a few eye roller moments at the end but generally throughout the book references to religion and God seemed natural not forced That's my problem with most Christian fiction God is forced into everything and it ends up being corny Anyone who reads Christian fiction knows what I'm talking about The God references are just eye rolling moments where you're like good grief But Lynn Austin really wove the religion in so it seems much natural The story starts with the rocky relationship between Kathleen and her teenage daughter Joelle This part starts out a little dry but stick with it Kathleen soon dives into her past growing up as a poor kid in the 50s Then later on you read about Kathleen's mother's past and what made her the way she was Then you take a step back even further and learn about Kathleen's grandmother All of the events in their lives combine together to show you how your past shapes who you areLike I said I really enjoyed the book

  10. Katherine Katherine says:

    Love it the depth of the characters the stories the descriptions Only down side is a slightly to perfectfairytale ending but that's not enough for me to lower it down a star hey I grew up on Janette Oke I'm used to overdone fairytale endings I need to buy some of Austen's books I've read all I own

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