Paperback ✓ Harvest Epub å

Paperback ✓ Harvest Epub å

Harvest ❮BOOKS❯ ✷ Harvest ✭ Author Manjula Padmanabhan – Om a young man is driven by unemployment to sell his body parts for cash Guards arrive to make his home into a germ free zone When his brother Jeetu arrives unexpectedly he is taken away as the donor Om a young man is driven by unemployment to sell his body parts for cash Guards arrive to make his home into a germ free zone When his brother Jeetu arrives unexpectedly he is taken away as the donor Om’s wife Jaya is left alone Will she too be seduced into selling her body for use by the rich Westerners.

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  1. Amalie Amalie says:

    Harvest is a darkly satirical play about relationships within a family and between the 1st world and the 3rd world The play is set in some near future where the rich of the First World has begun to devour bits and pieces of the Third World poor Harvest is really about the lengths people ready to walk on a path to destruction for various material needs risking their individual dignity It's a deep look into organ harvesting I highly recommend it to those interested in ethics andor sci fi It can make for a great intellectual discussion

  2. Carol Z. Carol Z. says:

    Simply ingenious I have so much respect for Padmanabhan Her brilliant analogy for capitalism colonialism and the struggles of the Indian underclass are so captivating What really stuck out to me about this play was the grotesue and the horrifying are so well embedded into the fabric of the scenes its only until you stop and say wait a second that it hits you For me personally the story of Jeetu one of the characters who sells his body on the streets through prostitution was very emotional Compared to Om who sells his organs to Ginnie a rich American and is gilded as a good son Jeetu initially refuses the allure of organ trade For him prostitution is a means of at least choosing what to do with his body and owning it to some extent rather than giving it up completely What a deep and thought provoking play I sure hope to see it live one day

  3. Sena Sena says:

    This wasreal fucked up But also so intensely thought provoking

  4. Charlotte Jones Charlotte Jones says:

    It's the first day of the #IndianReadathon and I thought I'd pick up a book in a format that I don't often read but want to read of plays This one intrigued me and was a genre I've never in a play before as it is a science fiction dystopian story set in a poor area of IndiaThis dark satirical play comments on the illegal trade of human organs that happens in India and makes it science fiction where the West pay donors from India for their body partsThis is unlike anything I've ever read before and I would love to see how it looks on stage The characters were complex and morally grey and the dynamics between them was one of my favourite aspects of the book I understand why this is something studied in some schools because there is so much to pick apart surrounding themes of wealth colonisation technology morality worth and the ethics of scientific developments Overall this was a thrilling read and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to read science fiction that comments on real world issues from countries other than the US and UK4 out of 5 stars

  5. Natalia Ahmed Natalia Ahmed says:

    A beautifully written play set in a dystopian future where the poor are forced to sell their bodies literally to the rich in order to earn money to survive Heartbreaking and tragic this play makes you confront a future that can become all too real

  6. Helen (pagesandpeaches) Helen (pagesandpeaches) says:

    read for classthis was one of the most messed up stories i've ever read and i really wish i hadn't read it HOWEVER it deals with important topics so like yeah made me think really hate it also this cover is THE WORST

  7. Sam Figura Sam Figura says:

    As a theatre arts major at the University of Oregon I absolutely love this play It's thought provoking and highly entertaining We read this book for a class and everyone seemed to enjoy it

  8. Laxmi Priya Laxmi Priya says:

    Grappling with the stylistic choices a little bit and the telling of an others' story

  9. Sierra Collins Sierra Collins says:

    Genius SPOILER ALERT A futuristic world in which the disparity between the rich in western developed countries and the poor in the underprivileged and underdeveloped countries has become so vast that the poor are compelled to sell their organs to the rich in exchange for money to be able to afford the basic necessities of lifeThe dually horrifying and intriguing part of this story is that it goes beyond mere organ transplant to a story akin to Invasion of the Body Snatchers The privileged people never die because they have their brains transplanted into the younger bodies of the lower class while consciousness of the donor lives on in their brain which is hooked up to what is probably a very pleasurable virtual reality The rich are also no longer able to procreate so they use poor fertile women for artificial insemination A both horrifying and tangible story of the future similar to Brave New World by Aldous Huxley Although this world is not uite as far away from us as it may seem Organ trafficking on the black market is a present reality even if brain transplants aren't yet an attainable technology both sympathize with and am empowered by the character Jaya in the end of the play Say what you want about her She was unfaithful yes but in the end she is a woman who refuses to give away any part of herself either emotionally or physically to someone who doesn't work for it She refuses to settle for anything other than organic human interaction She insists on retaining her human dignity and autonomy even unto death Also I can't stand Om and Jeetu's mother She's so RUDE The mother in law from hell

  10. Alice Alice says:

    Twist at the end reveals the real reason for it all Themes of neocolonialism Very short read for class

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