Among the Gods Chronicles of the Kings #5 ePUB ¿ the

Among the Gods Chronicles of the Kings #5 ePUB ¿ the

Among the Gods Chronicles of the Kings #5 [Reading] ➶ Among the Gods Chronicles of the Kings #5 ➽ Lynn Austin – Fleeing King Manasseh's tyranny Joshua leads the faithful remnant to their new home in Egypt But as years pass Joshua's desire for vengeance becomes an obsession Blinded by hatred he makes rash decisi Fleeing King Manasseh's tyranny Joshua leads the faithful Gods Chronicles PDF/EPUB ä remnant to their new home in Egypt But as years pass Joshua's desire for vengeance becomes an obsession Blinded by hatred he makes rash decisions placing his loved ones in jeopardy Amid Joshua's Among the PDF/EPUB or turmoil comes an unexpected awakening of love a love that burns so intensely it draws him from the dark inner seclusion where he often retreats But what will it take for him to grasp the great love his Heavenly Father has for the Gods Chronicles eBook ¸ him and for the chosen people of Judah.

  • Paperback
  • 347 pages
  • Among the Gods Chronicles of the Kings #5
  • Lynn Austin
  • English
  • 02 April 2016
  • 9780764229930

About the Author: Lynn Austin

For many years Lynn Austin nurtured a desire Gods Chronicles PDF/EPUB ä to write but freuent travels and the demands of her growing family postponed her career When her husband's work took Lynn to Bogota Colombia for two years she used the BA she'd earned Among the PDF/EPUB or at Southern Connecticut State University to become a teacher After returning to the US the Austins moved to Anderson Indiana Thunder Bay Ontario and later.

10 thoughts on “Among the Gods Chronicles of the Kings #5

  1. Carrie Carrie says:

    This isn't just a story This truly was a lesson on the forgiveness and love of a Heavenly Father I'm a visual person and the picture was clearly demonstrated that no matter the depth of our sins God's strong arm of love is long enough to reach us His desire is not to destroy but to heal Another thing I noticed that in each book of this series the author took care in really completing the story leaving you satisfied at the end So many times I will read a book and it just seems like the author was so done writing and the last chapter is just a hurry up and get this over with chapter Not so with these books especially the last Each sentence right up to the end seemed like it had purpose I felt satisfied even though I definitely would like to see the story continue on to JosiahI thoroughly enjoyed this book and the whole series I would recommend reading the whole series though You could probably get away with reading them each on their own but you really shouldn't Each feeds off of the other books before it as the characters develop

  2. Loraine Loraine says:

    Joshua is devastated by the execution of his father He and the remnant of the faithful Jews along with Prince Amaraia King Mannasah's brother have fled to Egypt and are living on Elephantine Island Every decision Joshua makes is planted in his hatred for Mannasah Can he find his way back to forgiveness and healing when the long awaited return to Jerusalem comes?Austin's incredible historical research and Biblical foundation bring to life this part of the Kingdom time period in the life of the Jews as once again an evil King turns away from God and to idols and immorality with numerous Jews following his lead Each of her books has led me back to these events in the Bible with understanding of what took place This is the last book in this series I highly recommend this series for any who are interested in Old Testament Biblical fiction

  3. Jeanie Jeanie says:

    If you want to learn about the Old Testament you will enjoy reading these books You also experience the not so difference of our hearts with her characters How hard it is to forgive to see God's forgiveness and His grace and mercy This is a continuation of the Kings of the Old Testament King Manneseh was the King of Israel's history Unlike his father his pride lead him to wickedness and lead his people there as well Joshua recovering from the death of his father and the prophet Isaiah escaped with his family and a group of Levites to Egypt I felt like I had a better undestanding of what happened and why The why is important because it can easily be our why as to our separation from the Lord You see how Joshua struggled with anger and the anger his adopted son Nathan is not much different than him Sometimes the Lord gives us people to show the struggle of our heart This is an opportuntity of a heart cry from our hearts to the Lord to become like him We serve the Lord as we become like His nature We serve ourselves when we serve our flesh the struggle is knowing the difference A great story to show the difference of the nature of God and our flesh

  4. Brian K. Brian K. says:

    Another great read from Lynn Austin I must confess when I started the series I wasn't sure she could pull it all together however I am happy to report I LOVE THE ENTIRE SERIES Chronicles of the Kings

  5. Sarita Sarita says:

    I really enjoyed this series This final book was also a strong one but for some reason I only enjoyed it What stood out for me is how our bitterness hatred and unforgiveness can have a stronghold on us and keep us from a life of abundanceAnother point that stood out is no matter our past and just how much we sinned God is a God of compassion and forgiveness and if we turn to him with a repentant heart He will forgive and give us a clean slate

  6. Oni Pînzariu Oni Pînzariu says:

    There couldn’t have possibly been a better conclusion to this series than this book right here “Among the gods” was above all other four previous books an amazing story of forgiveness redemption anger parenthood love kindness sins home and mercy I had not one not two but uite a few moments in the book that got me crying like a baby And at the same time I was so deeply touched by the way Lynn managed to transpose these historical facts into real tangible events and those historical figures into humans with feelings and battles people like us experimenting sorrow or joy or anger or confusion And above all people feeling so deep in their lives God’s love I’m amazed at how well this out of this world feeling has been put into words and expressed in a way that anyone could understand it The most important message of this series and this book in particular? If they received that kindamount of love from God and from the people around them then so can we

  7. Steven Steven says:

    Joshua Ben Eliakim fled King Mannaseh’s ruthless reign of terror with a faithful remnant to a new home in Egypt Yet far away safe from the terrible tyrant Joshua is constantly haunted by revenge It will not leave him alone As events pulled Joshua into one conflict after another aimed at dethroning Mannaseh’s Joshua keeps digging deeper into his tunnel of isolation where bitterness regret and sorrow are about to destroy him Yet Yahweh in his mercy and kindness reached down to wrap his loving arms around Joshua The demons persist and Joshua struggles through the years to make peace with himself Yahweh his family and his enemies As I read this book I couldn’t help but look into the mirror at myself as the characters and actions pulled me along in this incredible story It will make you evaluate your faith

  8. Jill Jill says:

    The lessons in this series are amazing I have learned so much and wish I could read Thanks Lynn Austin for writing this We want like this

  9. Kaysha Kaysha says:

    I feel like there should be a 6th book sigh it's over Now I have to find something else to read The series was truly captivating

  10. Carleene Hibbs Reeder Carleene Hibbs Reeder says:

    So good This is an excellent series So glad I read them

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