‎The Art Of Non‎ ‎Conformity‎ eBook à Art Of

‎The Art Of Non‎ ‎Conformity‎ eBook à Art Of

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  1. Valerie Valerie says:

    I like the cover design and title but that's about itThe author is awfully smug as he looks back at his unconventional choices He uit high school He noticed he could get passing grades in community college without really trying so signed up for as many classes as he could Now he proclaims that most of college is busywork and he didn't learn much of anything not surprising given his strategy He uit a FedEx job when he couldn't get there in a snowstorm And finally he became depressed after 911 he mentions he was downtown a few days before but not sure why this is relevant and so he moved to Africa And somehow he turned out okay Better than okay So you will tooTo me this sounds like the process of growing up and is not too remarkable He is very scornful of paths that did not work for him especially all forms of traditional schoolingAnyone who disagrees with him is sleepwalking through life content with the status uo not living up to their potentialOkay so his tone really rubbed me the wrong way from the start but I tried to keep an open mind I want to set my own rules live the life I want and change the world That's the subtitle But this wasn't a practical guide let's start with how do you figure out what you want? or even inspiring how hard is it to find incredible examples of people who chose the road less traveled and did remarkable things?Halfway through I realized Chris is part of the Life Remix network and I probably heard about this book from one of the partner blogs Zen Habits The Happiness Project Get Rich Slowly etc I used to have many of these added to my GoogleReader but I have dropped them one by one over the years Each writer is a self declared expert in hisher field but has no formal training They tend to run out of material after a while so repeat themselves a lot and endlessly self promoteChris outlines these self promotion strategies in his chapter The Power of Your Own Small Army so I wonder if this is advice provided by LifeRemix or if they just pick it up from one another It is annoying for regular readers I've chosen to ignore it for the good writers Gretchen Rubin at The Happiness Project but have dropped the rest from my regular readingBut since I disagree I'm sure I'm just another one of those sleepwalkers

  2. Eden Eden says:

    I wouldn't recommend this book for those who really want to lead an unconventional life In fact I think it's for rather conventional people who want to live just slightly unconventionally but retaining most of the conveniences and privileges that they're already accustomed to Perhaps the book could be helpful in that context thoughI'm not a fan of Chris Guillebeau's work in general If one truly is a non conformist I feel that one wouldn't need to write books blatantly proclaiming such That aside I find the book tackles potentially complex topics rather superficially Also I find this book to largely consist of cheerleading and feel good writing lacking any real substance because of course in leading a truly non conventional life you'd need to create that substance for yourself and not have it handed to you in bullet point formInstead of turning to self help books such as this which oversimplify huge problems especially those relating to the status uo I think it's better to explore things on one's own turning to better researched books and honest and revealing memoirs There are so many of these aroundLastly I truly dislike Guillebeau's language of 'world domination' to want to dominate is to conform exactly to the dominant status uo of capitalism and imperialism Domination IS the status uo I think what's most insidious about this book is how it's about thinking that what you're engaging in is nonconformity rather than really taking a stand against the toxic status uo and searching honestly for new ways to live and be which is a long process with no guarantees

  3. Lewis Manalo Lewis Manalo says:

    I don't want to dissuade anyone from reading this book because it can be very inspiring; however as one reads further into the book it becomes apparent that this is mostly just a handbook on how to be the author Most of the support from Guillebeau's assertions come from his own experience or the experiences of other bloggers Further he often fails to cite sources for statistics Though the book is peppered with uotes often without citing sources from the likes of Einstein and Thoreau how these non bloggers practiced their art of non conformity is not examined The overall effect is that Guillebeau demonstrates how he achieved his own personal definition of success and presumably if you find him credible and if you do things pretty much the way he does you can achieve his definition of success as well The book does convey a feeling of empowerment but if people fail to read it with a critical eye they may cause trouble for themselves than good

  4. Joe Joe says:

    Such rubbish Sloppy boilerplate cliched idealist phrases with no practical or actionable advice College is a bunch of hoops to jump through and academic advisors are gatekeepers that are trying to hold you in place for 4 years?? No Chris college is were you go to engage in intellectual conversations where you learn to think critically and originally Kudos to you for skipping classes and 'lifehacking' your way through your degree Perhaps your book would contain a well structured and original thought had you spent your time going to classSo you want to live a life of non conoformity? 1 uit your job Ok how do I support myself then? Guess that uestion was too hard for Chris to considerTry writing a blog that makes money First recruit an army Much can be done once you have an army Ok Chris no shit How do you recruit your army I'm not sure because Chris leaves this inconseuential step outI could go on This book epitomizes everything wrong with the self help book industry positive thinking idealistic cliches no practical examples or advice super egotistical feather flaunting This book was not written to help others it was written for the paycheck and to fund Chris' nonconformist lifePlease do yourself a favor and stear clear

  5. Akhila Akhila says:

    While I thought this was an interesting book it didn't provide many new insights or helpful tips for me Perhaps the life Chris Guillebeau lived is simply not the same as the life I hope to lead Since I'm not looking to travel for the sake of travel or start a business or live a location independent life most of the things he talks about in his book didn't really help me too much I am looking to lead a life of passion by working with non profits on access to justice and humanlegal rights in the developing worldI'm just not one for self help literature but even with that in mind this book ends up being about how to do exactly what the author does It's of a story of how he did itachieved success and less about how you can do it I didn't find a whole lot in here that was useful in all honesty It was very specific tailored to his life Plus the book was not well organized it was all over the place Also this is just me but I would like to see thought about international development from someone who lived and worked as an aid worker in Africa for 4 years but there is little thought there Certainly his audience isn't interested in international development but in my opinion it surprised me that after working in West Africa for 4 years he completely switched tracks and didn't think of working in the int'l development and non profit field He talks about making the world a better place and giving back but once again this starts to sound like a self absorbed tale than of one who truly understands the need to end poverty Just my take brand me as a cynic if you want but I just wish I could understand why he does what he does now

  6. Lee Lee says:

    I love the first sentence of chapter one “The purpose of this book is to transform your thinking about life and work”I’m ready for a change I’ve been busting at the seams for months with an excess of energy and looking for a way to direct it effectively This is the kind of book that will immediately appeal to you or not If you’re completely happy with your life and not ripe for change you’ll probably find all sorts of objections to the author’s message and many things to criticize about the book itself I am going to focus on the positive and what spoke to me The next passage that struck me was this one “My motivation is to help people challenge authority and live unconventional remarkable lives The mission is to support a full scale revolution with a simple underlying message You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to”Oh boy give me For the first forty odd years of my life I lived in fear Fear was so much a part of every decision; I was completely unaware of the amount of power I’d given it Fear of standing out not being liked not being normal not being good enough? What a load of crap I actually have had moments of fearlessness and adventure but sadly many moments of conformity Looking back I see my spirit aching to break out and succeeding for short periods only to be sucked back into the morass of a conventional life In the latter parts of the book the author asks you to think about what kind of legacy you want to leave and to start living immediately with that vision in mind I used to be the kind of person who wished for some divine inspiration to strike me about the purpose of my life I used to wonder why I didn’t know what to do with myself And what was wrong with me that I couldn’t figure it out? Recently I asked myself a series of uestions that led to the crafting of my own vision and purpose I’ve stopped waiting for some mysterious inner or outside inspiration Since that moment my vision has been driving every purposeful and conscious action I am at peace and less anxious than I’ve ever been I say if you don’t know what to do make it up and make it powerful You will inspire yourself There is a chapter about setting goals in order to create a flexible but purposeful environment for yourself He provides a series of simple but useful uestions to ask which will help define what you might like to do At the end of each chapter there is a short point form summary of the main points The writing is clear and formatted in bite sized chunks This is very easy readingIt’s been many years since I travelled Other experiences have been explored and become dominant in my life but I cannot deny that travel altered my world view in a way that nothing else has While being an armchair traveler is fun the desire to fully experience the pleasure and discomfort of being outside my familiar world has been re awakened and I’ll be adding a few destinations to my bucket list Inspiring uotes are peppered throughout the book and one in the “Contrarian Adventures” chapter struck me particularly “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” – AnonymousIf anything I’ve written strikes a chord with you than you might want to pick up a copy of The Art of Non Conformity It’s not that scary

  7. David David says:

    This is the worst book of its kind that I've ever read It would take an entire book to say just how bad this book is A few of his pieces of advice include succeed at self employment by any means necessary which basically means do whatever to whoever but don't ever work for The Man because he's an evil soul sucking creep Uh really? I paid money for you to tell me that? Another gem is to do like he did drop out of high school have a high I cheat your way through a college degree and avoid graduate school unless you can get over on that scam too He says college is worthless because he never got anything out of it The way he did college I'm not surprised Most of us go there to learn stuff rather than get over until we've got our sheep skin on the wall Maybe I'm a little idealistic there but that's why I went And lastly he tells us he's an authority on self employment and how to juggle several projects at once His credentials? Well once he almost lost 20K of sales because one of his suppliers went out of business 20K? Chump change for most businesses and this guy thinks that because he fixed his 20 K problem this makes him some kind of guru Don't waste your time on this book

  8. Christopher Bergeron Christopher Bergeron says:

    I bought this book for the library and it was promptly checked out by one of my heavy readers She started to read the book and before she was even through the introduction she was writing uotes from the book on her handShe was kind enough to leave the book with me for a bit and I burned through the book in short order I too found myself taking down uote after uote from the book mine going into my notebook It was a book that both described his journey and gave inspiration and practical advice on blazing your own trail

  9. Ziba Ziba says:

    For anyone and everyone; though not for the conformists Actually yeah even for the conformists A person can change right? Full of great travel hack tips and insights into Chris's adventures I learned a lot and am therefor picking up his next book The 100 Start Up as soon as I finish typing this review

  10. Claire Claire says:

    Round the world travel aficionado and blogger Chris Guillebeau has written a book that condenses a lot of the ideas presented on his blog Though I received a free copy of the book Thank you Chris I have mixed feelings about itIf you're familiar with Chris's website and message of unconventional living live the life you want not the one you feel you're supposed to and don't be afraid to pursue it in unconventional ways I'd skip the first chapter It was a turn off for me for 3 reasons1 The parables he used didn't uite fit the situations he applied them to in my opinion so they got on my nerves2 He wrote that he doesn't want to waste anyone's time which immediately made me think Get on with it The moment you say you don't want to waste my time you're wasting my time by not delivering your ideas directly A detailed table of contents would accomplish the same task3 In line with that he aggressively discourages people not open to the idea of unconventional living from reading the book I understand niche marketing the idea of velvet ropes to encourage your right people those into your idea to stay while encouraging those who aren't to move on to something they are into However I don't think that applies to books Not in the same way it does to websites at any rate The book itself is the red velvet rope its cover will either lure people in or turn them away There's no need to turn anyone away with your words If you really want to spread an idea you don't discourage anyone from coming into contact with it They may disagree in the end or give you a bad review but how else can you plant seeds of ideas or raise ideas for discussion? There's a saying I see most every day Books invite all they constrain none I believe in that strongly so his first chapter irked me Am I simply the wrong audience then? I don't think so since I've been following his blog for uite some time with interest The college versus blogging chapter also killed me even though I agree with a number of things he said It's true that a college education isn't necessary to perform a lot of jobs but having a degree will make it easier to get most jobs and tends to yield larger paychecks over your lifetime So unless you're sure you're going to be self employed your whole life keep that in mind Also remember that Chris has those pieces of paper if he ever needs themMore importantly college is about learning critical thinking You can learn a lot on your own but it's also very useful to get feedback The alternative graduate year he proposes is just general knowledge like what you'd get in high school or froshsoph years college I'm all for lifelong learning but his suggested program is in no way a grad program Grad school is for learning specialized knowledge Go to iTunes U and look through the free course offerings there or read up on your topic of interest with books from the library Another benefit of college is networking If you expect career help research that aspect before picking a school I received fellowships from my undergrad school which helped me pay for grad school where I met a network of people I worked with after graduation A lot of it is using the resources available Chris describes his college experience as an 80% waste of his time Like most things I believe that what you get out of something is related to what you put into it Maybe he took the wrong classes or didn't go to a challenging enough school or just wasn't into it You don't have to have a degree to succeed but be aware that not having one can present you with a lot hoops to traverse in traditional work realms If you're great at networking rock on you can probably talk your way into the opportunities you want Just don't be that person who is insecure because you didn't go to college I know too many lovely smart people who have hangups because of thatMy favorite chapter was number 9 Radical Exclusion and the uest for Abundance The most useful thing I took from the book is the idea of a to not do list a way to minimize time sucks that are unhelpful or even toxic to youHe also talks some about his travel hacking in the book which I enjoyed I wanted to know about his relationship with his wife though I understand wanting to preserve her privacy his too but it seems a missed opportunity to talk about unconventional relationships and pursuing dreams when you have a partner who is not involved in them From the blog it doesn't seem like she travels with him to most of the countries he visits so how does one maintain a relationship when one's dream keeps you apart? What happens when ten to twenty thousand dollars a year goes to fulfilling one partner's goal without the participation of the other? How does one maintain balance and euity in the relationship? I suspect I will get the most practical use out of the resources that didn't actually make it into the book I'm looking forward to checking those outThanks again for giving me the opportunity to read your provocative book Chris

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