The Wolf of Tebron PDF ↠ The Wolf ePUB ↠

The Wolf of Tebron PDF ↠ The Wolf ePUB ↠

The Wolf of Tebron (The Gates of Heaven, #1) [Read] ➭ The Wolf of Tebron (The Gates of Heaven, #1) Author C.S. Lakin – In classic fairy tale style we embark on an enchanted journey with a young blacksmith—Joran—whose only desire is to live a peaceful uncomplicated life in his forest village a desire shattered by t In classic fairy tale style we embark on an enchanted journey with a young blacksmith—Joran—whose only desire is to live a peaceful The Wolf ePUB ↠ uncomplicated life in his forest village a desire shattered by the sudden and bizarre disappearance of his wife Charris Later Joran is plagued by nightmares of an unimaginable sea where Charris remains trapped in a sand castle at the whim of the Moon The goose woman insists he will find no rest from his nightmares until he solves the riddle of three keys She tells him to travel the treacherous journey to the house of the Moon to find the answers he seeksUnable to ignore the urgings of his nightmares Joran sets out north seeking the Moon Leaving a town and family where he never felt truly at home Joran’s journey becomes than just a search for his wife His path also leads inward for he must face emotions that have tormented him his entire life—feelings of alienation and anger of despair and hurt Along the way he rescues a wolf—a huge imposing creature that becomes a companion and eventually a trusted friendJoran has the uncanny ability to speak with animals and learns from the wolf Ruyah that he can manipulate his dreams to affect the real world With Ruyah’s humor and guidance Joran finds the courage and fortitude to press on despite setbacks and disappointments With the wolf by his side he endures the darkness at the end of the world and the ravings of the lunatic Moon who sends him off— confused than before—to the Palace of the Sun with a seemingly useless giftAfter trekking through a vast unmerciful desert Joran arrives at the Palace of the Sun where he meets the Sun’s mother Sola She helps Joran understand part of his riddle and then sends him with the gift of a sunstone to the cave of the South Wind whom she says will finally reveal the truth to him about his wife—if he dares hear it He and Ruyah travel south through jungle and finally arrive at the cave There Joran is swept along a vision where he sees his past and in horror learns truths that send him into deep despair The South Wind dismisses him with one last gift—but like the other two gifts he has no idea what they are for or how they will help him rescue his wife She tells him to find the sea of his dreams—far west beyond his imagining.

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  1. Bookwraiths Bookwraiths says:

    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews The Wolf of Tebron is a Christian fable delivered in classic fantasy style Yes it’s allegory and yes it is based on different stories of the Bible And if you find it difficult to digest these type of message stories then this novel is not for you However if you adore stories where every paragraph can be dissected for its hidden meaning The author actually cites GK Chesterton and CS Lewis throughout the book then this brilliantly written fairy tale will be one that you enjoy immenselyThe tale itself centers on a young blacksmith—Joran—who lives a peaceful uncomplicated life in his forest village happy to come home each night to his beautiful wife His whole existence shatters in an instance however when he returns home a little earlier than usual one day walking past his neighbor’s farm and sees his wife in the farmer’s loving embrace His heart broken and his world destroyed Joran confronts his wife later about what he has seen When she refuses to admit the truth Joran sends Charris away in a rage Soon everyone in Joran’s small village has learned that he and Charris are no longer living together and begin to suspect that something is amiss no matter his story that she is just visiting her family in another town And to make matters worse rumors begin to circulate that Charris never arrived at her destination but mysteriously disappeared off the wagon he had placed her upon Now our young blacksmith finds his world fully and completed destroyed for he loves his wife no matter her infidelity and feels obligated to discover what has happened to her The journey Joran then sets out upon sees him walk many miles wearing out three sets of shoes solving the riddle of three keys and saving the life of a mysterious wolf named Ruyah With his new wolf friend in tow our young hero meets and visits with the Moon the Sun and the South Wind before eventually traveling to the sea where his dreams have shown him Charris trapped in a slowly dissolving sandcastle But while his steps lead him across the world his uest also lies down another path; a path that lies inward into his very psyche as Joran is forced to face and resolve emotions that have tormented him his entire life—feelings of estrangement from his family resentment toward his brothers anger toward his wife and despair for his failures Soon he begins to see that the truth is a relative thing easily bent distorted and hidden by the espouser of it Yet our young hero also discovers that love is the only source of real truth As stated earlier this is a well written fairy tale based in an interesting fantasy world with intriguing characters and than a few moral lessons And while it can be viewed as a morality play CS Lakin does a wonderful job of delivering an entertaining story along with the Christian theology As with all allegorical tales this book would be a great novel to discuss in a book reading group or a reading class where all of the intricate details of Joran’s world could be shifted through for hidden meanings Indeed this is a worthy successor to the works of the great Christian apologist CS LewisI received this book from Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review I’d like to thank Netgalley for allowing me to receive this review copy and inform everyone that the review you have read is my opinion alone

  2. Becky B Becky B says:

    I have spent my past several reviews lamenting the sad state of the uality of modern Christian fantasy so it was a breath of fresh air to read this book I LOVED The Wolf of Tebron by C S Lakin It reminded me very much of George MacDonald’s fantasy writing I really liked the characters she introduced I loved that the story had enough depth it left you with things to think about and chew over later but most of all I loved her writing The words were lyrical and well chosen the descriptions and similes were the work of a wordsmith who knows her craft and Lakin didn’t shy away from some good ol’ big words but also didn’t bog down the writing with them only using them when they best described the sceneaction Now I know not everyone will love this book like I did The theme of dreams is prevalent throughout the story and affects the writing style Many times Joran has difficulty telling if he is dreaming or awake view spoilerit actually turns out that the entire journey and most of the aciton take place in a dream so strong it affects reality hide spoiler

  3. Julie Julie says:

    I received this book as a part of the CSFF Blog Tour When it was first pitched to me I wasn't sure this was something I would enjoy However I saw some great reviews on it and even heard that it was likened to CS Lewis's writing While I've never read the Chronicles of Narnia series big gasp I have enjoyed the movies I'm so thankful I gave this book a chanceThere is an incredible journey taking place when a marital spat occurs Joran packs up his wife and sends her off to see family It might possibly be the last he sees of her Finding out that she never arrived at the home of her parents Joran sets out to try to find her He meets up with this intriguing wolf who is stuck in a trap out in the middle of nowhere Being the kind animal lover and animal speaker he is Joran works to free the wolf and finds him tagging along on the journey Along the way Joran meets the most interesting peopleCielle the looney sister of the moon; Sola mother of the sun; and Noomahh the South Wind Will he ever find his wife and make things right? This would be a beautiful book to use in an English class would have to be in a private or homeschool than likely since it has a heavy spiritual depth and presenceI would love to see it in a public school though There are many allegories parables and overall beautiful writing and story tellings throughout this book It is full of adventure and the author spins this tale in a manner that will draw in readers young and old As previously mentioned this book is likened to the writings of CS Lewis and fans of his type of literature will enjoy this story I look forward to The Map Across Time which will release in the spring as the second book in this series Many thanks to Susanne and Living Ink Books for providing a copy for review Please visit these others who are blogging on the tour In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour I received a free copy of this book from the publisher Noah Arsenault Amy Bissell Red Bissell Justin Boyer Keanan Brand Grace Bridges Beckie Burnham Jeff Chapman Christian Fiction Book Reviews Carol Bruce Collett Valerie Comer CSFF Blog Tour D G D Davidson April Erwin Andrea Graham Nikole Hahn Katie Hart Ryan Heart Bruce Hennigan Becky Jesse Cris Jesse Becca Johnson Jason Joyner Julie Carol Keen Dawn King Shannon McDermott Matt Mikalatos Rebecca LuElla Miller Joan Nienhuis Nissa John W Otte Chawna Schroeder Tammy Shelnut Kathleen Smith James Somers Rachel Starr Thomson Robert Treskillard Fred Warren Phyllis Wheeler

  4. Christie Hagerman Christie Hagerman says:

    What a spectacular book I got caught up in this epic struggle in the very first chapter and didn’t put the book down until I’d read it through In this allegory Joran a simple young man finds himself leaving the world he’s always known in search of his wife who was captured by some force of magic He is joined by a wolf who accompanies and guides him on his uest Their adventures force Joran to confront his inner demons and embrace who he was meant to beThis is a book that can be enjoyed on many levels Parents who read this to young children will find them hanging on every word as Joran journeys around the world to free his captive wife having interesting conversations with animals as he goes Older children will understand that the struggle goes beyond his fight to liberate her and is actually a battle within his own self Teens and adults will recognize themselves in the classic war between flesh and spiritSprinkled on every page are pertinent proverbs from various sources making this not only a wonderful work of fiction but practically a manual for wise living The characters are cleverly named causing a bit of foreshadowing throughout the developing story For example the wife who is kind and forgiving despite her husband’s failures is named Charris almost the Greek word charis which means grace—unmerited favor The South Wind is named Noommah which is pronounced like its Greek counterpart pneuma meaning breath or spirit At the end are study uestions making this a perfect book club read or high school literature assignment It would also make a wonderful family read aloud worth the effort to expound on the themes and discuss the practical applications A must read

  5. Bluerose& Bluerose& says:

    It took me a little while to get into the story I really think this is one you have to fully commit to reading or you won’t like it I went back and forth between really liking parts of it and hating it I found a lot of it confusing and weird but that’s not necessarily a bad thing The you read the details are given The ending clears up all other loose endsThis story is suppose to be a representation of God’s love and devotion I’m not going to review on that aspect of the story because that makes it even confusing and I’m not totally sure I like it as a representation of God I didn’t like that Joran seemed so immature throughout most of the story but he did grow throughout so I’m sure that was the point I also really wished he seemed to love his wife through most of the story He only goes to save her to get relief from his nightmares Again if you read to the end you’ll like this story but it’s not one for everybody I had a difficult time through most of it And this is a Christian book but you can totally read it as simply a fairy tale I think there’s only one or two uotes from the Bible If you didn’t know it was a Christian book you’d never knowIn conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour I received a free copy of this book from the publisher

  6. Tami Tami says:

    Joran liked his simple life as a blacksmith and coming home to his beautiful wife each night In an instant everything changed It all began when Joran returned home a little earlier than usual He walked past the neighbour’s farm and saw his wife in a loving embrace Heart broken Joran confronted his wife that night but she refused to acknowledge the truth Seething with anger Joran sent his wife Charris away As often happens in small towns soon everyone suspected that something was amiss with Joran and Charris No one believed that Charris had just decided to visit her family After all this wasn’t exactly the time of year to go visiting Through the grapevine Joran found out that Charris had never arrived at her destination It was then that absolutely everything turned upside down Joran began a uest to find his wife a journey that would see him wear out three pairs of shoes and travel to all corners of the world and beyond To seek the moon the sun the wind and the sea to find answers The Wolf of Tebron is a beautiful fable set out like a classic fantasy novel Joran’s uest is as much within as it is a physical journey In fact the elements are nothing compared to his own inner demons Central to the story is truth How easily it is bent distorted and hidden but also how love contains its own set of deeper truths

  7. Ron Ron says:

    Excellent fairy tale in the The Pilgrim's Progress or The Lord of the Ringstradition The hidden Bible uotes and Christian literary allusions increase the fun Appropriate for young adult readersClear from the start that Joran was fighting himself at some level Short book Felt a little rushed; could have developed the journey portions For added drama do not read the Foreword It gives away a lotA very good read

  8. Kelsey Bryant Kelsey Bryant says:

    Ohwhere to start? This was lovely It was a fairy tale in every good sense of the word only enriched into a literary novel The fairy tale elements of journey symbolism and magic were there but the characters were well rounded and there were allusions to Biblical themes and authors like C S Lewis and G K Chesterton The writing is elegant a large vocabulary and plenty of description which is essential if an author is crafting a fantasy land The resolution of the tale kept me guessing and I loved the character Ruyah the wolf of Tebron I don't read a whole lot of fantasy but this book and the rest of the series form a world I can really get into

  9. Lois Lois says:

    In search of his wife who has disappeared without trace Joran the young blacksmith sets out from his home where he has been besieged by recurring nightmares for many a night On the way he rescues a wolf Ruyah who insists upon accompanying him Joran speaks telepathically to all animals and has never felt at home in his small village One is led to wonder why Thus starts an adventure that is likely to intrigue you and to capture your interest in ways that you might never have imagined possible A fairy tale intended for youngster and adult alike The Wolf of Tebron is a profoundly spiritual work which teaches values of truth integrity courage companionship and fealtyIn her discussion of The Wolf of Tebron which she provides at the end of the novel CS Lakin explains that she wrote the novel to reflect God’s love and devotion to the personal growth and salvation of those who believe in Him Her aim was to flesh out in her description of the relationship between two individuals the way in which our awareness of God can permeate every inch of our beings Ruyah is a Christ figure who has vowed never to leave us nor forsake us By using allegory and metaphor Lakin is able to draw on both traditional fairy tale elements and on Scripture to impact on our consciousness of the deeper meaning of lifeThe overwhelming sense of evil prevailing in the prologue is never far from the underlying timbre of the book just as in real life we are constantly having to guard against surrendering our integrity and essential goodness to forces intent on harming us By casting the Moon in the role of villain Lakin is able to achieve a sustained concentration of a sense of evil throughout the text which is so much omnipresent than the focusing of such evil in a single individual might otherwise have been One tends to associate the moon with lovers’ trysts so that when considering the shakiness of Joran’s marriage and his suspicion of his wife’s adultery it is unsurprising that an object which is traditionally associated with sexuality and physical love is upended and treated as the arch enemy The Wolf of Tebron should appeal to modern day youth who tend to be enthralled by the cult of werewolves and vampires By using the murky world of the unknown to captivate her audience Lakin is likely to attract a far wider audience than might have otherwise been willing to become drawn into her text The Wolf of Tebron is not easy reading but combines a number of literary approaches to render a coalescent whole which is persuasive and convincing in its power Whether all those who read the tale will be capable of first time round appreciating the subtler aspects of the text is debatable but then CS Lewis’ The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe has in similar fashion attracted the musings of both young and old Spanning the generations in its appeal Lakin’s The Wolf of Tebron deserves serious contemplation whether or not the reader is of the Christian faith

  10. Silvers Silvers says:

    410I couldn't really help but be bored I really wanted to like this since my friends are big fans of it but I had to force myself to pick this thing up and look at the words

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