Kindle Edition ã Decision Points PDF/EPUB å

Kindle Edition ã Decision Points PDF/EPUB å

Decision Points ➝ Decision Points free download ➢ Author George W. Bush – President George W Bush describes the critical decisions of his presidency and personal life Decision Points is the extraordinary memoir of America’s 43rd president Shattering the conventions of pol President George W Bush describes the critical decisions of his presidency and personal life Decision Points is the extraordinary memoir of America’s rd president Shattering the conventions of political autobiography George W Bush offers a strikingly candid journey through the defining decisions of his life In gripping never before heard detail President Bush brings readers inside the Texas Governor’s Mansion on the night of the hotly contested election; aboard Air Force One on in the hours after America’s most devastating attack since Pearl Harbor; at the head of the table in the Situation Room in the moments before launching the war in Ira; and behind the Oval Office desk for his historic and controversial decisions on the financial crisis Hurricane Katrina Afghanistan Iran and other issues that have shaped the first decade of the st century President Bush writes honestly and directly about his flaws and mistakes as well as his accomplishments reforming education treating HIVAIDS in Africa and safeguarding the country amid chilling warnings of additional terrorist attacks He also offers intimate new details on his decision to uit drinking discovery of faith and relationship with his family A groundbreaking new brand of memoir Decision Points will captivate supporters surprise critics and change perspectives on one of the most conseuential eras in American history – and the man at the center of events.

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  1. Jo Jo says:

    Admission I lean middle left politically did not vote for GW Bush and did not like him during his presidency After reading this book I found I liked the man although not all of his decisions and respected him although not all of his decisions and found that he was intelligent than had been my previous impression This book is a interesting and enlightening reflection by President Bush 43 on his perception of his life his decisions and his actions It is not a great literary work – he writes like he speaks and that makes the book very accessible The book covers a critical time period in our history and I learned interesting behind the scenes tidbits I had not known before Bush explains in detail why he made certain decisions and surprisingly owned up to some badwrong decisions and some things that could have been done better He does not give a blow by blow day to day account of his presidency Some of the topics he covers include his early drinking problems decision to uit the 2000 election 911 the decisions to go into Afghanistan and Ira the surge in 2007 2008 his crusade to provide aid health care to Africa Hurricane Katrina and the efforts to avoid another depression in 2008 He does not address all of the decisions in his presidency nor even all of the major ones I would’ve like to have learned what was behind his energy and environment decisions but they weren’t addressedIt was enlightening to read of his decision making processes in each case They were intelligent and practical than I expected – although I still believe he started from false premises assumptions and did not make sufficient inuiry into some such as the invasion of Ira and I believe that he did not sufficiently plan for the aftermath of the war in that country and I think this book supports my opinions in this area I really don’t like his use of speculative thinking to supportjustify his decision to invade I also was not fond of the extent to which he blamed the Gov of LA for problems in responding to Katrina But I do understand better why he made the decisions he did and found it refreshing that he admitted mistakes and bad decisions I admire his decision to press for greater aid to Africa and the reason behind those decisions I knew about it at the time but seeing it all together in one chapter heightened the impact and my respect Bush’s faith also permeates the book I like how he spoke of it and acknowledged that it is central in his life without becoming maudlin or overly effusive about it I was surprised by the lack of rancor or bitterness towards those of us who derided himWhether or not you liked President GW Bush it is definitely a good read if you like history

  2. Jason Jason says:

    This may be one of the most difficult reviews I've ever attempted to write Being as opinionated about politics as I am I'm very tempted to launch into my opinions on various political matters covered in this book However once I start down the dark path forever will it dominate my discourse so I'm going to try my best not to go there I was originally going to go through each chapter and state whether or not I agree with the decisions he made and why and what's wrong with the world today and what was wrong then and yadda yadda yadda However I'm pretty confident that not one among you cares what I think about these past events So Here goes my attempt at an objective review without political commentarytaking deep breathsFirstly I'm a Bush fan Always have been and I supported and defended him right up through the end of presidency when even his own party was fleeing like lemmings from the man I never let his lack of prowess with speaking the English language serve as a measuring mark of his intelligence I readily admit that his speaking ability leaves much to be desired and I must confess that his writing style is also not above reproach Having endured eight years of his speeches this is not surprising His writing style is reminiscent of those speeches I thought that was going to be distracting since I'm not a fan of it but it wasn't I could easily hear his voice as I read and that worked in the book's favor since it is his memoir If it had been a novel it probably would've driven me crazySince he was so severely lampooned in the media as an idiot and he also has a somewhat self deprecating sense of humor I was disappointed that he didn't add a couple of coloring and activity pages to the book; they would have been a nice touch Also being thought of as a moron may have worked in his favor as it caused people to misunderestimate him often Many felt that Bush was Cheney's puppet I've never believed that and this book makes it pretty clear that Bush was in charge and had the final wordI really liked the way this book was laid out I usually like my history lined up chronologically but the topical set up actually works very well since many of the topics covered spanned many years of the presidency The first that come to mind for almost anyone are the Irai and Afghani wars but his work for AIDS relief in Africa and the Freedom Agenda promoting democracy throughout the world also span several years The topics that didn't span over several years of his presidency such as Katrina the financial crisis in late 2008 and the decision to implement a troop surge in Ira in 2006 also work well in this topical format He didn't cover every decision and lists several that he bypassed in the afterword but it certainly wasn't because he shied away from the controversial ones He covers all of the most contentious issuesOne thing I was glad to see in this book was Bush defending himself against critics which is something he rarely did while he was in office Others would defend him but I hardly recall him doing it for himself This made it look like he didn't believe he could but I always believed there was a method behind some of his madness and he explains the methodology in the book Some decisions that completely baffled me when he made them are now much clearer I'm not sure why he didn't explain them thoroughly when he made them but perhaps he thought there was no point since haters are gonna hate Boy do I know how true that is since I do some pretty hardcore hating on the other team and at certain times there is no explanation good enough to justify their behavior to meAllow me to use an analogy of wolves and sheep from that great movie Babe to exemplify There comes a part in the movie where a dog which is called a wolf by the sheep must speak to the sheep She decided to speak very slowly for it was a cold fact of nature that sheep were stupid and there was nothing that could convince her otherwise When the sheep replied they decided to speak very slowly for it was a cold fact of nature that wolves were ignorant and there was nothing that could convince them otherwise This is how many Republicans and Democrats view each other and I certainly wear the description very wellOK back to the book Here's a case in point that Bush couldn't win for trying No matter what move he made it was going to be vilified by everybody But such is the bane of the presidency regardless of who is occupying the Oval Office Uganda had been working on their AIDS epidemic before we got involved with sending money education medicine etc The Ugandans employed an aggressive prevention campaign known as ABC Abstinence Be faithful or else use a Condom It was a successful campaign that was showing good results When Bush announced that we were going to help the Africans deal with AIDS it went over pretty well However as expected there were some objections The biggest came in response to the ABC prevention strategy Critics on the left denounced the abstinence component as an ideological 'war on condoms' that would prove unrealistic and ineffective I pointed out that abstinence worked every time Some on the right objected to distributing condoms which they felt would encourage promiscuity Ironically both sides charged that we were imposing our values religious fundamentalism if you asked one camp sexual permissiveness if you asked the other Neither argument made much sense to me since the ABC strategy had been developed in Africa implemented in Africa and successful in AfricaI found the book to be rather inspiring Here is a man who had values and principles and stuck to them to the best of his ability Sometimes he went against what almost everyone else wanted him to do such as the troop surge in Ira A couple of times he compromised those principles such as with the bailout in 2008 yet did it because he considered it to be the lesser of two evils He was and still seems to be uite in favor of the free market Must resist temptation to voice opinions and assign blame Breathe in out in out Stick to the bookOK I'm back Here's a uote relating to the last paragraph I was furious the financial situation had reached this point A relatively small group of people many on Wall Street some not had gambled that the housing market would keep booming forever It didn't In a normal environment the free market would render its judgment and they could fail I would have been happy to let them do so But this was not a normal environment He goes on to state how economists predicted a second great depression if certain firms failed and he compromised his value for the greater good I don't know if I could have done thatAt any rate we learn a lot about the man himself with this book He freely admits that he made some mistakes and points out several of them He steadfastly defends some of his decisions which were unpopular and I can honestly say that I can see where he is coming from with every one of them even the Harriet Miers nomination for Supreme Court Justice which caused me to employ a face palm when I heard it and I'd like to think I still wouldn't have done it no matter HOW good I thought she might have been at the jobObviously Bush didn't get along with everybody he came in contact with but he handles the descriptions of those people with humility and dignity There is very little blaming and finger pointing in the book and he sticks to talking about his side of the street mostly Like I said before I found the book inspiring and I kind of hope I can handle myself with as much decorum as Bush diddoes He does point out where he feels like he was treated unfairly but it never comes across as whiny and he always says why he thought it was unfair See the ABC example from a few paragraphs aboveAnother thing I liked about this book is that it has Barbara Bush in it and I love her the mother not the daughter She has great one liners and there are examples of that peppered throughout I also like it when she jacks him up every now and thenIf you're as hot headed about politics as I am and find it to be a serenity black hole which I dive into head first all too freuently knowing full well that it's only going to piss me off maybe I'll learn one day and leave it alone then you are either going to love this book or it will send you spiraling into rage If you can look at the issues discussed without getting bent around the axle and have an interest in those issues then you would probably like this book If you want to read about a man of high moral fiber who sticks to his guns then you'd also like this book If you're looking for great prose then what the hell are you doing even reading this review? That's like going to a Michael Bay movie for the plot; why would you expect there to be one that makes sense? I suggest you leave this book alone if that's your motive

  3. Glenn Gargiulo Glenn Gargiulo says:

    I do not think Bush was best President However realistically to blame the problems this country has endured in the past few years on one man is crazy and really shows the simple minded attitude too many Americans have You spent money then you had and now it has caught up to you Take responsibility for yourselfI do not think Bush handled many things very well in his time in office but then again given the situations and the information available at the time I don't know that many could have done much better As a book I like it It is easy to read and written in a modern style He agrees he wasn't always right in his decisions All in all he doesn't try to Make excuses like some have written on your reviews but then again I don't half of the people who gave this book bad reviews even read it Keep jumping on the I hate Bush band wagon with no idea why other then you are against the war

  4. J J says:

    It was not a fast read Each chapter took a while to get through and seemed to encourage ponderingAs a longtime supporter of Bush I was surprised to find I disagreed with some of his decisions Yet overall I was encouraged by his prayerful honest approach to the decisions that faced him as president Reading his book motivated me to think about the decisions in my life and my approach to them It encouraged me to be a better person I felt the responsiblity he felt and I appreciated his humbleness in admiting mistakes He seemed like a guy I'd like to know personally and someone I would trust to run our countryI also loved getting the inside view of world politics through Bush's eyes To hear his opinions and assessments of other politicians and world leaders To see how and when issues were brought to him And to get a better sense of who he iswas as a personIt is odd now that time has passed to remember the hurtful and untrue things people said about Bush when he was president Perhaps now that we've all experienced the hope of Obama we can appreciate what we had And pick a good president next time around

  5. Kellie Kellie says:

    timeliness is important to make sure an organization does not get sloppyThis was a fascinating book Politics aside I thought this was a well written honest depiction of Bush 43's time in office If you think about all that happened during W's 2 terms 911 Afghanistan and Ira wars Hurricane Katrina and the financial crisis to name a few it was not an easy 8 years I appreciate W's honesty He admits there were some decisions he made that were wrong However he explains in detail why he made some of the decisions he did He made them with the fate of the American people in mind It is interesting to hear his point of view his side of the story when the press or other politicians had communicated something totally different George W Bush is a man of faith He is very interested in talking to people getting their point of view He wrote letters to over 5000 families who lost love ones in the war He invited several of the them to the White House He respects the office of the President and felt honored to have served Bush had some interesting opinions of the various leaders and political figures he was in contact with He is not afraid to express disappointment with some Republican leaders US allies or popular celebrity figures as well as praise Democratic leaders and other people who publicly did not support him To me that shows a lot of character I recommend this book to anyone who is interested to learn about the years 2001 2009 from his prospective You do not have to agree with him You do not have to be a Republican Just open your mind and re live some recent history you will not be disappointed

  6. Elizabeth Sulzby Elizabeth Sulzby says:

    I read this book because I wanted to know how Bush would defend himself and his administration My answer about half way through and having skimmed the rest is Not well at all I have now read it entirely and reread specific parts and my comment still stands He doesn't seem to understand the events of his presidency the repercussions of his actions and the source based historical books and articles about his presidency I am reading with a sick in the stomach this truly can't have been written by a President reaction I cannot shelve this as history and oddly enough it's not even diatribe He just writes as if he were president of the class and would do anything his buds wanted him to doThanks to all the writers who have tried to keep our democracy alive during those 8 years Things I do appreciate about the book are some of the smaller chapters such as Bush's efforts for HIVAIDS But he does not evaluate this very good and I think probably honest effort alongside his attacks on women's right to choose and with refusing to allow our medical aid to women in foreign countries receiving our aid to be counselled on abortion Reading this book led me back to reading such as Richard Clarke's books and other investigative journalism during the early years of Bush's presidency I contrasted Clarke's description of trying to get the Bush administration to attend to the imminent threats by Bin Laden that Clinton had alerted him to the events in the White House and bunker during 9 11 itself and the push to attack Ira which preceded 9 11 and uickly overtook the efforts in Afghanistan The new book that I am currently reading and recommend to others interested in these times is Hubris by Isikoff and Corn I was aware that Valerie Phlame Wilson was a NOC and what personal safety those non covered agents and their sources gave up I did not know that she was the head agent in charge of on the ground investigations of mass destruction yet she was not consulted during the build up to Ira Many sources have reported the stovepiping of evidence in favor of attacking Ira but Hubris sets out the deliberate omission of the CIA's program on WMD and the substitution of analysts searching out the kind of evidence Bush and esp Cheney wanted to go to warBush writes about his care and concern for the troops and their families and I believe that he speaks truthfully from his concern and whether he is consciously aware of it or not his guilt about the troops and AfghanIra civilians who lost their lives He seems to have put that concern in a box and have isolated it from his decision pointsOn a personal level when I saw and heard him on television at the start of his book tour I felt very sorry for him He looks so aged and beaten down I think Americans myself included have a tendency to give former Presidents credit for their good actions and to down play there harmful ones In the case of Bush I think we cannot afford to take his account of his presidency in isolation of other accounts

  7. Leesa Leesa says:

    I am currently listening to this on CD with my 11 year old son while we drive to and from school First I have to disclose that I am a major fan of this president and all the morals he stands for I am very sad that our country does not give him praise for how he kept us safe Sure as a conservative I did not always support his spending policies but otherwise I truly admire his compassionleadership and faith This book is very good and I am so pleased to hear in his words answer his critics and my son and I discuss alot about the history of his Presidency and his faith journey This a power piece of history and story that touches my son and I An excellent journey of learning for us both We are thru disc two We have finished Disc three now on 214will comment on this soonWe have finished DISC 5 218 and I will update soonFinally finished and the best thing about reading this book is that he answers his critics and does it with intelligence and grace I enjoyed his anaylsis of Hurricane Katrina In listening to this book on CD I really got to know this man and all the decency and courage he brought to the office I am proud he was my President

  8. Brian Brian says:

    Regardless of whether you like him or not he presided over one of the roughest times in american history This book will make you laugh probably frustrate you and it may even make your eyes well up with tearsPresident Bush has a uniue perspective that only one other person has had that is being the son of a former president he has been involved with the workings of this country for a long time and because of that this book offers great insight comical stories gripping eye witness accounts of world wide happenings with a door to a President that one could argue stands alone with all he facedThe chapters are broken down into the major points of his presidency He goes into a fair amount of detail involving his thinking during the trying times of 911 and the wars he admits to mistakes on one hand and then shows his stubborness on the other Katrina was a big surprise for me I was surprised by many details I was unaware of and why he did what he did I've always admired him on a personal level but I felt he really lost touch with the constitution in many areas I felt while reading this that he looked at tax dollars as his own bank roll In the end this is a book not to be missed If you hated him you may find reason to change your mind if you liked or loved him this will cement those feelings foreverChapters include uiting DrinkingRunning for office Personnel decisions Stem Cells 911 Both Wars Leadership Katrina AIDS The Surge in Ira Focus on Freedom The Financial Crisis

  9. Jeff Jeff says:

    My purpose in reading biographies and memoirs isn't to take a side on political issues but rather to understand a little better how people think From that perspective I liked the bookI had a few random takeaways I got the overall impression that Bush thinks his presidency will continue to look better in hindsight and that during his presidency too much politicsslinging took aim at him and strongly tarnished his perception 911 caught Bush and most of the nation by surprise and really forced a dramatic change in his presidency When he visited NYC in the days that followed I really think this had a huge impression on him especially when he promised to avenge the horrible acts Bush gave the impression that he wanted act immediately to help Katrina victims but didn't have legal authority to do so eg allow federal troops to patrol the state area because the governor kept refusing to give that authority He was eventually able to send in troops without the authority to patrolengagefire a shot if necessary and this helped Had he known that it would have gone so well without needing the governor's approval he would have done it sooner Bush believes that the No Child Left Behind policy is extremely important as a socialethnic justice issue I think President Bush's Christian faith is sincere I honestly think Bush tried to do what he thought was best for the country without sinister plans Bush calls his mom Barbara mother I thought this was uniueOn a lighter note I listened to the audio edition of this book read by Bush himself It added extra flair to the experience Bush has a noticeably differentslower reading voice than his normal speakingnon speech voice This reading voice causes him to e nun ci ate words eg juuu liiiie for July This at times made it amusing to listen to even at very serious points in the book For example when Bush talks about how special ops caught Saddam and then the FBI interrogated him he said this imagine Bush reading it slowly but with a WHAT WERE YOU THINKING SADDAM? vocal toneSaddam told agents that he was worried about looking weak to Iran than being removed by the coalition He never thought the United States would follow through on our promises to disarm him by force I'm not sure what I could have done to show Saddam I meant what I said I named him part of an axis of evil in my State of the Union address I spoke to a packed chamber of the United Nations and promised to disarm him by force if diplomacy failed We presented him with a uniamious Security Council resolution We sought and received strong bipartisan backing from the US Congress We deployed 150000 troops to his border I gave him a final forty eight hours' notice that we were about to invade his country How much clearer could I have been?All told a short and interesting book

  10. Jeremy Jeremy says:

    Love him or hate him this book is worth reading Bush seems to have been vindicated in several areas that were controversial during his presidency especially stem cell research and the surge in Ira There are other areas for which he takes responsibility including public perception of the Katrina response and the failure of immigration reform He seems to have done some honest soul searching for things he could have done differently if he had them to do over again He does a lot explaining than justifying meaning he sticks to his guns when he thinks he’s right and admits failure when he thinks he wasn’t This book is extremely serious at times but also has some solidly humorous bits and interesting anecdotes Apparently when Vlad Putin was showing off his dog to W he said that his dog was bigger stronger and faster than W’s dog Barney When W told this story to Prime Minister Harper of Canada Mr Harper said “You’re lucky he only showed you his dog” I was none too impressed with the chapter on the financial crisis It was uite a disappointment that after being willing to take on something as unpopular as Social Security reform he would turn around and cave to legacy pressures by bailing out the banks and auto companies It’s clear he just didn’t want the house of cards to fall on his watch He kicked the can down the road and he knew itAs an aside I love how easy it is for people to obfuscate when talking about economics Let’s take the sentences below for example I’m going to replace the words purchasing euity with giving money and the world capital with money in order to demonstrate the utter tautology of the messageOriginal“Purchasing euity would inject capital – the lifeblood of finance – directly into the undercapitalized banking system That would reduce the risk of sudden failure and free up money for banks to lend”Amended“Giving money would inject money – the lifeblood of finance – directly into the under moneyed banking system That would reduce the risk of sudden failure and free up money for banks to lend”See? Had he not used all the fancy jargon you might not have realized how difficult it is to understand that if you give banks money they will have money Never mind where the money is coming from or if there are any better uses for it Banks need money see? Or else they wont have moneyuotesIn March 2002 the Immigration and Naturalization Service INS mailed a letter notifying a Florida flight school that it had granted student visas to Mohamed Atta and Marwan al Shehhi The person opening the letter must have been shocked Those were the two pilots who had flown airplanes into the Twin Towers on 911That is the nature of the presidency Perceptions are shaped by the clarity of hindsight In the moment of decision you don’t have that advantageAfter the Cold War the United States gave up on Afghanistan The result was chaos civil war the Taliban takeover sanctuary for al aeda and the nightmare of 911 To forget that lesson would be a dreadful mistake“The hard fact is that so long as Saddam remains in power he threatens the well being of his people the peace of his region the security of the world Heavy as they are the costs of action must be weighed against the price of inaction Saddam will strike again at his neighbors He will make war on his own people And mark my words he will develop weapons of mass destruction He will deploy them and he will use them” Bill Clinton 1998The Middle East was the center of a global ideological struggle On one side were decent people who wanted to live in dignity and peace On the other were extremists who sought to impose their radical views through violence and intimidationWhenever I heard someone claim that we had rushed to war I thought back to this period It had been than a decade since the Gulf War resolutions had demanded that Saddam disarm over four years since he had kicked out the weapons inspectors six months since I had issued my ultimatum at the UN four months since Resolution 1441 had given Saddam his “final opportunity” and three months past the deadline to fully disclose his WMD Diplomacy did not feel rushed It felt like it was taking foreverPresident Shuster of Slovakia had tears in his eyes as he described his nation’s pride in helping liberate Ira I kept that moment in mind when I heard critics allege that America acted unilaterally The false charge denigrated our allies and pissed me offIf I wanted to mislead the country into war why would I pick an allegation that was certain to be disproven sic publicly shortly after we invaded the country? Nobody was lying We were all wrongBy the time I left office fourth and eight grade math scores had reached their highest levels in history So had fourth grade reading scores Hispanic and African American students set new records in multiple categories The gap had narrowed in exactly the way we wanted All students improved but minority students improved the mostSocial Security’s return is 12 percentSocial Security was especially unfair to African Americans Because their life expectancy was shorter black workers who spent a lifetime paying into Social Security received an average of 21000 less in benefits than whites of comparable income levels In the five years since I proposed reform the Social Security crisis has grown acute The projected bankruptcy date has moved from 2042 to 2037 The shortfall in Social Security – the cost of fixing the problem – has grown than 2 trillion since I raised the issue in 2005 That is than we spent on the war in Ira Medicare modernization and the Trouble Asset Relief Program combined For anyone concerned about the deficits facing future generations the failure to reform Social Security ranks among the most expensive missed opportunities of modern timesAccording to one study the benefits of trade are fort times effective in reducing poverty than foreign aid When I took office America had free trade agreements in place with three countries By the time I left we had agreements with seventeen “For us the most important thing is let Obama be as good a friend of Africa as President Bush has been” President Kikwete of Tanzania“I now know he’s sincere about wanting freedom for the Irais I know he’s sorry and feels some pain for our loss And I know he’s a man of faith” Cindy Sheehan 2004 founder of Code PinkIf anything the conseuences of defeat in Ira would be even worse than in Vietnam We would leave al aeda with a safe haven in a country with vast oil reserves We would embolden a hostile Iran in its pursuit of nuclear weapons We would shatter the hopes of people taking risks for freedom across the Middle East Ultimately our enemies could use their sanctuary to attack our homeland“This war is lost the surge is not accomplishing anything” Harry Reid 2007Critics charged that the freedom agenda was a way for America to impose our values on others But freedom is not an American value; it is a universal value Freedom cannot be imposed; it must be chosen And when people are given the choice they choose freedom“I was cynical about Ira But when I saw the Irai people voting three weeks ago eight million of them it was the start of a new Arab world The Syrian people the Egyptian people all say that something is changing The Berlin Wall has fallen We can see it” Walid Jumblatt Lebanese political leader“I read the Bible but I don’t trust what it says” President Jiang Zemin of ChinaThe unemployment rate averaged 53 percent during my presidency lower than the averages of the 1970s 1980s and 1990s

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