Marriage To Claim His Twins Epub ´ Marriage To PDF

Marriage To Claim His Twins Epub ´ Marriage To PDF

Marriage To Claim His Twins ➻ [Download] ➸ Marriage To Claim His Twins By Penny Jordan ➺ – Alexander Konstantinakos has discovered that one passionate night in England had its conseuences two to be precise Out of the blue he's turned up on Ruby Wareham's doorstep—to take his twin sons bac Alexander Konstantinakos has discovered that one passionate night Claim His PDF Ì in England had its conseuences two to be precise Out of the blue he's turned up on Ruby Wareham's doorstep—to take his twin sons back to GreeceRuby's shocked that she's still so attracted to dark sexy and powerful Alexander She's afraid she might lose her beautiful boys whom she's struggled to bring up on her own but Marriage To PDF or maybe there's a solution Can she wed Sander—a virtual stranger—and live as his wife and in his bed.

10 thoughts on “Marriage To Claim His Twins

  1. karen karen says:

    and by twins he means boobs

  2. Kinga Kinga says:

    I asked karen to send me this book because with a title like this I thought it must be really good Who knows maybe even some threesome action But no No threesomes The twins were his sons Don't despair though There was lots of sex anyway The main character had sex once in her life when she was 17 or so But during that one night she climaxed so many times she was all good for the next 6 years of celibate Then that mysterious stranger reappears in her life and they are at it like rabbits He makes her come over and over again all the time every 10 pages He also happens to be a multimillonaire and a prince on some made up island near Cyprus and wants to buy her lots of clothes and other things It also turns out he's good and kind to his subjects and an excellent father Logically she hates his guts But luckily towards the end of the book she falls down the stairs and hits herself in the head In the hospital she realizes that's as good as it gets and if she was hoping for some paranormal lover a vampire demon or a werewolf maybe she is in the wrong book So she settles for her multimillionaire prince who gives her multiorgasms and they live happily ever after

  3. Lisa Kay Lisa Kay says:

    ★★½☆☆☆ I didn’t particularly like this one The hero was an asshat for too long especially considering the heroine’s age at the time of their first meeting Granted he didn’t know it then but he did later and continued to think badly of her And she knew how he felt but she still “melted” for him He had enough money to investigate how she’d been living and that she wasn’t a slut Boo to him Lisa Kay blows raspberry I agree with Jacueline’s review the “secret baby” theme has been done better by other authors and the only neat thing was twist of her playing the “marriage or else” card

  4. KC KC says:

    Sander treated Ruby cruelly at times but underwent significant character development by the time the novel ended That counts for something in my book Ruby may have once let Sander use her without impunity at age 17 he did not know her real age but she made up it for later by sticking up for herself after reuniting with him She'd matured and had children to think of first now In addition to Sander's metamorphosis and Ruby's present day backbone I also liked the strong chemistry between them Plus the twins weren't annoyingI'd rather be agitated by a book than bored and thankfully I was neither while reading this romance The best out of the series

  5. Jenny Jenny says:

    Asshole alpha hero lots of sexual tension cute twin boys There were so many times I wanted to slap the hero for being so cruel and condescending But as much as I got annoyed I was drawn into the story and their emotions 35 stars

  6. RomanceLover99 RomanceLover99 says:

    This was a re read that I will not read again The hero literally called the heroine a whore and a gold digger right up until the last chapter At no point did she display any of these ualities Hello she kept their twins a secret for 5 years and never once asked for money when she was so obviously struggling financially I liked the heroine and given how young she was I can see how she let herself get bullied by the hero I love alpha heroes but this guy was just an ahole And his threat of “you better not get pregnant” just pissed me offPenny Jordan has written some amazing books like “The Demetrios Virgin” but unfortunately this book wasn’t up to that level off work This was the last book in a trilogy and it can be read as a stand alone book and it felt rushed as if PJ just wanted to be done with it so she used her usual tropes and relied way too much on inner dialogue Great premise for the book but there was no follow through

  7. Jacqueline J Jacqueline J says:

    Secret babies have been better done elsewhere The plot was thin but cudos to the author for coming up with a twist Instead of him forcing her to marriage she forces him

  8. Shatarupa Dhar Shatarupa Dhar says:

    Re reading this one and I won't be reading the second book in this trilogy This is the story of the youngest Wareham sister twenty three years old Ruby We already know from the first book that she has two five year old twin boys and that she's living with her sistersAlexander Sander Konstantinakos thirty four years old 'billionaire head of an internationally renowned container shipping line' is staring at a picture of those twin boys at his home in Theopolis Greece The picture brought by his sister Elena accusing their younger brother Nikos of having fathered themHmmthe oldest and the youngest's husband's are Greek while the middle sister has an Italian hubbySander and Ruby had a seedy beginning They were nothing but a one night stand in a Manchester club but oh my she was pregnant with his babies when only seventeen She was grieving the death of her parents in an accident while he acted out of his character because of the pressure his grandfather was exerting concerning his marriage and business decisions Due to her not so desirable behaviour that night six years ago Sander thinks of Ruby as an unfit mother for his sons Neither of them are proud of their behaviour that nightThe truth in her opinion was that children thrived best with two parents in a stable relationship—a mother and a father both committed to their wellbeing A mother and a father More than most she knew the damage that could be done when that stability wasn’t thereI applaud Ruby for standing up to Sander She's the one who demands to be Sander's wife in order for him to be the boy's father where Sander was all about taking them from their mother Hence they marry Not that Sander wanted it His parents' bitterness was too stark an example for himI love stories with identical twins And Freddie and Harry are sweethearts With both her sisters gone Ruby didn't know whom to turn to for advice The rest of the story is mostly about them trying to make a new life in Greece while trying to forget the past in which they were involved with each other most sordidly and the respective reasons for it There are certain aspects though that I didn't like at all the sometimes common no means yes condition and the despicable way Sander behaved with Ruby in the climaxNow that I've read one other sister's story in this trilogy I was eager to read the conclusion As they all come together Because all the sisters were busy in their own problems if I may call it that almost one after the other starting with the eldest and going down to the youngest

  9. Marajean Marajean says:

    Double StandardsThe hero is feeling pressure by his father to be some upstanding greek traditional guy As a result he goes to a bar where a lot of football groupies hang out to get it on with some football players He sees the heroine who is 17 by the way and decides to have sex with the little groupie in order to get back at his daddy for trying to plan his lifeOh yeah he's greatMeanwhile 17 year old heroine of the story recently lost both of her parents and her older sister is now the boss She's upset and going through rebellion stage She's not a groupie but her no good rebellion stage friends are and dress her up and drag her there She sees the hero and being 17 and suffering from all this at home rebellion trauma she thinks he's a knight in shining armor He's the answer to everything so when they get together and have sex it's okay because he's 'the one' Instead he gets up drops some money on the table for her and walks outNow years later his sister sees these kids at the airport and snaps a picture of them She goes to show the hero that these children look so much like them as children that they must be the younger brother's kids The hero recognizes the little groupie so he goes to get his kids from herThe heroine and her sisters are running into a bunch of financial trouble all the sisters have their own mediocre books as well The hero shows up and wants the kids and the heroine basically tells him he'll marry her or elseThe whole story is about him making the heroine feel like crap for sleeping with himOkay the dumb 17 year old slept with a guy after weaving fantasies around him because she was emotionally traumatized with all the upheaval in her life But the hero basically met up with a groupie that he knew was a groupie and had sex with her to get back at his father or grandfather or whoever and then paid her for the sex So the hero thinks of her as a hooker but he's the great guy and she's the nasty little slutMaybe if the book had focused on her reasonings and his own shortcomings and failings it would have been goodBut no it's all about the terrible thing she did in her youth and the great guy who didn't know about it but is stepping up to the plate for his dear sweet children nowA strong heroine who realized the mistakes she made but wasn't about to let people put her down and certainly not someone who made the same if not worse mistakes as her would be asking too much here

  10. Chantal ❤️ Chantal ❤️ says:

    Wow an almost 30 year old guy gets a 17 year old grieving girl pregnant with twins as a lesson in the conseuences that happen when he go with an older guy at a party Seriously grow up man He was like a little kid constantly throwing a tantrum You will go on the pill for there can be no other mistakes? Wtf Why the hell did he not use a f ing condom if he was truly thinking she was a slut and on what evidence did he base this on Let's see nothing Ass Just a total male dominating ass She was a Virgin and scared and wanted comfort instead she had to pay and pay and pay While he did whatever he wanted with whoever he wanted plus her Really not PJ best and he was never sorry enough he ruined her life No way was he a hero Does not make the grade for a PJ novel but it was a good read and nightly emotional so 2 stars If he had actually apologize to her really I would have given it But he no grovel scene after pages and pages of treating her like shit and a whore was just too much for me Not all her books are great one that's for sure

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