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A Woman Who Read A Woman Who Author Rebecca Miller Thomashillier.co.uk A Woman Who Is A Delightful Collection Of Clever, Almost Surreal Drawings Revealing Women Feeling All The Strange And Specific Things They Feel As Conjured Up By Artist Writer Filmmaker Rebecca Miller, Who Draws Each Image With Her Eyes Closed Bored, Sexy, Angry, Amused, Ambivalent, Overwhelmed, Curious, So Serene They Can Barely Speak These Women Come Straight From The Unconscious, And You Ll Recognize Them At Once A Woman Who Has So Many Things To Do That She Can T Bring Herself To Do Any Of Them A Woman Who Is Flying For The First Time A Woman Who Was Okay A Second Ago A Woman Who Would Like Some Attention But Isn T Sure How To Get It In A Subtle Way A Woman Who Is Worried She S So Happy She Ll Never Have Another Idea They Re All Here In The Perfect Gift Book For All The Women In Your Life.

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