Hardcover ↠ In the Wild ePUB æ In the PDF/EPUB ²

Hardcover ↠ In the Wild ePUB æ In the PDF/EPUB ²

In the Wild ❂ [EPUB] ✺ In the Wild By David Elliott ➛ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk The stellar team who brought us On the Farm present a companion book evoking creatures of the wild in simple clever poems and vibrant woodcutsFrom the lion standing alone on the African savannah to th The stellar team who brought us On the Farm present a In the PDF/EPUB ² companion book evoking creatures of the wild in simple clever poems and vibrant woodcutsFrom the lion standing alone on the African savannah to the panda in a bamboo forest from the rhinoceros with its boot like face to the Arctic polar bear disappearing in the snow the earth is full of curious and wonderful animals each extraordinary than the next David Elliott’s pithy lyrical verse and Holly Meade’s stunning woodcut and watercolor illustrations reveal a world of remarkable beauty and wonder — and offer an enticing introduction to both favorite animals and poetic forms.

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • In the Wild
  • David Elliott
  • English
  • 06 April 2015
  • 9780763644970

About the Author: David Elliott

David Elliott is the author of THE COOL CRAZY CRICKETS and In the PDF/EPUB ² THE TRANSMOGRIFICATION OF ROSCOE WIZZLE He says of AND HERE'S TO YOU My neighbor’s rooster and I were having a disagreement I wanted to sleep in the morning; he wanted to crow The rooster won of course The first verse of AND HERE'S TO YOU is a tribute to his victory and to the joys found in simply following your nature.

10 thoughts on “In the Wild

  1. Tasha Tasha says:

    This book of poems explores wild animals throughout the world Intriguing animals from the lion to the panda to the polar bear are examined through poems that get to the very heart of them The poems are brief and at the same time evocative Paired with the watercolor and woodcut illustrations the book is an inviting collection of poems suitable for the young child Elliott writes his poems with a great sense of play and curiosity Turn the page and you will get a contrasting approach with seriousness and grace It is this interplay of tone that makes this book so very readable one never knows just what will happen in the next poem or what the next featured animal will be Meade’s illustrations offer a unified look for these ever changing poems She stylishly captures the animals in iconic poses and situations that are made stylized and beautiful through her woodcuts The illustrations will project well to a group and offer large two page spreads that show the animals in their habitats A great pairing of the appeal of animals and the poetic form this book is a magnificent addition to library collections Appropriate for ages 4 7

  2. Barbara Barbara says:

    Fourteen short poems pay tribute to fascinating animals such as the lion when he roars the wide world listens unpaged and the giraffe Long neckedshow stopper unpaged Young readers will love these since they describe many of their favorite animals and are accompanied by wonderfully created colored woodblock prints with watercolors that trick readers into thinking the buffalo and wolf subjects for two separate poems are right outside the door Although I don't like this uite as much as On the Farm or In the Ocean it's a sure bet for enticing someone who thinks heshe dislikes poetry into sampling the verse

  3. Karen Arendt Karen Arendt says:

    A poetry book about wild animals Perfect for second grade to use as a companion piece to animal research projects After students complete their research report they could write a poem about their animal The poems are short and rhyme I love rhyming The illustrations are bold using dark lines to add shape I particularly like the polar bear picture in the water; he was hard to notice at first

  4. Edward Sullivan Edward Sullivan says:

    Excellent animal poems illustrated with beautiful woodcut pictures From the same pair who brought you the eually excellent On the Farm

  5. Richie Partington Richie Partington says:

    14 August 2010 IN THE WILD by David Elliott and Holly Meade ill Candlewick August 2010 32p ISBN 978 0 7636 4497 0 Who's always eager to extendA friendly claw?That's what friends are for Robert and Richard Sherman The Vulture Song from Disney's The Jungle Book The Northern Sumatran Rhinoceros Dicerorhinus sumatrensis lasiotis listed here as extinct might still survive in parts of India and Myanmar Recent sightings of this rhino subspecies in the far eastern India states of Manipur and Nagaland suggest the hairy Sumatran rhinoceros are surviving on the subcontinent There are also unconfirmed reports of this mammal from Myanmar and occasionally Sumatran rhino horns turn up in markets in Thailand that are allegedly coming from Myanmar The problem is that most areas where this rhino could occur are still no go areas controlled by rebels drug dealers or smugglers from Peter Maas's The Extinction Website A horn stuck on a boot like faceSo wrong so clearly out of placeA frightful sight preposterous it must be a Rhinoceros There are three reasons why I am especially excited about IN THE WILD First I've been doing workshops on sharing poetry with children and this is a really fun collection of illustrated poems Second kids of all ages have a timeless fascination with large wild animals which will make this an exceptionally popular book Third I feel the weight of living through a time in history when an unprecedented number of animal species have become extinct or endangered as a result of the population growth of and impact upon the planet by humans and I want to believe that a lot of kids who have positive literary experiences in getting to know about wild animals will be sensitive to news of endangered species particularly species of large mammals and will be apt to actively support efforts to protect the animals themselves and the related habitats There are some really terrific poems here The first one I'm working on memorizing is this Big yet moveswith gracePowerful yet delicateas lace As to color plain an ordinary grayBut once we start to lookwe cannot look away When peaceful silent;when angry loud Who would have guessedthe Elephantis so much like a cloud? Holly Meade's full spread watercolor over woodcut illustrations achieve a really nice balance between wildness and approachability without ever venturing anywhere near cuteness In the case of the elephant the powerful yet delicate animal is in profile and on the move like a cloud The eye is regarding us with neither fear nor anger; like mild interest The elephant is far too large to be confined to the two pages and so we only see up as high as the eye the base of the trunk and the base of the tail; the remainder spills off of the page Strut on a line it's discord and rhymeI howl and I whine I'm after you Duran Duran Hungry Like the Wolf From wolves to jaguars to kangaroos to polar bears this is a very welcome collection of wild things Richie Partington MLISRichie's Picks

  6. Morgan Drummond Morgan Drummond says:

    In the Wild is a book that talks all about the animals who live in the wild All different animals ranging from elephants to pandas Some of the animal that lives in the wild are discussed and the reader learns facts about them This book gives the reader specific facts about each specific animal Each page is a rhyme with facts about the animal mixed in He uses bigger words so the book is appropriate for older readers Younger ones can be read the book to learn about the animals but they may no understand all of it This book is a great read if the reader loves animals or if a unit is on animals in the class they can read this to learn It teaches you many facts you may not know I know when I read it I learned some facts that I hadn't heard before It has the facts and drawn pictures that look to be done in watercolor and maybe markers The pictures blend in to the page and make the words stand out All the animals look real and not fake This book is very good for learning

  7. Kenzie Teel Kenzie Teel says:

    In the Wild by David Elliott is a must have in the classroom when the students are learning about identity Each animal is described by the characteristics it possesses; each page is designated to that animal alone so students can think about one at a time This book would be great to use during an English lesson on adjectives because the content is filled with them Possibly the teacher could have the students search for the words in the book

  8. Sarri Tate Gibson Sarri Tate Gibson says:

    Poems about many different wild animals from giraffe to kangaroo to polar bear and many in between Does not seem to be a rhyme or reason for which wild animals were included or how they were organized in the book Some have titles some do not All are clever fairly short and are accompanied by fantastic illustrations wood block with watercolor maybe?

  9. Kelly Kelly says:

    A very enjoyable book about animals in the wild The illustrations are very uniue Each little story is set in a uniue stanza

  10. Haley Davis Haley Davis says:

    Gave good insight about different African animals

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