Paper Marriage Proposition Gage Brothers #1 PDF/EPUB

Paper Marriage Proposition Gage Brothers #1 PDF/EPUB

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  1. Michelle Michelle says:

    Another book I thought was going to be good ButBethany's ex husband is an evil man and has taken everything away from her including her son Bethany will do anything to get him back She stalks Landon Gage her husbands biggest enemy Bethany will get Landon to marry her and get her son back After Landon agrees to this plan of revenge is where I was ready to throw in the towel It's screaming insta love to me So at 35% I'm adding another DNF to my pile

  2. Paige Paige says:

    This was one of the best Silhouette Desire books I've read in a while For once there wasn't any blackmailing or need to get revenge on the other Instead Landon Gage is confronted by his enemy's ex wife Bethany Lewis asking for his help in taking her ex husband Hector Halifax down to the ground Six years ago Hector and his wife Chrystine were having an affair While going to meet Hector one night Chrystine crashed killing herself and their son NathanWith his brother's support Landon accepts Beth's proposal and the plans to marry are under way When Beth left Hector and finally got the courage to get out from his controlling ways he took their son David away from her In order to get him back for Beth their marriage will give Beth that settled and clean look that was lacking before What neither one is expecting is the blazing heat between them It's been too long since a woman as burned his skin And like any honorable man should he lets it be known he's interested then waits for Beth to come knockn' when she's ready However when Hector calls Beth demanding she meet him Landon's PI tracker brings him pictures of Hector kissing Beth Fuming and feeling like a fool for falling for another woman from Hector's bed he confronts Beth What his PI didn't catch was Beth's struggles to get out of Hector's grip Unfortunately Landon's past loss won't allow him to believe Beth's claim To make matters worse Beth shouts out the secret she didn't want to tell him that his wife lied about Landon being Nathan's father Her affair with Hector began long before they got together and he fathered Nathan After revealing that bomb their relationship is dramatically damaged Landon's trust in Beth is gone True to his word though he continues working towards a custody hearing and when it finally arrives achieves his promise and wins Beth her son back After letting things settle down divorce papers are served and Beth moves out with David After a little soul searching and advice only a mother can give Landon realizes he pushed away the only woman he's ever truly loved Now he has to win her back but when two people love each other it's only a matter of time

  3. Diah Didi Diah Didi says:

    I loved it Right after finishing the second book Wrong Man Right Kiss I wanted to read the first book about Landon and how he fell for Beth And I really loved it indeedI can't imagine coming to your enemy or your ex husband's enemy to ask for help But I do know that most parents would go any length for their childrenMaybe it's her efforts that got Landon's attention Though I didn't really get it how it got himBut anyway I really loved the emotions the chemistry the frustrations their miseries how Beth felt that she and Landon had the connection she didn't have with her ex husband Heart wrenching And now I just can't wait to read Garrett and Kate's

  4. Ladyacct Ladyacct says:

    Really great short book Enjoyed this story as it's a new spin on romance AND foreplay

  5. *MariaA* *MariaA* says:

    WOW Landon Gage was my kinda book boyfriend;

  6. Deb Diem Deb Diem says:

    Paper Marriage Proposition is a short romance by Red Garnier Ms Garnier has provided readers with a well written book This is a uick read perfect for those with limited reading time Bethany lost her child in a custody battle with her ex She enlists the help of Landon to help her get her child back Landon and Bethany's story is loaded with drama spice humor and a touch of suspense I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading from Red Garnier in the future This is a complete book not a cliff hangerI read a print copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own

  7. bookthiefj bookthiefj says:

    I am not going to lie I am in the mood for some mindless nasty reading and billionaire time is the perfect gene for this I have read about 4 books so far and everything made my brain hurt But this was surprisingly good It had the right amount of romance humour and plot wasn't terrible Was it brilliant ? No Was this as best as you can expect from this genre ? Absolutely yes I enjoyed reading this PS I hate how underhanded this review sounds like But it is a good readtrust me

  8. Nivan Nivan says:

    It's Okay Not very interesting The insta attraction doesn't make sense The trust issues get old fastThe book I was really looking forward to was the next one but there are some very confusing hints in this book about the next one Seems the wrong brother likes her and Kate declares she likes the right brother? I though she didn't like him and realises it??? I'm not in the mood to finish this meh book only to puzzle out the next one any So byeDNF 40%

  9. Faith Faith says:

    Luckily Landon realized his mistake just in time

  10. Ishita Ishita says:

    Review Well usually a women’s fiction have the same underlying theme of lust at first sight fueled by shadows of a haunted past and mistrust which blooms into romance For a change there is a slight difference in this one; lust at first sight is of course there but both the characters Bethany Lewis and Landon Gage have come together in a relationship with a similar intent – hatred and revenge for one manThe story line is uite simple considering the genre of the book and the character development has been consistent throughout the book Introduction of the Gage brothers hints at continuation of the series in future which is a clever way of asking the readers to stay in touch with the author and the series The cover image may seem provocative but the content is PG rated and didn’t cause my ears to fall off while I was sneaking few minutes at work The language is pretty straight forward and serves a dual purpose – keeps the readers’ interest intact and helps the plot and characters in moving forwardMy opinion Excellent for light reading when your brain is befuddled with the heavy stuffMy rating 4 out of 5

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Paper Marriage Proposition Gage Brothers #1 ➵ [Reading] ➷ Paper Marriage Proposition Gage Brothers #1 By Red Garnier ➪ – Desperate to regain custody of her child Bethany Lewis sought out the only man who could help A man with his own desire to destroy her ex husband Landon Gage had a score to settle and she knew he'd be Desperate to regain custody of her child Bethany Proposition Gage PDF/EPUB ¾ Lewis sought out the only man who could help A man with his own desire to destroy her ex husband Landon Gage had a score to settle and she knew he'd be eager to join forcesMarriage seemed the perfect method to make war on their mutual enemy And though Landon Paper Marriage PDF or knew their union was meant to be in name only he was soon impatient to make love to his new wife But when they both got what they wantedwould they still want.

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Paper Marriage Proposition Gage Brothers #1
  • Red Garnier
  • English
  • 01 June 2014
  • 9780373730773

About the Author: Red Garnier

Red Garnier is an erotic romance author whose Proposition Gage PDF/EPUB ¾ first book released from Ellora's Cave Publishing in May to receive a Fallen Angel Recommended ReadShe writes fun and sexy erotic contemporaries as well as paranormals which can range from dark and emotionally intense to witty and fun and sweet as cherries Whatever she's writing at the time Red Paper Marriage PDF or loves to sit down with her characters and let th.