To the Max PDF Ø To the Kindle - Ebook

To the Max PDF Ø To the Kindle - Ebook

To the Max ➽ [Reading] ➿ To the Max By Annmarie McKenna ➲ – A guy A girl A silver pole As owner of Jensen Securities Max Jensen lives by one simple rule Never take your eyes off the target Once he spies lithe little Jordan Landon wrapped around a pole though h A guy A girl A silver pole As owner of Jensen Securities Max Jensen lives by one simple rule Never take your eyes off the target Once he spies lithe little Jordan Landon wrapped around a pole though his eyes aren t the problem It s keeping his mind on his jobHer job as a pole dancing instructor might cause a few raised To the Kindle - eyebrows but it s what she does on a speeding motorcycle that kicks Max s protective instincts into overdrive And puts the hurt on his determination to keep his hands to himselfYears ago Jordan left her wealthy disapproving family behind to pursue her dream of opening her own dance studio Approaching a hottie in a bar was easy in her college days but now If she wants him she ll have to put her big girl panties on and go for itOnce alone their inhibitions disappear faster than their clothes But when someone breaks into Jordan s home Max finds himself in an uncomfortable position as the target of Jordan s suspicions about his real motivesWarning What better sexual partner than one who pole dances Just think of the possibilities Add in a stubbed toe priceless Tiffany and meddling mothers and you re all Maxed out.

10 thoughts on “To the Max

  1. Dina Dina says:

    Once again the book description says it all so I won't bother writing a plot summary While I really liked Max and Jordan the insta loving was too far fetched and I couldn't suspend my disbelief that much to make it work On the other hand the mysterysuspense was uite good and I was surprised when I found out who the bad guy was Overall this was an OK read Note This story is kind of a seuel to Between a Ridge and a Hard Place and Bridging the Gap but you don't have to read the previous books to understandenjoy it Max played a secondary character in the previous books and that's all

  2. Karagan Karagan says:

    Don’t hesitate Read this bookI laughed to the point of pain while reading this story Max and Jordan were basically the same person Both of the higher class of wealthy Americans that have for reasons of freedom and passion decided to turn away from their mothers' standards and rules to embark upon their own route in life When their paths collide Max's protective instincts roar to the forefront and he instantly becomes the poster boy for a man smitten The constant amusing plays of thoughts in both Max and Jordan's minds made the story even better The hot sex certainly never left a minute for boredom While not everything is believable such as the hasty progression of their relationship and reaction to a certain disregarded necessity for a fictional romance it was spot on It oozes humor as well as tingling talk and play at sex I could fill my Goodreads uotes with the hilarious one liners from this book Charley horse Priceless

  3. Jamoz23 Jamoz23 says:

    Read in the box setReally loved this one and didn’t want it to end Great characters in Jordan and MaxFound their respective similar backgrounds amusingHad read books 12 many years ago so was pleased to find the book set with Max’s story in it

  4. Cherie Cherie says:

    I always debate writing a review and scoring a book I don't finish but to be fair I ought to say why I didn't like the book I usually like McKenna's stories This story however was just not that good The dialogue was a bit unbelievable the characters didn't make sense to me I'm willing to suspend disbelief for a good well thought out well told story This just didn't meet any of that criteria for me We're supposed to believe that Max as a PI successful enough to hire employees for his PIsecurity firm instead of following the subject of his investigation follows instead the teacher of a dance class that he found attractive While he follows her we get this constant stream of his inner dialogue which I didn't find to be very humorous or enlightening It was just annoying Jordan the subject of Max's stalking goes to a bar with some students from her dance class See's Max gathers up her courage to hit on him and then let's him feel her up on the dance floor and promptly takes him to her house Really?? Later that night after a bit of trouble at her house she's upset he didn't tell her that he was in security Um when was he supposed to tell her? when he had his tongue down her throat or during sex? In the first half of the book there was nothing likable about the characters Max comes off as a stalker who you uestion how he ever gained the skill or discipline to be the owner of a successful PIsecurity firm Jordan comes off as unreasonable and paranoid Overall that gives me no reason to read further neither character were likable or relate able I'm willing to suspend disbelief for a far fetched story but the characters and their actions should make sense within the context of that story Now don't think I have high expectations for Shakespearean like story telling for every author I read I really don't I just expect a good story

  5. Norine Norine says:

    I read this book when it first came out and just re read it again yesterday It's a uick read graphic language and sex Two rich 'black sheep of the family' find each other Max has his own securityPI firm and Jordan teaches dance and wants to have her own dance studio There is friction between each of them and their parents There is a little suspense thrown in but it works and is uickly figured outAll in all it’s a simple read if you’re looking for to kill a couple of hours

  6. Lili Lili says:

    Good uick readinteresting fun and sexyI liked both main characters the writing was good the plot interesting and I liked how the story developedup until the last 20% It felt rushed mystery solved and a HEA in 5 pages or less??BAMThe butler didn't do it they love each other want to get married and a baby on the way

  7. Tasha Tasha says:

    Annmarie never lets me down with any of her stories Don’t hesitate Read this book I laughed to the point of pain while reading this story This is a short read but a great read Max Jensen seems like a guy who always tries to play by the rules but this time playing by the rules goes out the window obviously or this would not be a romanceerotica now would it?

  8. Jessica `~Blahyze~` Jessica `~Blahyze~` says:

    I wish it was longer I was so wrapped up in the story from start to finish I really really liked reading this I am usually a paranormal romance junkie but this was worth straying from my usual reading genre

  9. Jenni Jenni says:

    Ok the story were simple and the climax were just so lame and unbelievable

  10. Joss Joss says:

    I liked the book but it seemed very rushed I guess because it was a short story If it was longer I think I would have liked it

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