What Happy Women Know: How New Findings in Positive

What Happy Women Know: How New Findings in Positive

10 thoughts on “What Happy Women Know: How New Findings in Positive Psychology Can Change Women's Lives for the Better

  1. jellybean jellybean says:

    This is a shallow book that doesn't really bring anything new to the self help table despite the new findings in positive psychology subtitle It was as well researched as a magazine article and mostly relied on a handful of anecdotes Basically if I can sum up the book for you Its how you deal with the cards your dealt The book trots out some tried and true maxims on having the right attitude and growing old gracefully all stuff that its worth reminding oneself however the positive messages are obscured by the author's thinly veiled contempt for his readersFor example one anecdote is about a woman who spent thirty years sitting in her trailer fantasizing about shooting her ex husband I'm sorry but the typical reader is a woman shopping for self help books at not a rifle toting Aileen Wuornos type who's also mentioned in that chapterAnother chapter of the book that veers terribly off track is the Careers chapter I had high hopes for this one Instead I got a cocky lecture that women who concentrate on their careers too much end up feeling sad when they're old and single Having a career is not a choice for me If I don't work I can't afford to live and you know I don't know too many men interested in dating homeless womenWhen self help is done right it can be really uplifting but this book reminds me that too many self help books are couched in contempt for the very readers it pretends to help

  2. Polka-dot-pin-up Polka-dot-pin-up says:

    Another book my psychologist suggested I read Very insightful I saw myself in many of these pages and importantly learned that happiness is something we think we have with every material possession we gain with every kilo we loose or for the money we gain but true happiness comes within ourselves and being at peace with ourselves and learning to stand on our own two feet and being our own person

  3. Jeanette Johnson Jeanette Johnson says:

    Take home lessons for me included my identity vs my job; revenge is a car stuck in the mud; if loving someone is 20 and hating someone is 20 it would still take energy to hate someone so let them go and put them at 0; every decision is an experiment; happy women are never alone because they don't abasing themselves; your brain isn't wires to think both positively and negatively at the same time so thinking positively at any time automatically makes you a happier person

  4. Lori Lori says:

    Reminds me to play to my strengths not wallow in my weaknesses

  5. Sana Sana says:

    Some general tips and inspiration on how to be happy and what happy women do A library book

  6. Rosemary Dinsdale Rosemary Dinsdale says:

    Very good book but I did enjoy What Happy People Know better because it didn't just deal with Women's issues

  7. Jessie Jessie says:

    I liked this book Its stories were never boring and conveyed the message well

  8. Patricia Patricia says:

    In the beginning of this book the reader is introduced to mid thirties Serena who has had a rough life and is now feeling apathetic about life Serena is beyond depression She feels nothing When Serena goes to Canyon Ranch for mental care she encounters a new way of being doctored Instead of focusing on Serena's negative life experiences and delving into Serena's negative memories chooses to have Serena focus on positive things After a while Serena begins to feel better and leaves the ranch much happier than she has been in a long time Appreciation goes a long way for Serena When compared to the Freudian techniues used on their way to mental health I find positive psychology a wonderful concept The fact that Serena had had a lot of bad things happen and was led to happiness by appreciation is great but it still relies on factors outside of herself to get to happiness Her doctor brought it to her attention that she had some good things happen to her in life along with the bad and that she needed to focus on those things How about people who have very few good things compared to a tremendous amount of bad things? What if someone only ever had bad things happen to them? What then is the answer? What do THEY have to be appreciative about so that they can begin their travel toward happiness Of course this is an exaggeration but it is still possible Therefore the only way to be Happy is to make the choice to BE Happy regardless of the bad or good I read on and encountered discussions on plastic surgery due to not being happy with oneself and feeling unloved perfectionism disposition to happiness and relationships One relationship story centers around Janice who at 45 is a plastic surgery ueen It seems Janice flies home to visit her mother When her mother sees her the first thing she does is criticize her The authors then state that it is no wonder that Janice has had so many plastic surgeries I agreed and then was totally blown away by the following tidbit that was written directly under It states Happy women know that their worth is not determined by what they have or how they look but rather by successful relationships and emotional well being What in the world does that have to do with positive thinking? How in the world is Janice expected to be a happy woman when her relationship with her mother is evidently toxic? No matter how much women know that is shouldn't be important what their mothers think matters A lot To state that and then to present the Janice scenario and then that tidbit about successful relationships was awful How is a woman like Janice whose mother is not going anywhere save for death or tossing out of her life supposed to become a happy woman? How? Well here is the answer Happy women know that their worth is determined on the mere fact that they exist No relationship no matter how successful or not can change that Looking outside of oneself for happiness is the surest way to become an unhappy person Happiness is a CHOICE Chose to be happy no matter what That doesn't mean that you can't be sad It only means that bad things will happen people will be cruel and all you can do is chose to rise above it and be a happy YOU for YOU In fact by statistics alone Janice would have been happier trying to find happiness in what she had and how she looks than in trying to have a successful relationship with someone who is cruel At least she is in 100% control of the junk she buys and how she looks compared to 50% control she has in creating a successful relationship with her mother The analysis and conclusion presented left much to be desired Epic fail I'm not very far into this book I am hoping to encounter something useful and logical in this book I ended up just dropping this book

  9. Kendra Kettelhut Kendra Kettelhut says:

    When I started this I felt like I am a pretty happy person what is this book really going to tell me Well even if I felt like a lot of the information was familiar it is always good to have reinforcement I definitely do not practice all of the things that they recommend I felt that the book really does a good job of breaking down triggers and traps for what can bring people down and how to avoid these I think that pretty much any woman could benefit from this book some than others but definitely not a waste of time It was a very uick read and I think due to the well organized chapters it is the kind of book that I might reference if I come across a difficult situation I felt this uote although terribly simple is so beautiful and true I would like this to be part of my mottoof sortsIt's amazing what you can do when you don't know that you can't do it Loretta LaRoche

  10. Hannamari Hannamari says:

    This book displayed the touching life stories of women who have made lemonade out of the lemons that life has handed then However the book did not bring any new ground breaking ideas to the table Instead it merely stated the obvious think positive be proactive believe in yourself and so onThe most annoying thing about the book are the underlying values Dr Baker is pushing to the reader a woman should have a husband and children and preferably be a stay at home mom Apparently a woman can not be happy building a career Go back to kitchen woman and let the man do what a man shouldI think this book may work better for someone who has not yet found a positive outlook on life but the only thing I realized when reading this book is that I actually already am a happy woman and I should throw away this book that is making me frustrated

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