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Sugar and Spice PDF Sugar And Spice Author Jean Ure Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk The Latest Fabulous Story By Jean Ure, A Must For Any Girl S Collection At Parkfield High No One Would Have Thought Nerdy Ruth And Super Cool Shayanne Would Be Friends But Maybe There S To Shayanne Than Meets The Eye.Ruth Is Not Enjoying Her New School Things Were Fine At Her Junior School, But Here At Parkfield High, If You Re Not In A Gang You Re No One Even Her Old Mates Don T Want To Know Her Any And The Bullies Are Making Her Life A Misery.Enter Shayanne, The New Girl Shayanne Is Cool, Collected And Doesn T Give A Stuff About Any Silly Gangs Ruth Is Astonished And Delighted When Shay Pals Up With Her The Bullies Leave Her Alone And It S Great To Have A Special Friend Again But Is The Supercool Shay As Together As She Thinks, And Why Has She Been Excluded From Two Other Schools

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    Book I read when I was a preteen

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    funny comedy adventure and action good rut the geeky one is not enjoying school, as she has not friends but when the new girls shayanne comes in everything starts to hop up sayanne is cool, doesn t give a damn about homework her mum and dad are vampires weird and Ruth stops getting bullied in school, all thanks to shayanne when...

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    This was pretty predictable, and I don t think it s just because of my age Rather, I have read a very similar twist in at least two other junior ya books this year That said, it s always good to have books set in worlds where kids d...

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    what a cute book its just lovely

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    frinds mean a lot

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    Ruth spicer hates school when Shayanne Sugar comes along SHOCK HORROR wants to be her friend,things begin to look up,but Shay is hiding somthing,do best friends tell eachother everything

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    i learned to appreciate my friends regardless of their characters

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    its an absolutley amazing book

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    good book

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    I got given is book and there was a different story underneath the cover _

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