Snowflakes and Embers MOBI ô Snowflakes and MOBI

Snowflakes and Embers MOBI ô Snowflakes and MOBI

  • online fiction
  • 640 pages
  • Snowflakes and Embers
  • S.A. Payne
  • English
  • 10 June 2016

10 thoughts on “Snowflakes and Embers

  1. Geekygirl Gamer Geekygirl Gamer says:

    Okay I just finished thisLet the review beginThe summary sounded really promising and the beginning of the story was great as wellPrince Deseem is fourteen years old when he's told he will be married off to a stranger once he's a little older for an alliance in order to strengthen Bastion his father's kingdom which is currently at war with Corena a neighbouring countrySo far so goodLiam Prince of Corena recently lost his beloved wife in the war He has not yet had time to mourn for her when he is told he will have to remarry for an alliance the youngest Bastion Prince of all people son to the man responsible to his wife's deathStill goodWhy did I not love the book then? Why only two stars?The answer is simple The writing totally killed it for meI'll start lightly; the names bothered meI agree that fantasy countries can have their own languages and as a result pretty fancy names Deseem for example is a nice name that's not too fancy and still easy enough to pronounce while not being some everyday nameDeseemdamiah is pushing limitsIrend nice creativeIrendorialah? Hard to rememberMy personal favorite though was Restonarinach Seriously I'll be fluent in Dothraki before I learn to pronounce that Every time he appeared I stumbled over the name which kind of ruined the flowThe last name that really bothered me was Malcome I actually wondered whether the author had misspelled MalcolmEDIT Seems like you can actually spell it that way Looks weird to me but oh wellNext spellingThe names were misspelled on than one occasion Liam and Deseem became Laim and Dessem I'm a stickler for spelling I know that and I'm willing to overlook some things but misspelling a main character's name? That's a big NO ReallyThere were also chard or charred? beddings and a whole lot of other spelling mistakes as well as great confusion about then and than in fact those were almost always wrong and lay and lieSome mistakes actually changed the meaning of a sentence others just plain annoyed meOn to INTERPUNCTUATIONS A Payne likes to keep her main and subordinate sentences strictly separated and it turns out that uestion marks are an amazing means to achieve that If you want to write an if clause? Just slam a uestion mark in there you get my drift? It works once but not every damn time Same goes for uestion marks after indirect uestions Using it once is okay using it all the time makes it seem like you don't know that's not how it's supposed to beOther than that there were commas in all the wrong places Before commas for example or in the middle of a simple sentence that has no need of a comma I was however missing commas in other places so the average number of commas in the story was probably correct only the placement might need improvementAnother big point the flowActually if it hadn't been for the other flaws this one would have gone largely unnoticed but I had to distract myself with somethingThe beginning of the story was great really I got really into it could relate to the characters as much as one can relate to someone in their situationAnd then it startedview spoilerIn the beginning of Liam's and Deseem's relationship Deseem is all meek and submissive due to the cleansing Understandable really He's scared of what might await him in their wedding night and even after that he's afraid of what his husband might do to him Okay I get that But then the cleansing is reversed Deseem is still shy sure you don't just forget about the rules you've followed for as long as you remember but eventually he starts voicing his opinions and so on FineLiam likes it too Every time Deseem does something Liam thinks something along the line of Well it's a start Only that happens all the time and eventually I started thinking How many starts does the boy need?? hide spoiler

  2. Nikyta Nikyta says:

    45 starsFor anyone that really knows me they know how much I love certain aspects inside the mm genre Fantasy arranged marriage cruelty and abuse uasi Stockholm Syndrome emotionally messed up and broken characters kidnapping or hostage situations all those elements always end up making an exceptionally great book in my eyes With Snowflakes and Embers I felt like I was in heaven while reading it because it has all those elements sans kidnapping Sort ofTo fully describe what happens in this book would turn out to be a synopsis because the book is extremely long but when it comes to fantasy those are always the best kind We get details a lot of details in this book We get background information because it is all very important but most importantly we get to actually see almost all of the situations and problems play out We learn about Deseem's life as a young teen and what he goes through because of his family the choices that are taken away from him and how he ends up being this shell of a man when he finally meets Liam Liam however is a mystery in his own way We know about him but the things he's gone through in his life are both horrendous and awe inspiring because of how he's been able to survive with it What I took from this book though was acceptance and strength Being able to see Liam and Deseem grow and change from damaged characters who couldn't get out of their custom roles to individuals who ended up loving each other even with the hardships they've faced was amazing I felt what they felt Their emotions were my emotions and whenever one of them was hurt or sad I was hurt or sad Honestly both of them broke my heart because of how uniue and strange they are compared their own people Their relationship developed slowly and I really enjoyed that because it gave me the opportunity to enjoy the characters for who they were on the inside Simply put I loved these charactersI really did love this book because both the setting and the characters were extremely interesting However this book had a lot of editing mistakes and at times it drew me out of the story but after a while I got used to it enough to bypass them Also at times Liam really pissed me off While I love slow intense build ups his constant denial and bringing Deseem closer just to push him away annoyed and frustrated me but I knew why he did it so I accepted it even if I wanted to pull his head out of his ass then beat him with a stickOverall I really adored this book It caught my attention from the beginning and kept it there Deseem and Liam buried themselves inside my heart and wouldn't let up for even a minute The world captivated me with the different cultures and the creatures involved I'm not ready to let these two go yet so I sincerely hope there will be a seuel about them in the near future Definitely recommended

  3. Ravyn Ravyn says:

    Loved this Loved the characters loved the story loved it all But it's been too long since I've read it to say anything much specific I can say that I'm very excited about the seuel novel to be written at some unknown future timeGenerally speaking I've really enjoyed pretty much everything I've read from SA Payne's subscription website I think she's super creative with lots of interesting ideas which is totally reflected in her many different stories HOWEVER I feel compelled to warn that the editing is pretty much non existent on her website There are LOTS of major issues with grammar and spelling Lots of run on sentences improper use or lack of punctuation and tons of spelling issues I don't mean to go on and on but seriously it really bugged me Like using than instead of then constantlyI don't know why but that drove me nuts I think the reason the editing issues make me so crazy is because the stories are actually REALLY ENJOYABLE and the lack of editing just detracts from that which is a real shame Bottom Line Really uniue premise and overall really enjoyable One of my favorite mm fantasy reads 5 stars given for pure enjoyment factor rather than uality of writing So beware the atrocious lack of editingEDIT 6311 Just re read this and loved it just as much as I did the first time Probably my favorite story from this author with Blurring the Lines at a close second Reading this again while incredibly enjoyable seriously makes me itch for a seuel though Don't worry it's not like it ends of a cliffhanger or anything it doesn't at all it's just left open for And I want it

  4. Lilia Ford Lilia Ford says:

    35Fascinating It ended up uite different and less dark than I'd anticipated with far less mindfuckery and none in the main relationship The world building and the Bentan Bride forced feminization concept were fantastic though the mind control elements happen mostly off stage which turns this into a long hurt healing story very very long The story sprawls over 640 pages though based on the actual plot it could easily have been a third that length view spoilerSurprisingly the story did not work up to any kind of gripping substantial climax as the uasi tragic story of Deseem's mental violation gives way to an almost slapstick friends as matchmakers storyline that could come right out of a Hollywood rom com I kept expecting the brother or the evil father to reappear but they never did hide spoiler

  5. Leah Leah says:

    This book is just magical I was sucked into the universe Payne created and I didn't want to leave Deseem and Liam's storyGAH read it for yourself Have tissues chocolate coffee water and sleep aids handy; I swear you won't be able to put it down FANTASTIC read

  6. Jairo Jairo says:

    I really like this one Was pretty slow but the way the author portrayed each scene was beautiful

  7. Manaji Manaji says:

    It's good very good read Although I have some issues with this one so 3755 stars Firstly I have to say that I am not a big fan of polygamy Okay I don't like it and I don't think that in a book with characters like Liam and Deseem who are pretty damaged and need to rebuilt their trust including idea of echangism threesome slowed the story and hited my nerves The characterisation of Dessem was pretty good really amazing because the story progressed in a way where you could understand him understand why he was this little submissive and terrified man in the beggining of the story Liamwas not that good I like him very much indeed but he lacked something something we understand only in the last pages of the story and it's really really frustating The end seems rushed and most of the issues of the characters don't seems completly resolved And for a big story like this one it's don't feel right Honestly with the last words I have feel nothing no joy no sadness no fear no even relief Nothing Worst the last proposition of Norlan make me roll my eyes and wanted to punch him in the face and I just began to like him This comment was so out of place and I was like What's the point ? So yes very good story in her whole but the ending ? Not so much

  8. Brittany Brittany says:

    Snowflakes and Embers should have been tightened up and cut down 300 pages It was too wordy and too repetitive Is he doing it out of duty? Or is he really physically attracted to me? Would I be taking advantage of him? Does he really love me? Am I capable of loving him? Ugh So many lonely nights and misunderstandings could have prevented if the author had done this one thing let Liam and Deseem talk to each other I love slow developed romances but this was too muchNo plot No side storylines Why was this 640 pages? WHY?

  9. Ayanna Ayanna says:

    355Hmm Mixed reactionsIt's good Well written It's got a lot of details and a high plus is it usually wasn't presented in a series of info dumps as some books do The characterization was pretty good The world is fascinating and seems rather interestingly complete and highly fascinating especially Bastion traditions However there was markedly something lacking Yeah it was engaging butI dunno character dynamics seemed to be lacking The grammar was also kind of weird and oddly punctuated at times but the story managed to push through Throughout all of it though it still wasdecided dull Engaging but dullI felt kind of cheated at how seemingly abruptly it ended but given how long it's already been I don't actually have that much a problem with thatOh also there were odd POV jumps The third person narration sometimes drifted into 3rd limited which makes jumps back to omniscientother 3rd limited awkward

  10. Sonia189 Sonia189 says:

    This book is so great I can't say it enough For those who like romantic fantasy it's perfect I loved everything about it

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Snowflakes and Embers❰Epub❯ ❧ Snowflakes and Embers Author S.A. Payne – Deseem was to be a gift to God trained from birth to be a priest but when his father the king is short on allies and heirs he's ordered to become a Bentan Bride Left with no choices and options he bra Deseem was to be a gift to God trained from birth to be a priest but when his father the king is short on allies and heirs he's ordered to become a Bentan Bride Left with no choices and options he braces himself for the worstLiam is used to how his magic frightens people and he's learned to like his isolation He's content being a Watcher and finds real joy in his work The last thing he wants is a Snowflakes and MOBI :å Bentan BrideWhen destiny and chance bring them together they both have to struggle to build a new life Status CompleteWord count approx .

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