An Heir for the Millionaire Epub ´ for the MOBI

An Heir for the Millionaire Epub ´ for the MOBI

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  1. thadine thadine says:

    The Greek and the Single MomAfter being Xander Anaketos' undemanding mistress for nearly a year Clare finds herself replaced Unbeknownst to Xander Clare is pregnant Four years later they bump into each other and Xander finds out about his 3 year old son He will do anything it takes to have himThis was awful simply awful The plot was common enough1 Rich greek who changes mistresses like clothes2 Sweet girl who goes against all her common sense and becomes said Greek's mistress because she's in love with him Somehow she lasts longer than any of his previous women3 Hero dumps heroine before she tells him that she is pregnant so she decides to engage in the Secret Baby plot and live in honourable poverty4 Years and countless women later hero discovers secret baby and tries to force heroine to marry him5 Heroine refuses marriage this part is rare so hero has unprotected sex with heroine to get her pregnant again6 They all live happily ever afterEven trite plots like this can be salvaged but there was absolutely nothing likeable about Xander In Clare's own wordsHow can I love a man who threw me out like rubbish who packed me off with a diamond necklace who last night used me for sex because I was convenient and on hand?How can I love a man like that? A man without feelings without conscience without remorse or the slightest acknowledgement that he was so coldly callous to me?I musn't love a man like that It debases me to do soCouldn't agree It seems that the only reason Clare is in love with Xander is that he's a stud I read this story with gritted teeth Clare was just so unbelievably pathetic And what can I say about Xander's brilliant plot to get her pregnant? He doesn't know her menstrual cycle doesn't know whether she's on the pill or not yet thinks that having unprotected sex with her once will be enough to see the deed doneUgh Don't bother reading this one I feel dumber for having done so

  2. Vintage Vintage says:

    To uote Naksed these are barftasticIn An An Heir for the Millionaire The Greek and the Single Momhe Millionaire's Contract Bride the first story is The Greek and the Single MomHere we have a flashback where the h recalls the time she got her walking papers from her Greek tycoon the day she's going to tell him they a mini Greek tycoon on the way She's a spine of steel as she gets up and simply walks out not passing go and not collecting the unoriginal diamond whatever he has for her Unfortunately for her she runs into him again living her life of noble poverty with her itty bitty Greek tycoon doppelgängerHe's furious she hid the baby from him blah blah blah and plots to make her fall for him all over again so he can take their son because how dare a lowly mistress blah blah blah It comes out in the wash that the reason he wanted to get rid of her was wait for it he was getting feelings for her I'll skip over the part where he already had a replacement mistress selected My eyes rolled out of my headIn the flashback and current day he has the emotional connection with her that I have with my used Kleenex How are they in love? Huh? Next up in the Banal Phone It In Romance Award is The Millionaire's Contract Bride where we have two discarded spouses whose exes hooked up and have now gone on to their just reward in the Underworld The exes each have a plot moppet The H proposes a MOC as his FIL sorry for all the acronyms wants custody of the H's daughter She accepts the MOC offer and they have a hesitant grope session on his desk It's the best grope session she's ever had Three weeks later the FIL drops his case but suddenly they are in love Hmm I don't know when it happened as the H was out of town for part of the three weeks but okay The H was definitely hot for the h so at least she has that

  3. Melanie♥ Melanie♥ says:

    4 stars for the Julia James book25 stars for the Carole Mortimer bookFor the re read skipped the CM book completely Still loving the JJ book

  4. willaful willaful says:

    Ah trust Julia James to punch me in the gut and make me love it The first short novel in this collection The Greek and the Single Mom is Harleuin Presents drama at its best with lots of suffering for the main characters but with an underlying rationale that saves it from seeming needless or ridiculous The shorter format is a win here keeping the anguished hurting lovers from descending into the familiar page wasting hell of the bickerfestThe second story Carole Mortimer's The Millionaire's Contract Bride is much lighter; pleasant enough and a nice contrast but not particularly memorable

  5. KatieV KatieV says:

    Have only read the first novella so far The Greek and the Single Mom by Julia James 3 stars If this would have been the standard length HP I believe my rating would have been much higher One of my favorite tropes hero ditches his mistress because he's too stupid to know how much he loves her and she subseuently disappears without her payoff which tortures him It just needed a few chapters to be fleshed out particularly the hero's part in it

  6. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    Such a good story This is a review for The Greek and the Single Mom Warning the hero only has mistresses continues to have mistresses during their separation and considered the heroine his mistress when they were together the first time The virgin heroine didn't know she was his mistress until the night he gave her a diamond necklace and told her it was over That was also the night she was going to tell him she was pregnantSo now four years later they meet again when the heroine is moonlighting at a fancy bar to pay for a camping holiday with her son and the old lady they live with The hero is angry with her because she just left him in the middle of dinner and never came back I love that partShe hasn't forgiven him and still doesn't tell him about her son The hero remembers all the good times they used to have and decides he wants her back He then discovers he has a son and goes through the HP Hero Stages of Turning into Dad and Husband1 Is angry and rows with heroine2 Tries to bond with son son is responsive of course3 Gets rid of current mistress4 Tells heroine they are going to marry5 Takes heroine and son on a vacation to the Caribbean 6 When that doesn't work he decides to go for revenge7 Has unprotected sex with the h so she'll get pregnant again and have to marry him8 Realizes he loves the heroine after having unprotected sex and now doesn't know what to do9 Comes across the heroine weeping in despair10 Long extended grovelThere is a happy epilogue of course The stages of turning the secret daddy into husband and father material vary from book to book sometimes there are threats of legal action there is revenge etc but the hero always has to confront his fears of intimacy before the HEA I thought JJ pulled that off here which is why I could believe the HEA I also appreciated how she kept the hero a jerk though most of the story and the heroine resolute until she finally succumbed to her traitorous body there was lots of lovely conflict

  7. KatLynne KatLynne says:

    2 Stars for The Greek and The Single Mom by Julia JamesThis one was very promising at the beginning A well written short story by Ms James and I liked the backbone of the heroine But I never came to like the hero Xander Aneketos Even the ending with his explanation of his deplorable behavior toward Claire wasn't enough to redeem himself for me 35 Stars for The Millionaire's Contract Bride by Carole MortimerStandard HN short readnothing spectacular but all in all a good short romance While I liked the heroine Casey Bridges the hero Xander Fraser is what made this one enjoyable for me

  8. Tonya Warner Tonya Warner says:

    In 'The Greek and the Single Mom' Claire is an ex mistress that when Xander ended their affair felt tossed out on the garbage as he tried to show his appreciation for her services with a diamond necklace Walking out and leaving him all his gifts and trying to get past her love for him Claire raises the son he never knew about on her own She did not want the risk of him deserting his child as he did herXander was afraid of the feelings Claire raised in him Rather than face up to his fears and admit the weakness of loving her he lost her and his child's early years In 'The Millionaire's Contract Bride' Casey is struggling after her divorce and subseuent death of her cheating ex husband Having the ex husband of the woman her husband left her for appear and present a proposal that they marry so he has a family for his daughter and she has security for her son is beyond her comprehension Finding out that Xander sets her blood on fire and she is not the cold ice maiden her husband has said and that Xander shows her real passion makes her falling in love with him even ironicBoth are very good stories Was a bit confusing having both men named Xander though

  9. Michael Michael says:

    Your standard HP Presents but I liked how the heroine in the first book had some gumption to her and was willing to call the hero out for his crap Not bad at all

  10. Kelly Kelly says:

    I like the first story better

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An Heir for the Millionaire [Reading] ➶ An Heir for the Millionaire ➽ Julia James – Two gorgeous men called XanderTwo proud fathers about to claim their heirs The Greek and the Single Mom by Julia JamesFor Greek tycoon Xander Anaketos only money talks and when he breezes back into Cl Two gorgeous men for the MOBI í called XanderTwo proud fathers about to claim their heirs The Greek and An Heir ePUB ↠ the Single Mom by Julia JamesFor Greek tycoon Xander Anaketos only money talks and when he Heir for the MOBI î breezes back into Claire's life he wants her back in his bed But what will he do when he discovers his impoverished ex mistress is also the loving mother of his childThe Millionaire's Contract Bride by Carole MortimerImpossibly rich Xander Fraser wants struggling single mother Casey Bridges to be his brideof convenience Casey knows their marriage can never be real but that doesn't stop her falling for her new husband.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 187 pages
  • An Heir for the Millionaire
  • Julia James
  • English
  • 12 August 2014
  • 9780373129362

About the Author: Julia James

Julia lives in for the MOBI í England with her family Mills and Boon novels were Julia's first grown An Heir ePUB ↠ up books she read as a teenager Alongside Georgette Heyer and Daphne du Maurier and she's Heir for the MOBI î been reading them ever sinceJulia adores the English countryside And the Celtic countryside in all its seasons and is fascinated by all things historical from castles to cottages She also has a special lov.